Killer Mike Accuses 50 Cent Of Stealing His Beat

So disrespectful? Mike Bigga calls 50 out for jacking his beat

Killer Mike's Grind Time Official Facebook page posted a video on our wall last night of Killer Mike performing at Center Stage in Atlanta. What is notable about the performance is Mike's words for 50 Cent.

"In case you motherfuckers didn't know, and you get to talkin' 'bout 'he used 50 beat', no the fuck I didn't. 50 heard my shit and said 'that's dope, I wanna use it too.' So disrespectful, let's go," Killa Kill shouted.

What Mike is referring to is 50 Cent's "So Disrespectful" from 2009's Before I Self Destruct using the same beat as "Pressure," which is he performing in the video. The Atlanta native's song came out nearly a year and a half before 50's. 

Interestingly enough, the producer responsible for both songs is Tha Bizness. Considering that Mike is working with him again on Pl3dge, it appears Fif may be guilty of knowingly stealing the beat. 


  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day he ALLEDGEDLY took your beat so why are you just now mentioning it 2yrs later after it was??? What are you going to do about it???...Obviously if you could sue you would already have done it. It was on a Interscoped-backed album so it got cleared to make the album!!! FOR THE RECORD STEALING IS WHEN SOME-ONE TAKES SOMETHING FROM YOU WITHOUT YOU KNOWING ABOUT IT.....ROBBED/JACKED IS WHEN SOMENONE TAKES SOMETHING FROM YOU WHILE YOU KNOW ABOUT IT BUT COULDN'T STOP IT FROM HAPPENING!!!

  • James Johnson

    noticed that shit cuz I heard fif album first and thought that the joint was like one outta like three good tracks on the alvum...then eventually I dwnloadind pledge to the grind just cuz I heard it was good...I was listenin to killer mike's shit thinkin this sound familiar and then I knew Fif bummy ass jacked it...thought Dre produced it though...guess not lol...guess thats also where Fif get the "So disrespectful" title from ha

  • southcakc23

    Wait, so now some of you know what took place between 50 Cent and Tha Bizness? Y'all know for a FACT 50 bought the beat from them? REALLY? Here's a little help for your slow brain......mike has a GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT legal team behind him; he wouldn't make such a slanderous statement if it were not true. Additionally, Mike worked with Tha Bizness on PL3DGE. If Tha Bizness sold the beat to 50 as well.....Mike wouldn't have worked with Tha Bizness on PL3DGE. Taking the beat and doing some verses over it for a mixtape; FINE (It's what mixtapes were birthed from) Stealing a beat and using it for a studio LP; com'on SON! To make it worse, 50's "so disrespectful" is in no way, shape or form on the level of Killer Mike's "Pressure". Mike had Ice Cube ft on "Pressure"; you dummies REALLY think he didn't purchase exclusive rights to that beat? COM'ON SON!!!

  • hunkE

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  • Anonymous

    50 heard the Killer Mike song and stole the beat. Killer Mike cut that track years before 50 stole it and when he heard the track Killer Mike was rapping on it so 50 knew he was stealing.

  • Trite

    Tha Bizness is a two man production group...not a single producer fam.

  • 500

    I fuxx wit 50 till the death anything he does yall criticize get the niggaz dick, stop hating get yaself some money niggaz been jacking beats killer mike is broke thats why hes mad get @ the producer bkuzz against 50cent u wont win thats my nigga for life fuck all you haterz get a life!!

  • Scott

    If nobody above the Mason/Dixon line is checking for Killer Mike, then ain't nobody above the Mason/Dixon line checking for real hip-hop. Fuck 50. Fuck G-Unit. And fuck the bullshit ringtone rap that they put out.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. And after seeing the video, Killer Mike never even used the word "stole". WOW HHDX. All I can say is WOW>

  • Anonymous

    YO! HOLD UP! Thats not how it works. If TWO artists end up BUYING the same beat, that's 100% on THE PRODUCER! How would 50 know it was previously used? Why would Mike tie it to 50 and NOT the PRODUCER? I suspect that Mike didn't pay for it. But it's not stealing if you paid.

  • Bang^Out82NYC

    Nobody past the mason dixon line checkin for no killer mike, so i doubt Fif jacked the beat knowingly. These producer niggas sellin the same shit twice need to be slapped though.

  • Anonymous

    like 50 cent even knows who killer mike is

  • Kentra Gilbert

    Pressure will always be better than So Disrespectful BANG BANG BANG!

  • Anonymous

    50 was stealing beats and that bullshit still flopped!!!

  • GGGG-

    Fuck a killa mike...get ur lawyers involved or stand up like a man and stop wining bout it..


    we all no mike version was better

  • Jeremy Orr

    and I could see if 50 never heard the beat before but he even gave props to Killer Mike then jacked it! AND still didnt shout-out Mike on the song atleast he coulda did that lol....#dirtybiz

  • Jeremy Orr

    yea but 50 didnt have to use it tho..thats the main thing..the producer trying to get bread but it comes down to the artist and integrity! aint nobody make him use 50 backtrack when asked about it lol

  • Robert Smith

    Tha Bizness sold the beat to 50 so his beef is wit them why call out 50 and why say something now BISD came out in 09

  • yungskrill

    ....If the word is stealing beats ....the game has always been about who's smarter so where is the lawyers....? lol

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