Eminem's "The Eminem Show" Goes Diamond In The US

Sales of Eminem's fourth album don't seem to be stopping any time soon as it has finally hit the 10 million mark.

It's hard to believe that been close to 9 years since Shady dropped his fourth studio album The Eminem Show. The LP--which beckoned listeners into Em's past with "Cleanin' Out My Closet," celebrated his return to music on "Without Me," and foreshadowed his five-year exit on "Say Goodbye Hollywood"-- has finally reached Diamond status in the United States.

The album is his first to reach the 10 million mark in the US, although it was certified Diamond in Canada already. While The Eminem Show is Shady's highest selling album in America, his most critically acclaimed, The Marshall Mathers LP, is close behind, certified by the RIAA as 9x Platinum and 8x Platinum in Canada.


  • sekond2NONE

    YO em let me get a dollah FUCK!

  • SuperGucciRap

    Nigga that album sucked. Just another album of Eminem whining to his mom because they wouldn't give him his m&m's candies. Gucci Mane murked that nigga in the Obsessed Remix. I guess shorty mad cos he ain’t got you no more, so just like Pinocchio, his nose gon grow, Gucci Mane, Mariah Carey bling blaww wow, i wish i had a LIE DE-TET-DER TESH (lie detector test) right now he hit my girl word, old is what ya heard, he know he a bird, i know he a nerd, catch me in the A with a bad yellow bone, 9, 10, 11, 12 diamond chains on. It's Gucci Time!

  • John0Boy

    And before you talk shit I'm as black as can be.

  • John0Boy

    I can't believe people say he only sells because he's white. So you people are telling me it has nothing to do with the fact that he is a beast on the Mic? He raps about shit that real people go through, (baby momma drama, momma drama, drug addiction, losing a close friend, relationships)and people can relate to him. What does your favorite rapper rap about? A dance that you will look like an idiot doing, drugs most of us will never sell, gangbanging that will land you in jail, driving a one million dollar car, throwing dollar bills in the air at a strip, spraying up a block with an AK-47, need I continue?? Is any of this shit that the average person will do? NO. Rappers have become so commercialized that no one can relate to the bullshit they rap about these days. Thats why sales are so low. Em keeps it real and people can relate, so he sells records. When your favorite rapper does more than make club songs that only last a month, maybe their sales will increase.

  • Mohith Subbarao

    Marshall Mathers LP has sold more than 10 million but idk why it hasnt been actually certified diamond.

    • Dat's right

      Because it has not sold more than TEN MILLION IN THE US ALONE.The worldwide sales, which means COMBINED HE HAS SOLD MORE THAN TEN MILLION not in the US alone. It's not a conspiracy. 9x & 8x in just two countries is crazy in itself though.

  • ts5000

    i thought this album has been diamond in the US it came out in 2002 i remember when it came out damn i can't believe its gonna be 9 years in may this album is dope though his old albums still sell no doubt

  • Da5'9

    This site got it completely wrong mmlp still sold more than the eminem show. And the eminem show is his 3rd album, infinite is an underground album and more of a demo

  • Heat357

    LMAO at everyone saying he only sells because he's white..... Last time I checked white people have just as much say as any other race.. If white people relate to a white rapper more than a black rapper then why not listen to him..?..I hear black rappers complaining about how hard it is to be black all the time.. And black people buy those albums because they relate to it..Then white people will call those same black artist "real hip hop" artists because they send a message about the streets. But then when Eminem sends a message about poor white kids turned into successful rappers people want to scrutinize... But they do it out of ignorance..

  • r

    Man i can't believe it'll be 9 years this year that this album and the 8mile film came out! time flies.. scary

    • AnonymousUser

      I agree. Seriously.. wtf, man. 2002 feels like it was just yesterday. Fucked up if you didn't live your life up until now.. at least I feel that way.

  • rakim69

    Marshall Mathers LP is more than 10 million in US (diamond) but hasn't been certified by this asshole from Interscope. They don't want to pay certification

    • Anonymous:

      And you know this because....It's amazing to me how every other comment on her is saying the album has sold more than 10 million already in the US. Look man, do you think that if Em's album was already past 10 mill mark he would not take Interscope to task about it? Paul Rosenburg is a pitbull of a lawyer he would not hesitate to get in that ass. There is no conspiracy to discredit,hide or steal his sales or skew the numbers. They gave him the 9 platinum plaques, but are holding on to the Diamond award?GTFO.

  • Charlie

    his skin color was a problem at first but later it helped him. As the matter of fact i think it helped hip hop. he is the reason that a lot of white poeple got to know this music and it's good.

  • Getyoshitright

    MM LP is his highest selling album. It might be only certified 9x platinum in the US but it has sold almost 12 million copies. Almost every Eminem album is undercertified.

  • China aka juan alvarado

    shady is the goat ...i'll suck dis nigga off

  • word?

    this wigga used to be fat. in fact if he starts eating alot more then hell be a fat wigga again.....real talk

  • Anonymous

    he's been diamond, just not in the US

  • The MG

    Congrats to Eminem on this but I thought MMLP went diamond as well. Guess I was wrong. *shrug*

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Where are Jay-Z claim "best rapper since 2pac & Biggie" & Lil Wayne claim "the greatest rapper alive"? Don't forget Eminem, his now "Diamond" status, congratulations

  • da man

    yo nd i thought mmlp nd eminem show already went diamond..

  • aaron

    I honestly think the marshall mathers lp is better But didnt tmmlp go diamond a while ago

  • Anonymous

    i hate to tell you idiots you dont sell 10 million records because your white you sell that many records because you make good music period!!!!!

  • Cealix

    Still my favorite Em album. And I don't think y'all realize how hard it was for that album to go diamond. If y'all remember during the time when the album first leaked 2 weeks before it was released on Napster, it was hard to hit that 1,000,000 mark.

    • AnonymousUser

      I also remember how hard it was to get a decent rip of that album through P2P sharing. Nothing but fucked up tracks, encoded poorly -- people would share a shitty version of "Cleaning Out My Closet" with the chorus looped! Haha, fun times.

  • mark

    Vannlia Ice when diamond as well Vannlia ICe > everything Em Put Out After this Cd POW

  • skip

    can't hate on him one of the best if not the best left in the game

  • NJ

    His last good album, too bad everything since then has sucked. Also, obvioulsy he has sold so many records because of his colour and there are many better MC's out there who have sold much less but he is still a great artist (or was I should say) You can't hate on him for selling records.

  • Guest

    That's the size of some countries. DAMN 10million

  • obiejones

    im not trying to be racist but eminem success is kind of from his race if you think bout it. if hip hop is bout best lyrics and what not and eminem also said himself hes not the best so if there is someone better than him then why he aint selling better than em? but its also how you present yourself in the game also too. but think about it though what attracts more attention a cold ass white rapper or a cold ass black rapper.....think about it really no diss to races or what just speakin a point of thought

    • Joe

      "If I was black, I would sold half. I didn't have to graduate from High School to know that."

    • 9Stories

      There are a lot of white Rappers. Like are there any black rappers signed on to anticon. Why is Eminem the most successfull one because he's the most appealing.

    • obiejones

      penguinj thats true but look what u said "first white" there has been many other rappers who have had worse stories than he has and made it out on top. yes eminem is a legend but look at all the things he had against him plus the circumstances he has cause of race. race is a big factor in this subject u cannot lie though im not hating or nothing im just saying.

    • The penguinj

      Hiphop loves a comeback story and thats eminems whole career basically, so also know that what your saying that if eminem wasnt white at all he wouldnt be a rapper....he wouldnt have gotten beaten the fuck up in high school and all the other bullshit that surrounded his life its not BECAUSE HE'S WHITE....its BECAUSE HES THE FIRST WHITE ANNDDD LEGENDARY mc, his status is because he was the first white mc to public applause, the first one that unanomously hiphop said you cant fuck with him! so yes he has sold because he's white, but its because of the shock value and because he really is the first LEGENDARY status type of or even great for that matter white mc...

    • Dan

      Very true, Em admits his success is partly due to his race.. But it's not about being just the 'best rapper', it's also the fact that he's backed by one of the best producers..



    • Zeek

      Vanilla Ice is certified 7x platinum with ONE album. So he is a one hit wonder. And also the article is wrong Marshall Mathers LP is at 10.300.000 in the US. Check soundscan.



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Another Elvis in the making

  • Joe Budden

    lol, black people continue to lose. Funny how a white rapper can come into a black mans game and take it completely over. You stupid fucking niggers did it to yourselves. All that bling and bullshit got you nowhere. #WhitePower

    • darius

      Yeah, LOL @ #WhitePower.I still can't understand how some people can't appreciate SKILL in any activity regardless of race.I don't give a flying fuck if someone's black, white, asian or whatever as long as he's good at what he's doing.No one can't deny skill.

    • cano

      you know joe budden is black right? get outta here with your racism. IMO hiphop has no color. its no secret that most rappers are black, but that take away from the art of hip hop. if you can spit you can spit. race has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite album of all time. Good shit.

  • Anonymous

    hey don't hate, just because he's white

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