Freddie Gibbs To Sign With Young Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs is gearing up to become part of the house the Snowman built.

Not to be outdone by Rick Ross, Young Jeezy is reportedly about to land a notable name on his record label. reports that Jeezy is about to sign Freddie Gibbs to his CTE Record label.

When spoke with Gibbs recently, he indicated that he had met with Jeezy, but no official business went down. "[Young Jeezy and I] ain’t even get in the lab, man," said the young rapper to DX last month. "I saw him, just passing through the A, doing my thing. I was out there on some other stuff. And, we just chopped it up, just kicked it. Went to a strip club, that’s all. We ain’t really do nothing. We ain’t go to the lab though, I just bumped into him when I was out there. And we just chopped it up in Magic City. We was makin’ it rain, slappin’ ass and shit like that."

Currently, Gibbs is on tour with Big K.R.I.T. and DXnext alum Smoke DZA.


  • realstreet

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  • Jesus

    i dunno about you guys but i read through the lines "we bumped into each other, makin it rain and slappin ass,Magic" i smell a romantic encounter

  • D


  • D


  • ddddd

    WTF is wring with his head!!!

  • Anonymous

    gibbs already said this is just a rumor. check his twitter and facebook. dont worry, he wont sell out

    • revolutionary

      yeah but jeezy never went pop. 3 great albums all on some street shit. 2Pac never went pop. You dont HAVE to go pop to make $$$.

    • NY

      @ Revolutionary selling out is not making money it's changing up your style just to make money, these artists have their fan base that likes them for the type of music they make and once that's changed they lose their initial fan base and get pop listeners. Being a pop artist is much harder in the long term because their are so many one hit wonders and just disappear after that. When will people learn that being a real MC would set you up for the long term, but a pop artist gets more money faster so they take the easier route. Pop artists also fall the hardest so it comes with it's drawbacks. The thing so many artists are going the pop route and we're losing MC's because of the attention pop artists get but it's one after another, the record companies make more money this way by just getting another cheap act to come in.

    • revolutionary

      Freddie beeeen on that street shit. It ain't like all his music is conscious rap. For ever "the ghetto" he makes a "face down." That last jeezy album was leaning toward deeper than his older shit too. That dreamin single with keyshia cole was a deep record too!

    • Anonymous

      selling out meaning changing up his subject matter to conform to radio/mainstream. he deserves a big time deal with a big time payout for sure tho however, he did say this is just a rumor so i dunno why hiphopdx blew the whistle on it so early

    • revolutionary

      Whats wrong with selling out? You don't want gibbs to make $$$? He can become famous without changing his music and subject matter. hes from the hood, he cant rap for free forever...

  • fhdjshfjsdh

    How stupid can a nigga be?! i hope this is a joke, Gibbs like the second coming of pac. the nigga signs with jeezy, then i expect some top class National Anthem shit not some icy chain shit. Goddamn

    • revolutionary

      why you think hed change his shit up? jeezy spits that street shit. not all his shit is icy chain music. Pac had hella hits!!!

  • dft2000

    who the fuck is jeezy?? freddie gibbs shits on him!! jeezzy has wack flavor dumb move

  • Anonymous

    fucken ridiculous. two best artists off the xxl 10 freshman class are never gonna release an actual album, cause freddie gibbs and jcole decided to sign with labels based on rappers. this could be bad, and this could be good.

  • too much coke

    WTF why leave Deacon? hows jeezy gonna sign an artist thats better than him?

  • asher1985

    jeezy cant even get def jam to put HIS album out

  • raw

    This would be a power move by both Gibbs and Jeezy. The music they'd make together would be amazing. Freddie doesnt have to prove his cred or ability, the only thing hes missing is that mainstream attention (jeezyz connections can bring him that). As far as signing under another rapper... Eminem signed under Dre 50 Cent signed under Eminem Snoop Dogg signed under Dre Drake signed under Lil' Wayne Kanye signed under Jay-Z The list goes on.... Also... Freddie Gibbs is a trillion times more talented than Slick Pulla and has already built his own following... This could push him over the top. I like it.

    • Anonymous


    • raw

      Aftermath was NOT hot when Eminem signed. Dre was majorly struggling to figure out what to do. Eminem changed all that. Also: Jeezy is still hot seeing as how much we all care about this. Just cuz he ain't on the blogs dont mean he ain't hot in the streets. That dudes one of the most famous rappers still.

    • D


    • raw

      Dre is a rapper producer. He's released multiple rap albums. How is not a rapper when he's released hundreds of songs which feature him rapping? I dont care if he didnt write them. Jay-Z didn't want to but he did and it worked out. Just looks like a good move by Gibbs to me. Thats all.

    • Atl2Trill

      Dr. Dre is a producer, not a rapper. Also Dame Dash believed in Kanye's talent as a rapper. Jay-Z didn't wanna take a chance on Kanye at all. Jigga just wanted to keep using Kanye for beats. You just listed the very successful artists basically. It's plenty more who done the same thing and ended up being a tax write off.

  • lo

    Where the f@ck is 103??!!!

  • jujusolidfoe5star

    freddie gibbs deny it still so just wait and i see

  • Atl2Trill

    Horrible move. Slick Pulla been on CTE forever and haven't dropped a solo album yet. An industry rule is as a rapper never sign under another rapper. You'll never be bigger than him.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Eh... On one hand I see what it is and why. On the other... I see this is a bad move. A very bad one. Friends and business don't mix. If Jeezy can do right by the man as far as keeping his content the same and making it easier for Gibbs to become more nationally accessible, then kudos. Is this an April Fool's joke? That much needs to be asked...

  • Real Hip-Hop

    This would definitely be a bad move on Gibbs part. How many artists does Jeezy have on his label that has an album out???? Dont worry I'll wait...............

  • Moasset Duce Rodriguez

    that would be dope no joke

  • Fya Starta

    heres a couple reasons to download FYA STARTA's ep ''PANIC ATTACK'' *you love jesus *its different then everything out *its free (even broke ass niggas can enjoy) *you cant listen to waka flocka and lil b all ya life *he produced the whole thing

  • jack johnson

    young jeezy? oh what a fuckin joke


    Thats what it is Gangsta Gibbs on CTE ... Check for the new Issue of Hood Illustrated magazine. The #1 Urban Hip-Hop Outlet in the Midwest


    Thats what it is Gangsta Gibbs on CTE ... Check for the new Issue of Hood Illustrated magazine. The #1 Urban Hip-Hop Outlet in the Midwest

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