Consequence Accuses Pusha T Of Biting Song Lyrics

All is not well in the G.O.O.D. music household, as Consequence takes umbrage with Pusha T's apparent biting.

Consequence appears to have taken issue with Pusha T's latest song, "My God."

Taking to his Twitter account (@itsthecons), the rapper at first vaguely asserted that he has inspired many, and that emcees "keep emulating my yesterday flows."

There was no mistaking the reference in his next Tweet, however, as Consequence referred to Pusha's new song directly by name:

'My God' I wish these CLOWNS would stop stealing my lines...about 21 hours ago via web

Consequence added that he expects more from certain rappers, electing not to mention anyone by name.

If thing you should know about is I tell the TRUTH... So if I bother to talk about something, it's 100 not 99 or 75 or 50 nah 100about 20 hours ago via web

Reportedly, the song Consequence believes was bitten is an unreleased track titled "The Last Supper."


  • deziboy5150

    wait so u mean to tell me con who is wack thinks pusha ganked his lines!? is this nigga dumb. pusha will rap circles round this bitch. y the fuck is con evn in G.O.O.D music? nigga wack as fuck.

  • Bryant Reeves

    marijuana really makes movies on demand 2 a movie.

  • bababa

    ghostwriting and assisting w/ lyrics in a song is one thing. biting is another thing. twitter is something else.

  • wackNIGGAS

    kanye has a beat on cons' new mixtape. good music needs to do some clarification. and quick. before i get more it was funny what cons said about cudi tho..haha e train on the a train lol

  • duetimeceelo

    so cons is on watch the throne? (a verse?) or is he writing for kanye to spar with jay-z lmao

  • IndustrySnitching

    An interviewer asked Kanye if he still was working wit Consequence and Kanye said he was working with Consequence on 'Watch the Throne', an album that has yet to be released. So Kanye and Pusha T's ties to Consequence are more than relevent. Which means if this were true at all it would be equivalent to a steroid scandel in a locker room for Kanye's camp because they are indiscriminately sharing lyrical material. Unless Pusha T doesnt know what he writes from large portions of other peoples audio material it would imply that its not just one incident and instead a culture around the camp that would allow him to feel its acceptable to use stolen material Basically these guys write for each other much like a beat making company creates beats together. Which is the equivalent of being on steriods in baseball. Like Kanye said himself "I might bounce ideas, but only i can come up with some s*** like this" But apparently, its not only him. Sayin tho.


    PUSHA'S "FEAR OF GOD" OR CONS "MOVIES ON DEMAND 2"...mixtapes are like albums now i know that pusha shit gon be fire, plus biting is a part of hip-hop. not a good part but who hasn't bit someone (hmm jiggaman)

  • ustream_istream

    hopefully this will force niggas to do they research before they start jumpin that gun. cons is one of the vets who gets love from both the mainstream and the underground. persistence put him in that position. i think the way he was treated @ GOOD was a gift and a curse. he got his own thing now (band camp) so i wish him all the best. pusha is my dude but without the neptunes i don't see the chances of him being successful as a solo artist. as long as the neptunes produce his solo (and kanye fine), then he will be fine

  • beforeigo

    Lemme do this breakdown real quick. And this goes for any rapper thinking he can just DO HIS THING on any label. Kanye = 5 albums John Legend = 4 albums Kid Cudi = 2 albums Common = 4 albums Cons has been there from day 1 and has one album. I couldn't tell you why either, but this shit is all politics. when it comes down to it cons got material and GOOD MUSIC (no pun intended) will prevail.


    i wonder if kanye is still exec. producing cons tv...with all this going on it doesn't seem like it. kanye will realize signing Big Sean was the Biggest mistake...

  • laboratorybrains


  • on_me_hunni

    I have to co-sign that... his latest mixtape further affirms that. the crack era is done. who's selling crack in america, don't get me wrong pusha is pusha, but ghostwriters often catch this flack, not to mention he's got one of the best ears for beats, Ghostface can be added to that list too

  • nodjnoid

    Consequence is one of the top 10 lyricists in the game right now. He might not have a Kanye West audience, but those that listen to him know exactly what I'm talking about.

  • Gangster Grills

    Pusha T is GARBGE and is no way no how on the same level in Hip Hop as cons.. Pusha T T is an average fake crack selling as nigga.. The RUNAWAY song was garbage, especially with Pusha T's verse.. Why ye sign this nigga, I don't know but Pussy T flow is hot garbage.. I'm rollin with the CONS.. He part of NYC Queens hip hop history with TCQ. fuck Pusha T and his wack ass flow.. He won't sell no albums either.. Pusha T = EPIC fail on GOOD Music



  • Anonymous

    if your tired of pop rap wiot abc rhymes check out real lyrics real music

  • youdnknowme

    Welcome to the rap game.... half the people in the game have come up biting on people's lives or stlye..

  • Anonymous

    cons=kanye's ghostwriter. Laugh but look back at cons flow and look at kanye. Plus, why does kanye keep kans around? it all makes sense.

    • Black Alien

      U are 100% right ..He wrote for Puff as well...Thats how he has the bread to put out stuff himself..never got why cats where so big on Pusha..without neptunes tracks the clipse is a medicore goup

  • Truthenola

    We all knew this was coming...damn quence and pusha gonna battle....cant even take sides...


    could be just bad blood in the camp. cons does sound bitter but i'll tell you what...grammy family, gone, spaceship, they say (on common's album)..cons always had the hardest verse. i thought he was gonna be the first to drop on GOOD after kanye. but this kinda sounds like rocafella. the founder of the label would never let one of his artists be the flagship. that's kinda what drake is experiencing now with YM. cons just need to focus on his own shit and he'll be good cause it ain't like he sucks

  • Porygon41

    people need to remember kanye wasn't a bonafide rapper. cons was one of the first people to actually approve him. cons has more history in this game than ppl give him credit for. same with AZ and Nas, you're gonna have at least one underrated dude out the crew. now, with that being said, i just previewed consequence's mixtape and it is DOPE. and as for pusha T, i hope they can settle this in a civilized way because they are both talented motherfuckers. funny 'ye ain't sayin shit about this, and he never will

  • That Shit Was Amazing

    movies on demand 2 was goooood. i was surprised


    Consequence deserves his due..I don't even mind him doing this, I would do the same thing if Ye was dicking me after I WROTE SHIT FOR THE NIGGA. NOT TO MENTION MULTIPLATINUM SHIT

  • thedream

    i'm sure cons would approach pusha...but we'll have to wait and see

  • Bradley Burnett

    If he was a real G he would approached pusha on sum face to face type shit...but he took sublimals over twitter

  • Kevin Scott

    you see how 50 wrote so much for the documentary? cons' contribution to kanye's catalog is ten times that. pay homage fags

  • Bryce Drew

    Man I like Consequence. He doesn't deserve all this shit

  • daBUMPletYOURspeakers

    i wish people would just let the music speak. if he did bite cons then i dunno..pusha changed up his style in one signing anyway

  • daBUMPletYOURspeakers

    co-sign. movies on demand 2 is a stellar piece of work. but what bloggers choose to do is just COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT and it kills the game more and more

  • DuvalLake

    Beans actually did get his shine and lost it.this is not the case with Cons. And his flow actually goes harder than beans at this point

  • poppinref

    You guys are all gay for giving this the time of day. Cons is nice, Pusha is Cons' with GOOD? No..who cares? Other than Pusha, Mos Def and Common GOOD MUSIC Is bullshit!! cons got his own shit and his mixtape is fire...i bet 75-80% of you who commented on this never bothered to listen to cons' mixtape or this track by just sporadically leave comments on this bitch.

    • iddle

      are you serious dude? cons has BEEN with G.O.O.D. since college dropout nigga. In space ship and gone he had the hardest verse. He used to write many of ye's lyrics clown

  • Anonymous

    oversentitve rappers

  • Special Ed

    The song was unreleased... So the people didn't even get to hear your lines... Dude, grow up and see it as a homage rather than theft...

  • Don Catalog

    Mc Lyte said ages ago don't rap around me because if I like it I'm going to take it. This is not new in fact it's the reason rappers battled in the first place. I like the clipse but if quense got beef go make a record. A rappers social media is records so quence we don't hear you.


    The only thing weaker than rappers biting each other's shit is rappers going on twitter. I don't care how accepted it becomes, Twitter is for bitches. As for the biting accusations, this isn't the first time Pusha T has been accused of bitin' niggas lines. The Clipse got sued some years back by some local group for biting one of their songs.

  • Anonymous

    Both these niggas write for Kanye as a team!!! yall aint foolin NOBODY!!!

  • I'm At Home And Bored

    Hey Cons! shut the Fuck up and go back to yo day job. "Boss, Ze Plane! Ze Plane!"

  • Im At Home And Bored

    It's all Q-Tip's fault. It's bad enough he broke up Tribe, he also let this jackass in the game.

  • Yepperz

    Nobody gives a fuck about Consequence anymore...If Cons was still rockin' with Kanye on some chain heavy shit and Kanye put out Cons next album in March then I'm most willing to bet that Cons wouldn't give two shits that Pusha-T stole some of his lines...Cons is a fuckin' drama queen and always has been...Just go back and hear some of that shit he was involved in when it comes to him going in on Afrika from Jungle Brothers and a whole lot more shit during the early days of being brought in by his cousin Q-Tip during The Beats,Rhymes,and Life days...Cons is not telling the truth...Instead he is "Bitchin'" and that's what I like to call it and that's "Bitchin'"...Niggaz will say "Nah,I'm just tellin' the truth." when in reality it's actually called "Bitchin'" just because you are not gettin' what you want and Cons is just hiding his true feelings with wanting his next album to come out under G.O.O.D. music while Kanye is busy with doing other shit at this time... like for instance Kanye and Jay-Z selfishly doing the unnecessary "Watch The Throne" album and yes I did say selfish because that's who Jay-Z is and will always be and that's about himself instead of trying to focus on helping with other niggaz to pop off like J.Cole and Jay Electronica...Jay might as well keep his dick up his ass for the rest of his life and go to the doctors just to find a way to impregnate himself just so he can make another Jay-Z so he can help himself become even more selfish than ever before because that's how much he loves himself...I feel sorry for J.Cole,Jay Electronica,Consequence,Big Sean,or any other niggaz that desperately want to fuck with 2 niggaz that go by the names Jay-Z and Kanye West...Cons has been acting like this ever since Kanye put his ass on the back burner and started gravitating towards Big Sean and getting his shit ready to come out and pop off so Cons just needs to stop worrying about The G.O.O.D. music wagon and jump off that muthafucka and go do his own shit and get his own shit poppin' like Jay and Kanye keep doing because there's no reason to be patiently waiting for them 2 two greedy niggaz...Bitchin' and whining about Pusha-T stealing your lines ain't gonna help Cons...Your not tellin' the truth fam...Your just bitchin' so stop it and move on to doing some other shit because Kanye ain't paying you no mind anymore like he use to...and Jay-Z taught Kanye that shit on how to keep niggaz on a leash and cut'em short so you better stay paying attention to what's going on...You don't wanna start bitchin' like crazy and making lame ass diss records at Kanye like Beanie Sigel did Jay-Z so you better do you right now while you still have the chance Cons...You're just hurting yourself and looking foolish by tweeting corny shit on twitter like that...Stop relying on them niggaz Cons...You know Jay stays in Kanye ear now...

    • Atl2Trill

      A long read but real shit. Break it into paragraphs next time. A titan graph isn't the move.

    • Truthenola

      Jay-Z - Boss. employees: j.cole,. jay electronica,. willow smith etc etc Kanye West - Boss employees: Big sean, Cyhi the prince, pusha T etc etc. they are not family or frieds, in other words, if you worked at starbucks or blockbuster or some shit,. and the CEO makes 10 million,. should he divide this up amongst the workers?? Ya'll on some stupid shit,. recognize the relationship dumb ass, employer/employee.!

    • DRock067

      you make a point. Cons new mix tape "Movies on Demand 2" I believe has no mention of G.O.O.D. music anywhere on the cover.

    • shane

      Yea he rambled a little but dude makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      black people cant read

    • Heat Glaza

      yo charles exsavior what happened to that picture w/ you and them big ol dsl's? you got them puffy ass lips son

    • Anonymous

      Our problem?Figures a dweeb named Eli would read some mad blogger's thesis on Tribe and the ills of hip hop and then want a cookie for doing so all in the comforts of his closet studio.lmao.try again nerd

    • Anonymous

      i agree with this shit but I still fuck with Ye'

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i write long ass shit sometimes too. but you need a balance you cant just righteously pop off for a page worth off wrting that captures nobody's attention, it alienates you. you gotta at least break up your ideas into paragraphs people, simple writing form 101. i skipped the read too, it looked to daunting and i saw a bunch of shit like "niggaz is like..." mentions of j. cole and jay-z and... yawn, nah no thanks i'll pass on that genius

    • Charles ExSavior

      @Eli: Exactly. Smart dumb cats. It could've been summed up a little better but Yepperz has some valid points.

    • Eli

      I read it and it made sense, maybe bein so lazy that you can't read is one of our many problems.

    • Anonymous

      this dude wrote a fucking one is reading that shit b...lmao

    • Kuro-Ken

      I chose not to read this.

  • krm

    This is a bitch move by cons. If you have beef, handle it like a man and step to him on some personal shit, not on fucking twitter, that's some feminine shit right there.

  • Tyrannical T

    FUCK CONS. Pusha is on your squad. Shut the fuck up. This dude is always catching feelings at GOOD. Cudi was the last target. Ye needs to put this dude in his place or put him out!

  • 718rob

    Cons is so gay for this. This is Black Swan bitch shit... and dude's gonna be back to being a security guard quickly. I wish they'd get rid of Big Sean though. Pusha T is the only post-'05 GOOD artist I like. I miss the days of Ye, Common, Sa-RA, Cons, and the belief that GLC had talent.

  • faggotversionofsisqo

    i hate beef and controversy as much as the next man, but for some reason if these 2 were to go @ it lyrically, cons would serve pusha t

  • pimpc_belodoordie

    rhymefest wrote jesus walks and consequence wrote a shit load of music for kanye. it's just how the business is...if pusha used his line kanye prolly hit him up with it. but cons gotta get his just due man his wordplay is outta this world

  • darootsBASEDGOD

    cons > pusha t cons is DANGEROUSLY UNDERRATED.

  • loadacrap

    no biting period. cons' is actually gettin a quite amount of buzz right now so i wouldn't sleep you know anything can happen in this far as biting goes cons is gonna have to prove that, i like cons more anyway..imo

  • Anonymous

    this is wack...especially if you're on the same label...look what happened to big sean and young money is using his flow. you don't hear him complaining. Its all how a dude takes it, right? like he coulda complimented it and taken credit for it in a good way and ride the well deserved wave pusha creates from it. Just like lil kim and nicki. If kim had come out and been like, Nicki is dope, i can see she listened to my shit. nicki would have probably appreciated the cosign and she kim could have gained nicki's fans as well. hate never helps.

  • J-Rock

    Cons i no longer on GOOD Music. Look it up.

  • hge223

    Damn cons is bitter. Nobody would have heard of him if it wasnt for kanye putting him on GOOD. Kanye gives him features and stuff on many of his high profile releases he has never really shone. Pusha is better. Cons need to stop beefing with the people that put him on and made him somewhat relevant..

  • robb93

    Damn cons is bitter. Nobody would have heard of him if it wasnt for kanye putting him on GOOD. Kanye gives him features and stuff on many of his high profile releases he has never really shone. Pusha is better. Cons need to stop beefing with the people that put him on and made him somewhat relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Con has the biggest teeth in the game!

  • .......


  • toad

    cons needs to stop being so fucking bitter. him and pusha T are both fairly old in the game (obviously cons is older), and they're on the same label. dude needs to quit griping about petty bullshit and do him. beefing with artists on your label (cudi, pusha and sending out snide lines to ye) isn't a good look.

  • G-zus

    yeah Pusha also stole from him all the lyrics he rapped in lord willin and Hell hath no fury as well. that s the reason why Cons doesnt have a classic under his belt. People are stealing all his lines.

  • perfect hair forever


  • Tillz

    The Cons voice isn't marketable. It is what it is.

  • problemz/problema

    Not the first time...He dissed Cudi a while back and went at him on you tube.It looks like being a struggling rapper has finally gotten to him..he been out since 96 and he still stuck in neutral so it makes since he would be angry...

    • Taye Diggs: Blow Her Back Owuuut!!!

      If you ask me, Consequence should've made an album with J-Dilla back in 96'...At this point Cons is just a real late bloomer who's time has been passed and doesn't seem to know that his time is up...Too many new cats out now and too many voices to be heard that puts Consequence in the very backseat where you can't see him or hear him...

    • A.S.

      Yeah you got to have some sympathy for the dude. But still, big lols for G-zus' comment.

  • Anonymous

    how did pusha T bite lyrics from an unreleased song?

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