Tracklisting Revealed For Lil' Kim's "Black Friday" Mixtape

Nearly a month after the controversial sales of the self-released project began, consumers are starting to receive copies of the mystery project.

It's been nearly a month since Brooklyn, New York emcee Lil' Kim began selling her Black Friday mixtape online. Hard copies of the self-released project have reportedly yet to ship, though some consumers are just now receiving their orders of the release Kim initially claimed she sold 113,000 copies of. The tracklisting has thus revealed from the project, thanks to a consumer who posted the pictures, and reportedly includes numerous attacks of Rap rival Nicki Minaj.

The tracklisting for Lil' Kim's Black Friday mixtape is as follows:

1. Intro

2. Pissin' On 'Em

3.Champagne Poppin' Feat. Wiz Khalifa

4. Hustle Hard

5. M.O.E.

6. Killin' Em Feat. Fabolous

7.6 Foot Tall

8.Clap, Clap Feat. IRS

9. Kimmy Girl Feat. Keri Hilson

10. Gimme' Brain

11. Cheatin' Feat. Rihanna

12. Exclusive Radio Interview

13. Grindin' Makin' Money Feat. Nicki Minaj, Birdman


15.Pussy Callin' Feat. Lil' Boosie

16.Black Friday

17. Faded Feat. Red Cafe, Rick Ross

18.IRS Freestyle

19. Lights, Camera, Action

20. Buy U Music Feat. Keri Hilson


  • Victor Valentin

    113,000 of The tracklisting has thus revealed from the project, thanks to a consumer this is the prove jean carlos read all about it lil' kim first then nicki minaj.

  • amp

    haha how old is that pic? unless its been photoshopped it definitely looks like an early 00's photot of lil kim.

  • Street

    Doesn't Kim now owe Nikki money cause she sold the mixtape and used the shitted on em beat. I'm sure she didn't tell Kim she can use it.

  • True Sinister

    It's obvious that the nicki track is the one that they recorded a long time ago that kim felt she outshined nikki. She's mentioned it numerous times Where's Ether? What about that Harcore 2 album?

  • jesterdxxl

    Who here thinks Shady gave Nicki a hand or two or maybe a dick with writing Romans Revenge. I know Kim gets a fist or two or even a cock with writing from Maino!

    • Brooks

      Obviously. If you listen to the rest of the album, it doesn't really have the panache as "Roman's Revenge" does. In fact, that album is really pretty dry for the most part with good beats and simple-ass rhymes.

    • True Sinister

      Kim never wrote her disses before from what i have seen. Big momma thang or whatever it was called was all Jay-z

  • Moe Cash

    I'm confused... she makes a whole album and its concept based on Dissing Nicki Minaj, but she has a track with her on it.... can someone please explain wtf is going on?

    • joe5286

      chauvinist fuck

    • Anonymous

      I really cant believe how many guys are following female beef! More guys commenting on Nicki's mostly pop track album. Not dissing her album but I can't see a guy supporting that album. Either these guys are 10 and 11 yrs old or gay (nothing against gays).

  • Jason704

    Actually that grinding making money track was released on birdmans priceless deluxe edition.



  • DR Jam

    Why is Nicky featured in it? probably as a cheap sample... credibility lost. I'd rather see Kim working hard a true lp, talking about her, the industry, and bitch niggas.

    • Tish

      It's not a cheap sample dummy! That song is what caused the drama and was recorded before the knock off Nicki was even signed to Young Money. Check your facts sweetie!

  • Anonymous

    this song" Porno musik " is a classic

  • Anonymous

    a bunch of unofficial remixes smdh

  • joe5206

    Nicki absolutely murdered Kim on Roman's Revenge


    pure comedy

    • anonymous

      why would a guy comment so personal on female bullshyt! Mostly all these comments re nicki and kim are from guys! Its like damn! Go build some missiles or enlist in the army! Just lets u know niggaz are worst than bytches!

    • EddieMurrrphy


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  • Brian Andrew Smith

    how is she going to have a track on here with Nicki? I know its probably something stupid to make nicki look bad, but cmon.

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