Uptown Swuite Wins Jahlil Beats & HipHopDX's Song Contest

"Underground" won, with over 500 submissions sent from a California emcee who's no stranger to the contest circuit.

Vacaville, California emcee Uptown Swuite won the HipHopDX & Jahlil Beats contest, with his song "Underground" . The veteran emcee has previously worked with the likes of Dilated Peoples, Torae and fellow Samoan emcees, The Boo-Ya T.R.I.B.E.

Previously, Uptown has appeared on Sway & King Tech's famed "Wakeup Show," as well as been a finalist in emcee contests sponsored by Duck Down & 2K Sports, and Jake One & Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Congratulations to Uptown, who has won three (3) beats from the producer for Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne, as well as a studio session.

Follow him on Twitter, @UptownSwuite.


  • Spencer Laurenson Harman

    Syknezz fo sho. congrats to uptown! any chance of a download of this for us hardcore fan types?

  • Biz

    Wow. http://soundcloud.com/just-bizarre/number-1-draft-pick

  • anon2

    true indeed to each his own, just not my cup of tea and the hook being borderline terrible I dont know lol out of 500 only one being listenable at all is hard to believe, a lot rappers that you like or are "buzzing" now would of lost this easily in that case, I hear your point also though and nothing is wrong with someone liking the song

  • misterJT

    he KINDA sorta sounds like a mix of R59 and Joe Budden

  • Game-Talk

    congrats, although I feel as if the track and the content don't mesh well at all I can see how judges felt it was "amazing" of him to rap on the track displaying a very lyrical vocab but I doubt jahlil felt this was hot or even the best one, but congrats.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think it was just the lyrical display i think it was also the cadences he used, his voice and the presence he showed on the track from the beginning to the end was done real well. Cant beat that. Also i have uptown's tapes and he can "dumb it down" enough and shape one of jahlil's tracks into a dope catchy rap tune (and i dont mean i pop one). Point is uptown is versatile and good enough to be the winner anyway.

  • George Mays aka caldxm

    what does "with over 500 submissions sent" mean?

  • lolol

    not popping, the more over rapping the better

    • Anonymous

      ^^^i hear what u say but i disagree cause i've heard the other contestants and none of em were listenable...at all! no matter what the content was over this beat. I have no idea what u look for in a record being so-called listenable, but homie had more chrisma and a better flow than all the other dudes. I appreciate the fact that hes being a real mc w/ the lyrics, even if the beat might not exactly match the content. To each his own i guess

    • anon#2

      but the record is imo I aint on your boy congrats to em*

    • anon#2

      yo anon what the fuck Im talking about is the song being wack its not hot whoever picked it felt the idea and not the song the content dont sound good on this beat, homie can rap and so can nas, nas drops wack shit also though. Im sure the dude got shit more listenable then this cause hes not wack but the record imo I aint congrats to him

    • Anonymous

      wtf are u talking about??

  • Chad Luckner

    Good job Mo! Knew you would make it

  • The Flat Kids

    Congrats Uptown!!! rep hard my mang!

  • Anthony Manaoat

    "The Flats,Kid." Congrats MO!! Down since day 1 and movin' into day 2!

  • ShowTimeNY

    Congrats to dude. At least they aint pick somebody corny. I wrote my joint in 15 mins.. IM not mad. soundclick.com/showtimeny

  • Anonymous

    yo congrats to this dude. Dont sleep on uptown swuite, hes legit when it comes to emceeing.

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