Notorious B.I.G.'s Son Appears In New Will Ferrell Film "Everything Must Go"

Biggie's son with Faith Evans, Christopher Jordan Wallace, will be featured in a new Will Ferrell film, "Everything Must Go."

Notorious B.I.G.'s son with Faith Evans, Christopher Jordan Wallace, will appear in Everything Must Go, a new film, starring actor/comedian Will Ferrell. The young actor has an integral role in the new feature film, one that is now on display in the recently released movie trailer. This is C.J. Wallace's second film after playing a young version of his father in 2009's Notorious

Everything Must Go is a film adaptation based on Raymond Carver's short story, "Why Don't You Dance," and features Ferrell in a slightly less comedic role than the roles he's become known for through successful films like Anchorman, Step Brothers and more. Everything Must Go also features Rebecca Hall and will be opening in theaters nationwide on May 13. 

To view the film's trailer, via NYMag, check below.



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  • Trib Stax

    Hey He is a good Actor, Lil Biggie is trully blessed with Talent. Ya keep up the good work, theres sharks out there keep a level head!!! Baby!!! Baby!!! Stax Radio is watching!!

  • blewis

    Trolls come out in all forms, if you respond to their stupid posts then they feel all good inside. Ignore them. Wish all the best to this young man, may success follow you and you go on to bigger things. I am proud!

  • Cre8ive

    This looks interesting. You can't hate on Biggies son. I think its cool that hes willing to make a name for himself in something diffrent than rapping. Even though hes Biggies son at least hes not trying to be Biggie.

  • TerrieSims

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  • Jose Vasquez

    nothing less comedic about this movie, more dark humor than anything

  • Anonymous

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    • Jason Hazardous

      The sins of the father are NOT the sins of the son. And that assuming the alleged sins of the father are even true. CJ Wallace is an individual who should be treated with respect and not pre judged by ignorant ranter. Let the kid be himself.

    • Tucker

      That's not fair to say that a little kid is just like his father. Even more, there's no proof that Biggie did anything terribly wrong. "Notorious" is noted by Lil Kim for being incredibly false. While I'm not quick to dispel the rumors about Biggie, I'm not quick to accept them either. Many artists claim Biggie was a great guy, many TRUSTED artists. How do we know his son is JUST like him, anyhow? Need you be reminded that Biggie died when his son was two months old? This kid grew up without his father's influence. So there's no need to hate on someone who has done nothing wrong yet. If this kid goes and kills 20 people or does something illegal and wrong, then I'll agree with you, but so far he's done nothing to upset the general public's view on morality. You should probably be more open-minded and realize that media and Hollywood tends to blow out things more than the should. That's why I don't take "Notorious" as being factual. When someone's dead, anyone can say anything about them and many take it as truth because that person is not around to defend him/herself. Just like Tupac. Many people stereotype him as a "gangsta rapper", a completely false accusation based on one "gangsta" album. While there is no doubt that Biggie is more of a "gangsta rapper" than Pac was, It's just as wrong to say that all "gangsta" rappers are bad people. Think logically before you say something derogatory of someone next time. Peace.

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    • Tucker

      People feel the need to call superstars or famous people "gay" because...well, actually I don't know...but seriously, without proof it's all just speculation. Besides, I'm pretty sure Will was married to a female, or still is. I'm not a huge expert on actors, I'm more of a Hip-Hop dude myself.

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  • The MG

    Awesome. Might check this one out.

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

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  • Anonymous

    wait, did biggies kid play biggie in Notorious? kid looks exactly the same...

  • r

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  • DeLaJournalist

    if this is anything like "Stranger than Fiction", you can count me in this time.

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