Eminem Grants Interview to Middle School Student

Slim Shady gave a Detroit eighth grader the rare chance to interview him for her school newspaper.

We all know that Wu-Tang is for the children, but now Eminem appears to be as well. The Detroit emcee shocked fans when he recently granted an interview to Troy, Michigan eighth grader Annie Reed for her East Hills Middle School newspaper. 

According to TheBoombox.com, Reed was planning on writing a biography of the rapper for her school newspaper The Cavalier Corner, but ultimately tracked the emcee down for an interview instead. Em's publicist Dennis Dennehy said he was impressed by the 14-year-old student.

"I just thought, 'Wow, here's a middle school girl from Detroit who has some guts," said Dennehy.

"It was interesting to hear how he learned from his mistakes," said Reed after the interview. "He told me that he dropped out of school when he was my age, and I thought about what that would be like for me if I did that right now. Then I thought, 'I like school!"

The article will be published in The Cavalier Corner sometime before February 22. 


  • jaybird

    i give em mad respect for doing this, i went to that middle school and my sister is friends with the girl who conducted the interview. em's all about the fans, what other rapper would do that for a girl in middle school? apparently it was his first one on one interview in years, now thats fuckin badass! looking forward to hear his new music

  • Anonymous

    thats cool man if your tired of pop rap wit abc rhymes check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w real lyrics real music

  • Atl2Trill

    That's cool. That would look great on her resume'.

  • Rachael Misek

    I like school.

  • Bradley Burnett

    Trick luv da kids!!!! lml

  • idk bout this

    she tracked him down? I don't believe this shit for a second...if Eminem was that easy to track down to the point an 8th grader could do it...don't you think he'd have people tracking him down all the time? something isn't right here

    • Brizz

      @ Deviant, not calling you a liar but on that 60 minutes show he had a ton of escort with him, all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Well notice how the publicist was impressed with the girls effort. Obviously she put a lot of effort into finding him.

    • Deviant

      Um, you DO know Em is known to just walk around the neighborhood without bodyguards, right? I've seen him a few times, back when I lived in Sterling Heights. I'm sure this girl went through the proper procedures, but just to let you know he doesn't keep hoards of security like you'd probably think.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      its not like she was running through the streets and found his address. she went through the same lines that you do when you send hate mail. all legit, through his peoples. except they didnt read this and laugh, they read her offering and responded out of kindness.

  • G

    It's true, most kids are selfish and hate school. You should appreciate it.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    "i like school!" really? lol. that is actually impressive stay in that shit then youngin, carve a huge path to some college. its not many that can stand the public schools. but they are pretty easy to make it through and if enjoying it and are still fulfilling your needs... stick to it. finish up the whole thing. props to em for giving her more incentive, that is keeping it real

  • Controverse

    Lot's of respect!

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