Rapper Big Pooh Starts For Members Only Label, Speaks on New Projects

Former Little Brother member, Rapper Big Pooh, speaks on releasing new projects under his own For Members Only Inc company.

Rapper Big Pooh has been busy since the controversial Little Brother split. He's started his own company, For Members Only, and he's been working on his digital debut album on the label, Fat Boy Fresh Volume 1: For Members Only. In addition to this, he has also linked up with Roc C on a collaborative group titled The Young Americans. 

Starting his own company shouldn't be a surprise, he noted in a press release, because he said HOJ artists always wanted to branch out in the end.

“I just felt like it was time for me to finally branch out and not only concentrate on building my own brand but also assist in hopefully helping someone else live out their dream. For Members Only Inc signifies a special club, an exclusive membership where talent is key but focus, drive, and work ethic reign supreme. HOJ will always be the foundation and play a part in my career but the design was for us all to one day become our own bosses and this is the next step in that process for me.”

As for Fat Boy Fresh, Pooh explained that it will feature plenty of music he's recorded in the last couple of years. It should be somewhat of an appetizer for his new solo album, Dirty Pretty Things, which Pooh hopes to release later this year. 

“I have been recording non stop for the past few years and felt it was only right to share some of that music with the people before I present to them my next album, DirtyPretty Things. Fat Boy Fresh not only describes how I feel about myself but also about the excess of songs I have around here that may never make it onto any other projects.”

Volume 1 will feature Black Milk, Nottz, T3 of Slum Village and Glasses Malone, among others. 

This year will also feature a release from The Young Americans, a project Pooh has with Roc C. Their disc, Trouble In The Neighborhood, will be available this summer. 


  • Bowski

    I'm freaking excited, sounds like Pooh has tons of music to put out for us hungry fans. Although I'm somewhat disapointed in the LB breakup, I'm glad they're still making music(seperately or as different crews). I read on here a couple of weeks ago that 9th and Pooh squashed their beef, so I'm hopeful that some dope music will come out of that situation also.

  • Rick

    yeah man, after 9th left. JL / Hall of Justus fell apart. 9th was the foundation of that crew. he created their sound. Just like BCC , WU had their own sound JL had tgheir own sound. How are they going to get rid of dude when he provided the landscape for them. ....but from what i hear JL is still around with Ceas, Khrysis, 9th, Boog etc. Its just sad to see a crew who had lots of potential disappear.

  • Anonymous

    meehhh, hall of justsus didn't really blow up like it was suppose too. thanks alot Phonte!

  • Lil B

    it amazes how few people give a fuck about this guy another more. LB broke up, and Pooh is back to an Arby's employee.

  • Anonymous

    Fat Boy Fresh V1 is dope, real shit on there!!! big up Rapper Pooh

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