DJ Quik Disses AMG On Twitter

DJ Quik airs out his former fellow Fixxer on social media.

DJ Quik went off on Twitter yesterday (March 17), taking to the social media network to air out former partner AMG.

The artists formed a group called The Fixxers in 2006, and released a single "Can U Werk Wit Dat." Their album, Midnight Life, never materialized.

Quik explained that AMG would take to radio and insult him.

His life is a Tragedy. Jason Lewis aka Amg.Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:40:56 PM via TweetDeck

Quik further explained that AMG's disdain for Interscope, allegedly because the label suggested that he "get in shape," was a part of the reason the album never dropped, and directly resulted in termination of the group's recording contract. Even after airing out his former partner-in-rhyme, Quik still had words for him.

Amg is a grumpy old fag.1:30 AM Mar 17th via TweetDeck

Amg doesn't even own his own name. I digress3:09 AM Mar 17th via TweetDeck

DJ Quik and AMG worked together in the early 90s, with each artist making guest appearances on the other's album, notably on AMG's "Bitch Betta Have My Money."

Currently, Quik is recording Book of David, due for an April 20 releae.



  • crazychris

    quik and amg beefed in the early 90's quik dissed amg on get at me in 95 when he was beefing with eiht, don't remember quik and 2nd to none beefing or beefing with hi c, heard a track with quik and kk on quik's new album. I know quik and sugafree had beef and I remember quik pistol whipping his sister but never heard of him and hi c feuding. but really quiik' a hasbeen love his shit though he made some underground albums that's good I heard hi c first 2 albums, 2nd to nione, and amg hope they make up. sugafree is tight, mausberg was tight.

  • Anonymous

    come on quik, stop beefing. everyone wants to see u with the whole crew: amg, suga free, hi-c, 2nd II none, playa ham, et al. (RIP Mausberg). Get together and make a tight PPC album for the summer. Ya'll ain't gettin no younger

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about 2 lame old ass rappers.

    • fuck you mtv teen mom watching faggots

      obviously you gave a fuck enough to click the link.the link clearly states the content of this link..and you still clicked it.dumbass 12 year old.dissing gangsta rap when your idea of gangsta rap is lil wayne or 50 cent.choke yourself with your insurgent scarf and your non prescription glasses..faux hawk having electronica/rap/pop music ballerina ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck can yo lame ass do eat a Dick

  • g77

    I heard that Fixxers album and it is full of good stuff. Too bad they couldn't make it work for a proper release.

  • Evan Nielson

    Quik is, and always has been, an emotional roller coaster. No doubt, he is one of the best on the coast.However, if I was his PR rep, I would tell him to chill the fuck out on the public rants. It never benefits his career. If anything, it gets him in more shit. First it was Hi-C. Then it was 2nd II None. Now AMG? Remember when he first started hating the shit outta Suga Free and then dropped "Nobody" like it was the ultimate duo comeback? As fans we were stoked. Guess what happened a few months later @ the Key Club.... full on disses thrown at Suga Free. It will be interesting to see if that track sees the light of day on "The Book of David". Anyway, at the end of the day it's all just music. Still, this is probably one of the main reasons why Quik has never achieved the commercial level which he should have achieved. Regardless, I love the dude and his music lol. That's Quik.....

    • pico presi

      Agreed. Bad timing with an album dropping too, name calling is just immature. Quik is dope but plays the victim too much. Tell that man (amg) to his face you got a problem instead of airing dirty laundry out on twitter makes both them look washed up. Still waiting on book of david tho. Amg is still a dope mc to me as well.

    • bob d

      well-said. i really wanted that Fixxers shit to be a success.

  • book of david i cant wait

    i love quik but, these ni@@az been going at it 4 years amg and 2nd 2 none....

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