Nate Dogg's Attorney Confirms Cause Of Death, Releases Statement

Mark Geragos, Nate Dogg's Attorney, confirms that Nate died due to complications from multiple strokes and also expresses gratitude for the condolences from fans.

After soul crooner Nate Dogg passed away Wednesday, his attorney, Mark Geragos, confirmed that the original 213 member and frequent Death Row Records collaborator died from complications from multiple strokes. Nate suffered at least two strokes in 10 months, which left him partially paralyzed; the first one reportedly happened between December 2007 and January of 2008. Geragos confirmed that Nate was making significant progress having fully recovered his memory.

In September of 2010, Warren G gave fans an update saying Nate Dogg was undergoing therapy and fully alert and aware. As such, Wednesday’s news came as a shock, causing an outpouring of sympathy and condolences for Nate and his family. Nate Dogg’s close friend and manager, Rod McGrew, issued a statement to all the well-wishers.

“We appreciate the enormous outpouring of response from all over the world. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for their prayers and support. We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie.”


  • Anne

    Omgosh.... He was like the soundtrack to L.A... R.I.P

  • all doggz go to heaven

    "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie.” what a very white person thing of Rod Mcgrew to say, this was his close friend and thats all he had to say? sound like this fool barely knew nate dogg, he sound like one of those niggas that gave up on nate just like everyone else did after the stroke(s). nigga was nate even friends with Biggie?!! got me fucked up cuuhhzz R.I.P. Nate dogg

  • Bryant Carter

    Rest in peace to him

  • Brandon Cypress

    There should be an age Limit for this website 25 and up b/c clearly there are too many Kids up here posting ignorence,,,Go get a degree or something...

  • nahsaha

    R.I.P. NATE you were one serious talented dude, no joke. your hooks were the best, West Coast dogg! way too underappreciated

  • Tigre

    "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie.” what the fuck kinda condolence statement is that? Cant his fans just mourn him in his own light? Must Pac and BIG be brought into every death event?? Dumb fuck!





  • real nigguh from the burbs


  • dtp229

    I'm Shocked Right Now B Reside In Paradise A.K.A R.I.P Nate Dogg


    lol dis niggah trash anyway who care if the niggah dead peace out trash ass niggah you suck

    • b

      nigguh u bitch i hope you die soon and nobody give afuck bout u

    • Lsn22s

      @ kalefa... don't bother, this kid who commented is obviously a complete shithead...i mean, look at the goonish way he types...he's probably 14 and too young to know what the classics are...his loss... as for what you said, cosign 1,000,000%... Nate Dogg's voice was just as important to that west coast sound as Dre's beats and Snoops flow were....i was really hopin he would make a recovery...maybe Dre has some worthwhile Nate Dogg joints on the cutting room floor or somethin that could make it onto Detox, but that might just be wishful thinking...

    • Anonymous

      wow idiot how would u feel if no one cared about whether you died

    • kalefa

      dissin nate dogg,best hooks ever,u full of shit,chronic,2001,doggystyle wouldnt have been the same without nate,legend,rip

  • Max Poustchi

    R.I.P. Nate Dogg. but when was the man friends with BIG? .

  • Anonymous

    First of all smoking weed had NEVER been a cause of death anywhere in the world. I smoke and I have a degree in Economics with a minor in African Studies. Drinking doesn't even cause as many strokes as Nate had, so for someone to get on here that has their own agenda about the lifestyles that some of these musicians have such as Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler and Charlie Sheen invalid. This man had complications that the family chooses to keep secret which is their right. Who said it was weed, or alcohol. Stop jumping to conclusions like you know what caused his strokes, quit acting like you are some Health and Wellness expert and just let the man rest.

    • Lsn22s

      its true...there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that marijuana usage has ever killed anyone EVER...seriously, try to find one example and post your sources... however...i wouldn't rule out that a life of drinking could cause internal issues that could lead to what happened with Nate Dogg...not sayin that's what happened, but not impossible...other drugs or just his lifestyle and health in general are also possibilities, i have a feeling Nate Dogg was the type to GET IT THE FUCK IN, but i never knew the guy... anyways...R.I.P....Nate Dogg was the fuckin man, so many classic joints with him on it...Nate Dogg hooks used to be like the icing on the cake for West Coast artists...dude was cold with the lyrics...damn...bout to go listen to some old shit right now...

    • Shane

      Its not about only sticking to what your job is. You can say whatever you want if u take the time to research it and make sure its correct. He happens to be correct and you happen to be a jackass. Instead of just saying the opposite of what people say for attention why dont you do some research. Hell its common sense that weeds not legal because the government cant tax it.

    • Anonymous02

      "First of all smoking weed had NEVER been a cause of death anywhere in the world." So I guess YOU are the health expert, jackass? Practice what you preach and shut up if you don't know what you're talking about.


    Just would like to say R.I.P to the O.G of G Funk.. u wil be missed n from new york to la i will keep bangin the G FUNK cuz music was in u till i LBC ya much love cuz u are now the angel of G fUNK R.I.P BIG HOMIE WE MISS U


  • F.A.

    R.I.P Nate. The article, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. The way the article is written makes it seem like the reader should know Nate Dogg and everything surrounding him before reading it. However I feel it would have made the article more informative (not to mention more accessible) if it included at the very least Nate Dogg's real name and DOB. Extra details such as birth-place would have been equally informative and would have at least added some much-needed context to the article. It's the small things that matter at the end of the day.

  • jack johnson

    nate dogg had a 3rd stroke a couple weeks ago



  • Anonymous

    did they ever mention what caused THE STROKES tho? That's what I want to know. If it was lifestyle related, it will make it very difficult for me to listen to the old music. it's too ironic. I wish homie was still here.

    • Frank Lampard

      it's true anonymous. I live in Canada and I don't smoke weed but i have a friend that does every day. He says "well, i don't see how weed can be any worse than booze- you drink beer all the time." I'm like what the fuck man, i drink fridays and saturdays, not every day, and i don't have bullshit going into my lungs every single fuckin night. typical north american dumbass philosophy (i'm european by the way).

    • Anonymous

      Any doctor will tell you smoking weed all day everyday as well as drinking regularly will cause massive damage to the body. You can try to live that life and luck out like steven tyler, mick jagger, charlie sheen etc...but it ends in death or alzheimers for most. This should be pretty common knowledge but Ive noticed most people I meet in America have no idea.

    • Lima

      I think he means that a death caused by a lifestyle Nate Dogg glorified is ironic. If I'm not mistaken, that actually would be irony.

    • Truth

      No, it's not "ironic." Rap fans (and rappers) need to attend a seminar explaining what irony is. I've heard Royce da 5'9" say "how ironic is it that.." at least five times in rap songs, and not one of those instances is irony. I know you have to lower you expectations when you're dealing with people who use 'gay' as synonym for 'bad,' but still.

  • hellrazor


  • Skratch

    lol at religious ppl saying "he'll be hanging out with his good friends pac & big" is that all you religious ppl say when somebody dies lmao, no such thing as heaven #atheist, wake up, unless u barrying nate dogg with pac and Big, hes going to be hanging solo in the grave

    • ABC when has God been a man with a beard in the sky???? read a book little boy!...

    • Lsn22s

      all u guys are ridiculous...there is no evidence supporting "God's" existence, and there is no evidence disproving it either...none of you can prove your theories on either side, leave each other alone and grow up...seriously...talking down to each other for not believing in each others' potentially bullshit stories...ur like democrats and republicans, all you want to do is conform someone to your view...who cares? if there's a god, he/she has a lot of explaining to do...and if there isn't, then everybody else does...just live your lives as good people and stop mud-slinging... and don't bother trying to figure out who/what i believe in...i won't tell you and it doesn't matter anyways...

    • Ice T

      atheist guy go suck a dick..nobody gives a fuck about your thought of the day..n Franceso Totti stfu...violence happens all da time and rarely does it have to do with religion

    • Anonymous

      Sounds to me like you need to begin studying Metaphysics. There is a Creator.

    • Anonymous

      A common atheist saying is who created God. But I ask you, what was before the big bang? How can something exist without a beginning such as the big bang? Makes no sense. There was never a beginning. Therefore God can exist.

    • Robert Douglas Kaplinger

      @SKRATCH:I dont care about your religious views,thank u for causing conflict you idiot

    • Franceso Totti

      I wish the world was communist. Religion just causes anger and hate- look at the middle east...

    • News Flash for Skratch

      Believe what you want Skratch, but it's been made clear to me by overly vocal athiests like yourself that ahthiests are the most insecure, conflicted, and miserable people on the planet, in constant search for the company of the like-minded or congregation. Ironically, they usually spend every waking moment preaching sermons about how free and liberated they are from the shackles of religion.

    • Anonymous

      Its pretty funny how most athiests say how they hate how the religious push their views on others but they look for any reason to tell somebody "Im athiest"...It really upsets them when they tell you this in person and you say "so" and proceed to talk about something else. Athiests do this to try and get a rise out of people for their own enjoyment. Just ignore them and theyll drown in their own misery.

    • U Piece of


    • Brizz

      Im not even religious but these smart ass atheists are too much. This god shit isnt more crazy to belive in then that we all came from big explosion in outerspace and formed out of stardust and shit. That anti god shit is played out so get off your high horses dumb fuck and accept that people feel better beliving in some greater then themselfes.

    • Truth

      I'm pretty sure people can live happy, meaningful lives, without believing in a man with a beard who lives in the sky. If you don't believe in God, you have everything live for, actually, because you know that this is the only life you get. You want to make sure every second counts, and you make the most of your time. Morality, love and happiness are not exclusive to the religious. It's nice to think that everyone goes to the cloud mansions when they die, sure. But that's a pretty lofty delusion. The anonymous poster says it's a sad way to go through life, not thinking everybody who dies gets to hang out in heaven. Isn't it arguably just as sad to go through life thinking that everyone DOES?

    • Anonymous

      Skratch: thsose aint REAL religious people. so don't put us in a box. NONE of us know where he is. Only GOD knows that! As far as YOU. What do YOU have to LOSE by believing in GOD? If you find out that there isn't one, it doesn't matter. All you could have been is a bette person. BUT, what do you have to LOSE if you DON'T believe in GOD(and their IS a GOD)? Think about that.

    • Dan Strauss

      lmao Hang urself

    • Rick

      Make your parents proud and hang'll be hanging solo too.


      Such a sad way to live life...

    • Gangzta Mind

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  • Vann Digital Networks

    My condolences. :(

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