Soulja Boy's 14-Year-Old Half Brother Killed In Car Accident

Soulja Boys' younger brother was killed after a car crash in Mississippi on Sunday.

Tragedy struck Soulja Boy on Sunday (March 20), as the 20-year-old rapper's half-brother was killed in a car accident.

Deion Jenkins, 14, was fatally injured as a passenger in a crash that occurred in Charleston, Mississippi.

On Monday (March 21), Soulja Boy posted on Twitter to express his sorrow.

at home crying my eyes out I can't believe my Lil bro is gone... today is so not my day.. RIP lil brother love you always :(about 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Michael "Miami Mike" Sykes, President of Soulja Boy's label, Stacks on Deck Money Gang, also posted on the matter.

The Flags are @ Half Staff @ the Offices of SODMG & PTE, R.I.P. to @Souljaboy little brother who passed-way in a auto crash last nite :-(about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The tragic death occurred just days after Soulja boy releaed 1UP, a free 20-track mixtape, online last Thursday (March 17).

HipHopDX extends our condolences to the family and friends of Soulja Boy.



  • almost forgot my PS

    R.I.P. to Deion Jenkins and my condolences go to your family soulja boy.. I hope your mind can grow and that you become a better man learning from this horrific experience..


    Whether racist, gender-biased or just plain hateful, all of you are pathetic, hiding behind your computer screens wishing death to ppl.. Yeah we get it, soulja boy may not be the best rapper in the world but any derogatory mark made to a deceased family member is just plain cowardice but deep down in your own solitude of mediocre existence, you realize that even you know that your "online goon talk" and your "disrespect" wont last for much longer.. It must be fitting to just walk amongst society with a heart full of honey coated maggots just eating away at what used to be your integrity and humanity.. Basically I'm saying, Think before you act.. Seems as if the whole world is acting without thinking, taking pride in ignorance's bliss.. If you hate soulja boy so much say it in his face and stop hiding behind the computer.. What have you got to lose, its not like he can afford all the bodyguards money can buy right?? But to sit here and call yourself a hip hop fan and to wish death upon children is just, well actually now that I think about it, all of this seems Illuminatish.. But to dumb it down, your giving the government exactly what they want and if you think the government is going to help you in the long run for your injustices of humanity then your crazier then a hooker with rabies and aids biting everyone in the neck on the first sunday of church.. If you say you worship the devil then i'll tell you here right now you worship nothing but your own selfish means of cowardice because if you trully were that evil you would at least have the gall to announce to the whole world, at least on youtube showing your face, and not on a blog hiding behind an alias, where one rapper loses a younger relative in a car accident.. Being this insensitve behind the cpu is easy but try doing that in the face of another human being for the rest of your life.. But oh well what do I know i'm just another alias in hiding too, right? seems to me this alias (call me Mr. Davis btw) has shared alot more insight and truth here then all of you put together.. Well anyway I hope you all find your own humanity or else someone, or something else will.. Sincerely, ANTI-ILLUMINATI aka Mr. Davis

  • ryanbillya

    damn, people are crazy.. this dudes music is wack but he aint do shit to nobody.. especially enough to be glad about a death of a 14 year old... humanity sucks...

  • GOOD

    I'm glad that fucker died that means one less niagara in this world. 12% of blacks make up the us population 86% make up the prison population. do the math you dumb africans.

  • tracy rabe

    am really srry about ur bro

  • Hip Hop

    Good!!!!! Maby Soulja Boy can be next Fuck This punk ass ringtone rapper..... I wish I was there to see him die and watch his heart stop and see his last breath leve his body!!!..... =Dx100000 muhahahahaha SOD= Sitting On Dicks or Sucking on Dicks Fuck Boy soulja boy...

    • candy

      People dont realize that when you wish death on anyone it comes back to you and your family. Ever heard of KARMA! Start praying hard because you have dug probably you and your entire family grave.

  • mz Unfortunate

    OMG!!!!!who could post a comment on here like that I LUV SOULJA BOY n if u hate hyz music then fine thats yo prob but dont take it out on hyz lil bro like that u all r so freakn sik to the stomach hope sum like that happens to all uf ya'll so ya'll can sey how he feels n with all uf ya'll haten like that he is still maken more money then ya'll so talk he wana hhear the hater n afta he still gone have STACKS ON DECK!!!!!!na hate about that!!!!!!!!but my heart goes out 2 ya babe:( sorrii Bae cheer up its gona b ok soon:)!!!!!!

  • wishworks

    Its always tough to hear of death in any case, but even harder to hear that it was a child / young man damm. May God bless the Jenkins' Family in there time of need. In with that said i wonder if, these dudes who wrote that bullshit about soulja boy, would feel if they were the one trying to cope with the death of there YOUNGER brother in some bitch ass dude was saying some bullshit about your family,and career, like you wrote about his. Let muthafucker say some side shit about my cousin let alone my brother, bitch i'm at your home watching your wife cook a meal at gun point, waiting for your ass. i'aint saying, but im saying folks need to watch they say real rap

  • April

    yeah Im talking to you anonymous,pussy as COMPLEX,dick suckin M.O.P4whatever the fuck you are,and the great quere himself Kenneth THomas, ALL NON PUSSY GETTIN MOTHERFUCKERS,NOW TALK YOUR SHIT........

  • April

    Whoever is wting this bullshit needs to shut the fuck up and stop hiding behind a computer wit yo bitchass, remember while you wishing death on people think about your loved ones that just may get taken from you one day and when it happens your comment will be brought back to your attention

  • Anonymous

    its karma. you kill music and god kills your brother. every1 remember that.

    • candy

      Okay you are the devil trying to make GOD look bad in the eyes of everyone who loves and believes in him. It was a car accident it had nothing to do with Soulja Boy Music. I pray that GOD cast out the demon in you and send it into the abyss forever destroyed.

    • Ninja Boi

      Not cool man respect 2 the dead is something u must have no matter of your personal belief/s ,U sir are a insensitive, poor, hating Asshole.

  • killuminati

    you fucking liars.yes i am 1 of those who think his music sucks(to prove we are too grown for that babyboy rap) but we all know he is fucking cool and he is a success.There is absolutely no reason not to feel bad for him on account of his music.if a white artist lost a family member you would never read this bullshit.And that's how a lot of us will die,piss poor sorry ass hating internet thugs with a million opinions and no initiative to achieve them.NO WONDER OUR ARTISTS' SONGS ARE ALL ABOUT WE MADE IT AND YOU ARE ALL BUMS STILL DREAMING ABOUT IT.


    I hate his music but he's still a human being. Losing a sibling is a tough pill to swallow. #Condolences

  • Complex

    thas wat this nigga gets for talking so much shit. hopefuly he fuckin quits music

  • M.O.P 4LIFE

    Good fuck that nigga. Hopefully he will stop rapping now!!!


      WOW. You fuckin hatin ass people. Where's your hearts? The majority of the people here don't like this dudes music, me included, BUT he is still a human & lost his little brother. SO FUCK YOU FOR BEING AN IGNORANT HEARTLESS DICK. I hope they pull thru... be strong.

    • Lamont

      Nigga fuck you. Its clowns like you that the mojority of people hate the hip hop community and call us satan. U aint no damn hip hop fan

  • Bilal A. Siddique

    come on guys, if you don't like soulja boy that's okay (i fucking hate him and his music) but this must be mad hard on him. show a little respect, yeah?

  • betty

    I'm so sorry, I don't know you personally, but I will pray for you and your family. I know what is means to lose a love one. I lost my father, but with God's help you will be ok

  • S


  • murdock

    I feel bad for him that shit must be hard to deal with.Cant stand his music but rip to his bro.

  • Shame

    How are some of you going to joke? Pay some fucking respect to the poor kid who just lost his life. And you wonder how some people can be so cruel. My condolences to the kid, Rest In Peace and may god stand at your right.

  • anon

    I'll admit that I've never liked soulja boy's music but I wouldn't wish death on nobody especially his family. I hope this inspires him to put something real out maybe shock and awe the rap world.

  • B!

    But on sum other shit dis is a sad story y n da fuk do they have him :-) like its sum joke

  • da real

    That's fuked up and the shit that sum of u motherfukers post y'all need 2 cut dat bullshit the fuk out u fuking haters wut kind of bullshit is that its entertainment on the stage after all of that its real life dis ain't a game dat man lost a family member n all y'all can do is hate cuz u don't like his tunes constipated ass bloggers cuz y'all ain't shit

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    Can't believe we live in a society well people can joke about your death and even wish it because they don't like your music. Bunch of effin animals.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Soulja Boy should have been in that car, not an innocent 14 year old.

    • candy

      A lot of people are mad because he got so rich from saying silly stuff but Soulja Boy is a kid and he just acts his age and talk about things lots of kids his age was especially when he first came out. Lots of kids in highschool listen to him.

    • M.O.P 4LIFE

      You couldnt be more right. Too bad it wasnt Lil B

    • Anonymous

      you stupid muthafukkas dont even know him personally, yet you wish he were dead because of his phuckin music??? You niggaz need Jesus... real. I can't stand his music (with a passion) but would never wish death on ANYBODY.... Just remember, what goes around COMES AROUND. You might think Karma is bullshit, until it shows up one day and punches you in the fukin face.

    • anonymous

      i agree. hip-hop's been suffering on account of niggaz like him. i got no sympathy for him

    • cano

      if you dont like the dude dont listen to him. why would you wish death upon anyone?

    • G

      Agree, that would be a relief for hip-hop.

  • Hassan Sunny D Walker

    Yo, I dont like his music, but much love to him. Thats gotta be hard on him.

  • Octavian Johnson

    I hate his music but that doesnt mean he deserves to lose a loved one. My heart goes out to you bruh

  • Chaz

    Fuck that nigga, his music and his half brother. That nigga shows no respect and he flaunting his shit and not helping out hiscommunity fuck that nigga half brother soul son. On the real.

    • Anonymous

      He shows no respect? What do you call what you're doing right now? You need therapy son...seriously.

    • Anonymous

      How the hell do you know what he is NOT doing? I know for a fact that he donates a shit load of money to a local charity (I know because I volunteer for them). What YOU should be worried about is what the hell are YOU doing for your community???? Some of you "internet tough guys" need to relax. Stop trying to pretend to be super thug and go back to playing your little xbox. If you lost your brother or any family member, would it be cool if someone said "yo fuck that nigga and his brother". Would you be ok with that? If so, I'll be sure to send a card to your mommy that says "yo, fuck your son.. he didn't do shit for the community anyway".

    • Matt

      What's wrong with you seriously?

  • Ryan Davis

    Lots of peoples brothers die.

  • d

    dammmn 14! life is to short

  • JG3

    I don't really understand tweeting about it though. It doesn't look good in my eyes. How could anyone think about tweeting when they just lost a sibbling? There is a time and place for everything, tweeting about the lost of your brother is not the time nor place for twitter. This is probably the only thing I can relate to with SB. I lost a lil brother at an early age and to this day I have not gotten over it. They say 'time heals wounds'...I say its bullshit. You never get over losing a sibbling. To SB, just keep him alive and well in your memories. R.I.P.

    • pico presi

      Yea that sad, but tweeting about it and then saying "this is so not my day..." ummm, fuck your day how about your brother's day??!

  • Keys

    I'm sorry for him and all the others who have to endure the loss of their loved ones. R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    this is kinda weird but there was this 9 year old who died in a freak accident just the other day..... shits kinda getting to me

  • edubb1977

    May God bless SB and his entire family!!!! THE GOOD DIE YOUNG!! May God have mercy on his soul!!

  • Lilworm guys saying you don't like soulja boy and you've never met him! this isn't about music. he lost a little brother!!!...damn man sometimes i lose faith in humanity...

    • Jus me

      I agree. this is not about soulja boy music so why comment on it. what's wrong with the world. we should be giving and sharing and sending our condolences out. i pray for you all who lack a heart. to soulja boy my prayers are with you and your family. your brother is in a better place and he will forever live in your heart. GOD has great plans for him and you be strong for him.He is smiling down on you encouraging you in your rap career. God bless you and please forget the negative comments people have. GOD will deal with them.

  • NJ

    Think we all feel the same way towards this, don't really like SB but our thoughts are with him and his family, 14 is just too young. "Nothing is more important than life itself"

  • Anonymous

    May God comfort the young man that was lost and the family of SB..we are praying for yall

  • dontgiveafuck.

    this is fucked up i guess angels always open heaven's gates when it comes to a lil kid RIP

  • floppydisk559

    i'm sorry but who the hell tweets about there brother being dead and being at home crying. if your really hurtin then posting a tweet would be the last thing in your mind.

    • sp

      peopl grieve in diff ways. before you go speaking please put yourself in soulja boys position. GOd Bless your soul n i will b praying for u to release your sins and seek GOD

    • Jay.R

      Co-Sign with floppydisk to the fullest!

    • dontgiveafuck.

      i understand what you sayin, it came to my mind too when i read the post however, everybody is mournin in his own ways maybe he just needed to share it this way to somehow carry the fuckin weight

    • James Vega

      People are gonna deal with it how they deal with it... So deal with it..

  • Vegulf 'Quazy' Møller

    Not a fan of SB, but still don't wish death upon anybody. Rest In Peace!

  • Anonymous

    damn DX is mad late with this...this happened last night..everybody reported this already...smh

  • Anonymous

    don't come on here talking stupid.put yourself in his shoes pray.for that man and his family.this don't have nothing to do with music!!

  • Jesus

    i dont like him personally but i hope he overcomes and somehow moves on. if he moves right. he can do his T.I. thing and release a song for him. so he has something to remember him for. and honestly itd be a great change from "money money money hoes hoes hoes swagga swagga swagga" Much love to Soulja boi and his family.

  • lowprofile

    who givez a f***? everybody dies

  • James Vega

    Damn... I may not like his music, but I hope him and his fam see their way thru this. My condolences..

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