Yung LA Covers Up Duck Tattoo

Yung LA goes the Game route with his recently-acquired duck tattoo.

In a stunning turn of events, rapper Yung LA has apparently decided that having a pink duck tattooed on his face was not, in fact, the best move.

Previously explaining the tattoo as something of an expression of allegiance to Duct Tape Entertainment, the tat has gone the way of The Game's butterfly tattoo.

The young rapper released a video (watch below) of him getting the tat covered.

Interestingly, Yung LA covered his tattoo with an LA Dodgers symbol (similar to Game), though presumably the Atlanta emcee's choice pertains to his name.

"I'm getting the duck took out my face right now," said Yung LA to someone on the phone in the video. "So when this get on the internet, they gonna be like 'Oh!'"



  • Isha

    Becoming ridiculous No class, hoping this trend don't hit london, I'll move

  • WestWest

    I went to the grocery-store today and bought me a box of milk!

  • caliboi

    Aye beef your right lol. I dont even like 50 but that shit wil be hillarious to see him go in on this nigga

  • Beef

    Did this nigga jus say my drink is dirty . Named the niggas that died from it. Than say but I cant stop this is what I do? 50 u said u need a target he already fukd hiz career up! He got a gun to his own head. All u gta do iz pull the triiger

  • cano

    words cant even describe the amount of stupidity that was in that video. wow, young la.....just wow.

  • R2die

    "..Explaining the tattoo as something of an expression of allegiance to Duct Tape Entertainment.." LMAO ok so how in the world does Duct tape relate to a fuckin pink DUCK? u dumb ass its not even the same spelling so how the fuck did u think those two things were related? man i swear rappers are gettin dumber everyday

  • Jah

    After watching this again he kinda reminds me of Tyrone Biggums when he has the blanket around him while rapping while being tattooed. He's all chalky lookin and can't stay still while the guy is trying to work.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga take that duck off and replace it with a bullet in ur face. A real one, shot from a gun at point blank range.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "So when this get on the internet, they gonna be like 'Oh!'" no, i was like "Why can't this nigga die already?"

  • gaetarick

    Eugenics need to be applied here...atleast sterilize this fool!

  • 845 Boi

    iight here's my 2 scents.. no conspiracy here at all (even tho i do believe in the illuminati) this dude is a straight fag. he has a mixtape comin out soon he keeps yappin bout, so obviously he wants publicity before it drops, its not that hard to add up lol.. as of drugs idk..theres a bunch of rappers who do hard drugs than codeine and arent dumbasses and make great music..cage's best work was when he & tame one was smokin dust & leak..and sean price smokes mad dust and does mad pills and coke and hes a amazing, and im sure theres other i dont feel like naming them...its plain and simple...yung la is a attention wanting faggot

  • Zac IsThe BlackAbstract


  • ROBD916

    ...ignorant. not to mention one of the worst sounding autotune infected voices ive ever heard, topping lil wayne

  • cujo

    what a fuckin' dumbass

  • ed

    wow...for real....stupied motherfucka....why not just remove it.....rappers are getting more and more stupied these days

  • Bob Barker

    I'm pleased to read how many people feel this guy is a retard.

  • Anonymous

    duck tattoo already fuckeddd up, now this big ass LA logo on him... fuckkkkkk. i usually dont shake my head..but i am..for a while now..

  • Anonymous

    God niggers are dumb

  • Anonymous

    im not gonna be like "Oh." imma be like "you're a stupid fuckin retarded faggot yung LA"

  • Anonymous

    one word from the uk......DICKHEAD

  • Sensaye252

    It's no clandestine satanic conspiracy theory man...these niggas are just dumb as a box of rocks. That's all. Oh, and they have money. Dumb people with money do very dumb things.

  • this dude is dumb

    I woulda kept the pink duck, before the pink duck nobody knew who he was or gave 2 shits about the whole world knows yung la got a duck tattoo...why throw away all that publicity

  • Damnn

    You would get more intelligent conversation from a fucking brick...

  • pico presi

    also, i think all the pills, syrup, weed, coke, liquor, xzanyx, viagra, xstacy, oxycott, pain killers, muscule relaxers etc that these guys are clearly taking cus they glamorize it soo much are making them into brain dead zombies. they said satan would control the youth with music... just sayin

  • Da Fattest Nigga

    this open mouthed big lipped buffoon is dranking i mean danking dirty wlech's grape drink. got daymn

  • ChristBoy11

    The rappers are possessed by Satan the Devil. Google G. Craige Lewis!

  • Anonymous

    them niggas on drugs thats why, niggas sleep walking. lil wayne, yung la, gucci, all them niggas are weak man.

    • Anonymous

      nas, killah priest, and pac all smoked weed, and there intelligent. wayne, pimp c (even tho he can spit), and gucci all drink the kool aid and cant pass a 3rd grade math test.

    • Anonymous

      Smoking weed is completely different from drinking cough syrup all day long. Ive never met an intelligent person that drinks that shit. I know plenty of potheads with phds and their own businesses though.

    • Anonymous

      my favorite rappes. Nas, tupac, killah priest, ya there on drugs, get the fuck outta here. what are talking favorite rappers if lil wayne, gucci any of them are your favorites then your are lame

    • jow moms

      and...all your favorite rappers are on drugs does that mean?

  • Chupps


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  • Corey Lester

    shoulda got that in the first place...

  • Anonymous

    this is the reason why hiphop sucks nowadays

    • King Oduduwa

      No. Hip Hop doesnt suck. Hip Hop will always be Hip Hip. It's these losers who are confused about their image and look. Stick to Hip Hop and you will be okay. Some of these rappers and young folks are confused. Mixing a punk rock look, with a touch of the eighties and a little bit of Hip Hop. If they stuck with Hip Hop styling. You wouldnt look like an idiot forcing themselves to look a certain way for attention. Some of these young rappers suck because they dont know history. Do you research....yung dum azzez.

  • SMH

    Alley Boy and them Zone 6 niggas made him remove that duck since he not with DTE. Got that nigga scared. Its ironic cuz them same niggas took his chain earlier in his 5 minute career.

  • NaS

    hip hop is Like kweli says "where all the real emcees at? They underground." long live the mighty underground.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      so in that case its not dead at all. i still struggle to keep up with hip hop releases that are must buys every year. i buy around 50-100 cds a year it seems, though they are 90% underground joints. hip hop far from dead hopefully, its just getting discouraged at getting fucked and stolen from. how y'all gonna download and steal milk from ya momma's breast huh? keep it alive in any way you can. buy cds mixtapes and shit GO TO SHOWS too. but not for bitch niggas like this. rob them and let the white girls buy his shit

  • T-money

    ayo real talk dis nigga rappin while tha tattoo artist is tryin to take dat dumb ass duck off his face nigga gay a pink fuckin duck smh nigga yu soft fuck outta here young LA is straight up retarded how yu gunna call yo self young LA when you on tha east side

  • Bradley Coke Boy Burnett

    *Wale voice* HA!

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    WOW JUST WOW....I dont know if this niggas smoke some kind of special drugs stronger than weed and crack put together or they are just plain stupid either way he is a GRADE A FOOL.

  • TwiliteMic Prod

    It's a sad, sad day when this is the future of hip-hop... It used to be about expression and being heard when there was something worth saying. SMH.... now these cats are alcoholics with dumb-ass tats on their faces. Stand for something or fall for anything!


    this kid need help

  • John Stachowski


  • born

    Now you look like a Pussy,on top of being Fucking clowns already! can't fuck with these new rap niggas!

  • annon...

    discrace.. if i was a rapper in the game i would spit on this fuck nigga..

  • Anonymous

    fucking idiot. jesus christ. Maybe someone finally told him its DUCT tape not DUCK tape. These cats are an embarrassment.

  • papabearATL

    Please make you drank a lil dirtier, someone will put your face on a shirt, some will talk about how real you kept it, the rest will be spared your ignorance. It's not my place but, I apologize to y'all out there that have had to endure the buffoonery from clowns claiming to rep my city. Youth has soured, the milks gone bad...

  • Danny Whitnall

    What an idiot !!!!!

  • kg4mayor

    This is the funniest shit of the year. This nigga is a STRAIGHT CLOWN. This nigga got a DUCK TATTOOED ON HIS FACE! LMFAO!!! AHAHAHAHAAHA and then gets it covered cause everyone clowned him for it. Where I'm from, a duck is a word we use for a faggot. And he got a pink one to top it off. To all these young niggas comin up in this world, here's a PSA: TATTOOS ON YOUR FACE ARE A DUMBASS IDEA AND WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN. DON'T GET THEM. MATTER OF FACT, DON'T GET ANY TATTOOS IF YOU GONNA GET CARTOON CHARACTERS OR GOOFY ASS SHIT, THIS IS SOMETHING ON YOU FOR LIFE PEOPLE. Shame on Yung LA and all thse garbage ass niggas for promoting this bullshit to the youth, shame on yall niggas for real. Fuck yall

    • Tony Raje' Brackins

      Damm that's crazy. didn't know it got that deep. Why would he get someone elses label on him?

    • dj Knova

      First of all, the face tat is quite ignorant BUT the duck itself is a logo for a new independent label out of the A called DUCT TAPE. He didnt get it taken off because he was getting clowned. He got it removed because the OG's and CEO's of the label that invest their street money forced him to take it off. If u want to waste 10 mins of your life, go to worldstar and you can hear the phone call an ATL dj did on the radio where the CEO (AlleyBoy) was saying "one way or another - that duck comin off his face". Young LA proceeded to make another worldstar video a week later bragging that the logo was still there and that he got goons too. Apparently they put the fear of GOD in this druggie because now he all on camera talking about "i dont want no trouble, i just wanna do the right thing". I thought it would end in violence, but im glad to see that the drank hadnt killed all his brain cells YET...

  • sicoyall


  • Lima

    Damn, that camera is hella crisp. I'm not tryna be funny but how the hell did this dumb ass rapper get such a crisp ass camera?

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i know he shot his little trembling dick sucking lip apology in hd. i noticed that shit too it was ridiculous. pristine visuals of an ape





  • WB

    He seems so so so so dumb ... to bad to see people like him gettin money.

  • Anonymous

    straight dope fiend

  • Tyson

    Truly sad to watch and realize this is what our seeds are viewing as normalcy. An awakening is imminent, how long do you wanna wait?

  • Jah

    Somebody get this guy to rehab... That guys eye are almost back in his head. This guy is gonna come to and wonder what the fuck is all over his face.

    • Atl2Trill

      He does look like a dope fiend. That other dude in the video who was getting tatted looked like a j.

  • JasonPitts

    Rappers are dumb. That is all.

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