The Roots & John Legend Pull In Three Grammy Awards For "Wake Up!"

The Roots snag their first Grammy Awards since 1999, for their celebrated Sony album from last year.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hip Hop band The Roots and R&B singer John Legend pulled in three Grammy Awards tonight for their 2010 album, Wake Up!. The release, comprised largely of 1970s Soul covers, scored "Best R&B Album," "Best R&B Song" for "Shine" and "Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance" for "Hang In There."

The album, released on Columbia Records, featured emcee performances from Common, CL Smooth and The Roots' own Black Thought.

Both acts have previously won Grammy Awards, with The Roots' last win 12 years ago for their Eykah Badu-assisted "You Got Me."

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  • Truthenola

    too bad the album sales dont reflect the accolades

  • Truthenola

    Well deserved and long over due.. how i got over was sick wick sick..btw,.i spin "Wake up" im my bistro on the regular.. real music ya'll

  • Jg

    unbeleivable album ive been listening to wake up! since before it dropped. big up to the grammy board for rewarding quality music

  • H-DUB

    Great News! But R.Kelly should have won because USHER is "NO" R´n´B, it is simply DANCE/POP !!!

  • Guest

    Honestly R. Kelly should've won R&B album of the year...sorry Roots and J Legend

    • j

      they werent nominated in the same category. The roots and John won for best R&B album. R kelly was nominated for best contemporary R&B album, but lost to Usher

  • The.Watcher

    Congrats! Very well deserved.

  • KillaPat3

    Congrats to the Roots, and to John Legend, but it's a shame that the Roots can't get recognized for their own work by the Grammys because Black Thought raps. Let's face it, this album won the awards because the Grammy board loves John Legend.

    • Beans Sig

      The problem that has always been with The Grammys is that they disregard if not the major genre of Rap music...For however many years, The Grammys still have not made a category for the underground independent rap music such as Roc Marcy,Buckshot and Dru Ha's Duck Down,Talib Kweli's Blacksmith Music,Stones Throw records,etc...I don't even think they care that independence for rap even exists because it's true musical freedom. All they care about is that rap music that's basically confined to their bullshit mainstream industry that's stuck under the umbrellas of the major labels that only present gimmicky entertainment instead of true art of from real rap musicians and not botched up rappers like Nikki Minaj that are just simply there to entertain which is sad. There's no need to complain about The Grammy's anymore because at this point it's just a washed up sour topic to even talk speak on anymore. They'll continue to do the same shit every year. That might as well call the rap categories "THE JAY-Z & EMINEM AWARDS" because that's whose dicks they wanna keep in their asses when it comes to rap. They are too busy keep Jay-Z and Eminem's dick in their mouths and asses to the point where they are so fuckin' blind to see any kind of real rap music that exists out there for nominations outside of the mainstream world. I already saw this coming once I saw the name's Jay-Z and Eminem. The Grammys will stay dedicated to sticking around Jay-Z and Eminem because they are huge money investments for them so until they Jay and Em both go broke The Grammys will continue to stay on their dicks for eternity. and yes The Roots only won because of John Legend and the new fans only know them because of Jimmy Fallon but I am very happy and over joyed that they are finally getting what they rightfully deserve. Just wish that Q-Tip and Mos Def would've gotten the same at last years Grammys. Again The Grammys is just money factor and politics and they already know that people know that's what it is and they could care less.

    • KillaPat3

      I disagree, I think "Recovery," for it's lyrics, production, and all that it represents, rightfully deserves the Rap Album of the Year Grammy. But hey, that's why we all have opinions, who can truly say one album is better than another?

    • Etienne

      I am sorry... I have nothing against Eminem, but How I Got Over was really the best LP in that category.

    • KillaPat3

      Etienne, you misunderstood what I meant. I love Black Thought, he's one of my favorite rappers, I think he's great. I'm saying that The Roots don't receive recognition because he is a rapper in general, and the Grammys seem to have very little respect for rap music. Which is total bullshit, The Roots AND Black Thought deserve recognition, but the Grammys have sucked forever anyway. I don't see it ever changing.

    • Etienne

      '' it's a shame that the Roots can't get recognized for their own work by the Grammys because Black Thought raps '' You don't know nothing about Hip Hop... Black Thought is one of the greatest mc ever... Perfect breath control, words prunonciation and stage presence... You don't love him, but don't front on his skills !

  • Anonymous

    Shine = unbelievable song. I'm glad it got recognition from the highest level

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