Fab 5 Freddy First Artist-In-Residence At Cosmopolitan In Las Vegas

The Hip Hop pioneer will serve as the inaugural artist-in-residence at the hotel's P3 Studio.

Legendary Hip Hop personality, filmmaker and pioneer Fab 5 Freddy has been brought in to be the first artist-in-residence at the Cosmopolitan hotel's P3 Studio.

According to juxtapoz.com, the Las Vegas hotel now houses Fab's work, a "series of photographs of celebrated boxers and anonymous show girls" which "are enlarged, digitally altered and printed on canvas, then adorned with Swarovski crystals."

Says Fab 5 Freddy of his new work, titled "Crystal Punch": “These pieces are about light and the movement of the viewer, part of a narrative set on a Kabuki like stage where these boxing gladiators are newly illuminated, a reflection of the gloss on their lifestyle and sport.  And the crystals add glow and power to these iconic women, set on the same stage.”

While Fab 5 Freddy's career has taken him to Vegas, his roots began in New York, where he produced and starred in the cult film Wild Style. He later became a host for the MTV show, "YO! MTV Raps."



  • khordkutta

    The Cosmopolitan in Vegas is doing big things as far as hiphop/rnb./soul music in vegas is concerned props to them

  • 702........ vega$

    Las Vegas is known for it's bright lights, massive casinos, and of course partying but one thing it is not recognized for is it's bubbling hip hop scene. Today on Dubcnn, we bring you one of the Viva's finest. Voted Las Vegas City Life Best MC 2 years in a row, Lady L.U.S.T. (Last Undisputed Spit Truth) drops her new video. The track is entitled "Empire" and showcases L.U.S.T. lyrical might over Ya Boy's "16's Wit Me" instrumental. This is the first offering from her street album, G.F.M., dropping on March 22nd. Keep it locked to Dubcnn for more from L.U.S.T..

  • Sensaye25

    He's always been regarded as a Hip-Hop legend, but uh...what exactly does this nigga do? I mean, I've been wanting to know that since the 80's.

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