Lil B Releases 676 Song Mixtape, Challenges Kevin Durant To 1-On-1

Only Lil B could release 47 albums worth of free music and challenge NBA scoring leader, Kevin Durant all in the same week. Thank you Based God.

Earlier this week, Bay Area rapper Lil B released a mixtape entitled “Free Music,” which as the title suggests, contained 676 free tracks. The massive collection, which can be downloaded as a three-part .rar file, comes on the heels of Lil B’s first retail release, Angel’s Exodus.

“Free Music” follows the same high volume release strategy that prompted Lil B to also create over 150 different MySpace pages, which all have dozens of free songs posted on them. By all accounts, most of the mixtape songs are collected from the aforementioned, scattered MySpace pages. Download links, which presumably won’t be active for long are below.

“What led to the ‘Based Freestyles’ was really just the state of the music industry,” Lil B told HipHopDX during a 2010 interview. “Just being forgotten about and coming to a point where it’s just all on you. That put me in a mode where I was freestyling and just really doing what I love. I was just putting my life into it, and I could do was be real because I was at such a low point.”

In other Lil B news, NBA Scoring leader Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder told he would accept a challenge to play Lil B in a game of one-on-one before the NBA All-Star Game. The match was apparently spawned via some friendly trash talking from Lil B on Twitter.


“We head up to San Francisco next week,” Durant told “So I think that’s where he lives. I don’t know if he’s there now or whatever, but if I have time and he has time, we gonna get this going, because he’s been talking a lot of trash.”

Lil Bs Free Music:


  • yj5nrnf

    u7l7/7./.u,.g,y.u/u,.yt66yu5j5j5y6ju44gthrhh55hkmrtmgmgymy,h,t,t,5 eyeyurhfbnb

  • Atl2Trill

    Bitch ass nigga!!! Durant would wipe the floor in one on one wit this clown. This kid music is wack and a 676 song mixtape is a waste also.

  • Luq Compere

    His Net Worth is Goin to Decrease.People Only Respect Good music.Even Wayne Had to Make a few Carters Before he could go off and try his rock thing.Ive heard lil B's Shit and I gotta tell you...I aint hatin but he should really try to step it up...he doesnt "Wow" Me...So whats gonna make me buy his CD.

  • TM101Radio

    By flooding the market with his music if you dont like most of his songs eventually you will find at least couple you do like..Very smart tactic by this dude..

  • jeff....

    lot of ppl aren't understanding this kids logic...i dont think he thinks half of his songs r good himself...but he puts em out...he finds 3 fans for each song....which on this album is 600 sumthing....that's a lot of hits on his youtube...myspace...whatever...dude is creating his own notice by flooding the industry...he's smart...u aint gotta have talent to make money...jus drive...y'all shoulda known that a long time ago...n it aint dudes like him ruining the rap's the people that are taking it seriously and really putting it into consideration wit true hip hop artists...this dude is jus pure entertainment...take him for wat he is...u wanna hate...on wat? a strong grind? yo...u really got a problem...make as many songs as this muthafucka...flood the net...flood wit videos...flood the industry...u'll make sum's a serious grind...n i give complete props...least he's doin sumthing wit his life

    • Eric AkaDjefn

      I agree with you in regards to.. you cant blame the artist doing the crap but the ones to blame are the listeners that elevate the crap to gold! I can respect anyone with grind but I will always look at the fans of stuff like this side ways! Just when you thought Hip Hop music could not be dumbed down any further! WTF!!! LOL Homie deserves to make that bread if he puts in the work. Plain and simple. Its kinda like the illegal immigration problem where they say Americans wont take certain jobs.. I guess lyrical/talented MC's arent willing to put in the same grind and I am speaking on those we have not heard of yet. Cuz I am sure for every 1 Lil B out there, there has to be at least 3 NAS's!

  • yyyyy

    BaseGod thank you and all paise goes to you!!!!!

  • all of y'all suck

    Based GOD!

  • the unvierse

    terrible god hates you and i just wasted 5 seconds of my life trying to figure out why your music sucks so bad

  • DamnUseYourHead

    Lil B is trollin the music industry. It's not meant to be good. It's meant to eventually fly off the shelves like Soulja Boy garbage and B gets the last laugh. Get in on the joke already.

  • Devante SoFresh Spence

    lol, man. ive seen and read these comments, and im just goin to say this. Either way this man is gettin famous, wuts the point of talking shit? shiit, i dont even like him, but im not going to talk shit about him. And the 80's rap? talkin about gangs and street violence is guud for young black people right? WRONG! But im not going to criticise anybody, im jus saying that he's styll famous, no matter wat people r saying

  • change4hiphop

    all of you saying that it must be gays and retards that listen to this and that rap music is a joke now and days, your the ones that are the problem there are plenty great artists currently puttin out work, blu, jay electornica, curren$y, wale, black milk, j. cole, kanye, talib kweli, consequence, you guys just HAVE to find somethin to hate about, just let him do what they fuck he wants and if he makes it.. why do you have a problem with it?

    • LA

      i read sum of peoples posts & i only had a problem with yours, why do u care what people say??? its their opinion anybody can say watevr the fuk they want dumbasssssss

  • Benjamins

    Who cares. This kid is TRASH!

  • Nick Steedley

    this dude is a joke, i looked up a couple of his songs and it was the WORST shit i ever heard. It sounds like he just plugs a usb mic into a laptop and just says retarted hooks like "get on my dick bitch" over and over. I can tell by his music how unitelligent this guy is. also he thinks he can beat kevin durant in 1 on ,Durant is one of the top 5 in the NBA. WHAT A FUCKIN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Derrrrrp. Nice hat broseph. You are a fuckin idiot. Go look up his videos with less than 50k views and you'll see the real Lil B. Or go back to playing your beloved Lil Jon or Yang Yang twins. Idiot.

  • Hiphopnews

    Well Hip Hop Fans it seems there's a search for the next big underground musician to blow and we found him. Rising Icon The Gift is getting repect from you people are calling him the next big thang. Wale has a challenge now. for more details

  • Mitch 3K

    Just read the posts from the Lil B fans and you can see what kind of retards this kids music attracts, lol, whatever tho, listen to the homesexual with Downsyndrome if thats what you feelin Hip Hop nowadays is like Hair Bands in the 80's, really gay and sissy looking, I think back to my parents being pissed off because Hip hop was too violent and aggressive, nowadays Kids piss me off cause their music is too Pussy, lol, things done changed man

    • I'm At Home And Bored

      I agree. Hip-Hop has become the new Hair band music. Soon, they are gonna start wearing make up and shit. I used to hate rock music during the late 80's and early 90's because i thought all rock music was hair band music because that's the only thing that was on radio and MTV. ahahahaha.

  • sheldon

    I don't know why everyone is makin a big deal about this release. All lil b did is take a bunch of songs that were already available for free and release them as a "mixtape". He probably wasn't ever planning on making money off of those anyway. If you ask me, the guy is pretty smart. He keeps niggas talkin about him even if they hatin

  • DoneGotIt

    but aren't you like...bad?

  • Anonymous

    Man...Rap music is a joke. I hope it just rides out. It's coming to the point where it's turning more and more into garbage. All it's doing is giving retards a platform to act like idiots in public and spread bullshit. I mean it doesn't even create positiveness or bring about anything good, or atleast help benefit people who are in need of some good music to get them by. It's plain garbage, and a disgrace to the human race. If you ask me it's bringing the black people down and making them look worse. Back in the day it had substance, quality, talent etc. but it's drifting further and further from that. I've been a hip hop fan for 15 years, but at this point, I have enough quantity of music I prefer that's already been made in this genre to satisfy me that is worth more than anything that is valid these days. Not sure if someone can drive hip hop into a better place at this point. Pay attention to the good stuff, ignore the bad, hopefully the fans can atleast help to encourage something better. The trouble is the internet, giving anyone the ability to promote themselves

    • Anonymous

      good point. But what I am saying I guess, is these people are slandering the name. Bringing hip hop to the ground. Yeah your right you can find good stuff still but it's not quite the same. think of it this way, if someone doesnt know what hip hop is and turns on the tv and looks at what theyre playing. There gonna say this is garbage, idiotic, and thats what I meant by in a retrospect bring black people down. this would be stereotyping black people but it's true if these are people that are supposed to be influencial, leaders, and etc. Yeah your right, maybe it's me also, don't have the desire to dig up the stuff that I like, maybe growing out of it. but I think a lot what is lacking is creativity and innovation in the music. I think personally the culture is fading away for hip hop. aint what it was

    • dun

      I feel you, but I have two questions...who are Black people looking bad too? And, where exactly are you getting your Hip Hop from? There is a TON of really good Hip Hop still being made, it's just not on radio, TV, and barely gets a mention on sites like these. You have to stay in tune and stop letting yourself get fed by the machine...There is no way that any true Hip Hop head is going to say that this entire culture/genre of music has anything wrong with it. The industry is fucked up, but that has nothing to do with the music really unless you're into celebrity/tabloid stories, or actually care how many records someone sells. Keep your ear to the street. There's too much good Hip Hop out to talk that bullshit... Ask yourself did you ever really like this thing in the first place? If you did and really do still, you should be able to find whatever you want out of it in abundance...

  • FuckThisDude

    Lil B, how the hell are you going to try to set a new trend? Releasing all that music for FREE???? No-body is ever going to give you a dollar for your music from this point on. You got to be the most fuckin retarded rapper out there.. ARE YOU TRYING TO get yourself in a position where you never make money at all from your music? STOP releasing all that music for free and stick with the traditional mix-tape route.

    • Tony

      You are an anonymous internet commenter, giving advice on career decisions to someone who is on the cover of several magazines and has huge buzz right now. Don't you see how stupid you sound?


    oh my gawd based god u came nd fucked all my bitches based god

  • hiphopfan

    They accused Crooked I of having too many freestyles when he was doing the weekly rounds,saying he is ruining hiphop somehow(tho they were amazing) but you expect us to listen to a 600+songs mixtape and like it?GTFO I barely could listen to half of Game's songs released a few days a go lol

  • Anonymous


  • Ronald E Luellen Jr

    lil b is mad wack yo. -iz

  • D

    didnt know Lil B til i read this article. from the look of the pic, i seriously thot he mightve been mentally retarded. i mean how else would he get on hiphopdx? but i do know the pack, a lil.

  • jj

    like wiz said, EVERYBODY is talkin about him, even big niggas. you dont have to respect him for his image or his rap, but respect him for getting his name out there

  • amp_sample

    Whether his music is good or not has nothing to do with the fact this dude has no business sense. 676 songs is a lot to just give out for free. He should be trying to get something from all that work.

  • based up

    i bet you will love him if you go to youtube and listen to his videos. you dumb hating mother fuckas the jokes on you.... he just does that dumb shit for fun..if you really heard his real music you fuckin pack packers would cream in your pants. this nigga funny as hell and when he serious he's dope as hell. Go listen to B.O.R. Based is a all you old heads need to quit livin in the 90's and get some fuckin enlightenment

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you and this homo

    • d

      just checked out BOR. this dude has no flow, no sensible lyrics, punchline wasnt hittin, the beat was aite. i dont see what u like about this dude. considering all the new rappers out now... why would u wanna listen to this kid?

  • Isa Dalwai

    Always thinking Quantity over Quality. If he released only 6 good songs and marketed it as an EP, he'd make a profit than a loss over his collection of rusty-ass music. Word.

    • Anonymous

      yeah who cares, there probabbly all like 1 and a half minute songs or something, meaning you could divide that total by two or three atleast. and i aggree its quality not quantity. This just goes to show you how shit rap is, it's cheap, quick, and becoming talentless. you dont even have to be an MC, just listen to rap for a year and you can regurgitate shit that other guys did in the past.

    • nixnox

      Perhaps his intent was not towards $$, but more pleasing his fans? The fact that any artist would put in that much time to record music, and then release it for free...shows a serious dedication towards his fan base...just my opinion on the matter of course...

  • Qskool

    @Rodrick Seriously homie! I totally agree. These guys need a history lesson and a slap in the mouth.

  • Fruity Pebbles

    Some Fag Ass Tight Jean Niggas love LiL B.... and YES, you too can be a FRUITY ass Nigga!!! It's a trending topic... I wouldn't prefer this GAR - BAGGEEEE!

  • Chupps

    Probably the best example of this this era's problem.. Quality isn't even thought of

  • fuckdizrapshit.

    676 songs? yes boys and girls you can rap 2............................... abc 123

  • Rodrick

    This is the kind of weird nigga these kids look up to now, lol, hip hop has become such a joke these days, the fuckin rappers look like they would all get beat up by the white female pop singers...... Kanye West, Lil Wayne, this nigga, all pussy as could be, this whole generation is fuckin sad, thank god I'm an 80's baby, I couldnt put up wit ya'll gay ass niggaz and your tight jeans, manicures, calling yourselves princess, carrying man purses around, the fuck is wrong with ya'll, lol

  • almo5gone

    I know he is from SF but what's with the metro pic, is he really...?

  • Jack

    Whats up wit his hairline, is that photoshop'd

  • Keezie

    My man has some dope songs but I guess in this digital age it's all about quantity & not........

  • Bespoke

    676 songs. Wow, these artist and the music industry are dumber than I thought. Don't you know that when you give a way music at that rate and in that amount you deminish the value of your product. You don't see Apple giving away free computers. As a matter of fact they charge more for a machine that you will never use to it's full potential and people still buy it because the marketing works. Very few people need a mac book pro but they buy it. Nobody needs music but they definitely won't buy it because you give it away all the time. Fucking idiots.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Soulja Boy > Lil' B Bow Wow > Lil' B Gucci, Oj & Flocka > Lil' B Chingy > Lil' B Yung Joc > Lil' B Daddy Yankee > Lil' B Mike Jones > Lil' B Tony Yayo > Lil' B Jim Jones > Lil' B Birdman > Lil' B Vanilla Ice > Lil' B Kris Kross > Lil' B Any Worst Rappers > Lil' B

  • Steven Ireland

    This is a new low for hiphopdx...I mean really Lil B??? Why? Why the fuck would you put an article about a guy that calls himself a pretty bitch and say he looks like Jesus??? I don't get I mean even Soulja Boy has more talent than this nigga...naw Lil B ain't no nigga. He's the Defintion of the word Nigger/Coon/Porch Monkey. 670 songs...HIP HOP IS DEAD

    • jack johnson

      you'll be happy to hear this song he made this conscious song, i think this will soften your stance on him just a little Lil B - The Growth

  • jack johnson

    what the hell was on his head in the other pic of him for this story, looked like he tarred his hair on

  • Anonymous

    niggas need to stop with the LIL already. shit ISSSSSS FUCKIN RIDICULOUSS!!



  • bobsaget2011

    Lil B?! Ooooooooooooh ya! That dude that got knocked the fuck out! ya him...

  • fuck eminem

    basegod lers go real hiphop

  • thetrooth

    yo hiphopdx...if u want to be taken serious please don't post shit like this. first off nobody knows who the fuck this nigga is... and secondly he doesnt have one ounce of talent in his body. 676 songs huh? i would be more impressed if he could make 1 song that was some what dope.

  • based overlord

    It looks as if HHDX readers are not based at all.... let a master chef based overlord give some of you a head start on a man who you will soon be a fan of: THIS will give you all some insight on the music that Lil B makes, and the philosophy behind it. His music is not shit. If you hear a Lil B song that sounds like it's gotta be a joke, it probably is. thank you based god

    • Anonymous

      SMH, And this is what hip hop is coming too I wonder what else is going on in music, If Lil B is the future of Rap might be time to move on

  • The MG

    LMAO, this kid made 150 MySpace pages? Talk about a LOT of free time.

  • TenEighty

    That nigga look like a broke young Gucci Mane .. WACKNESS

  • Anonymous

    This dude is pass garbage he should not even be mentioned on hip hop sites

  • College

    The only thing that comes to mind when I hear about this dude is that video of him getting knocked the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    KD would murder him 1 on 1

  • Anonymous

    Who the F*@K is Lil B?

  • Moscow Snowman

    Lil B is hilarious (e.g., this pretty bitch shit). He has some decent songs though. Others are just for fun. Looking for his album. TYBG!

  • G

    lil b is the worst raper ever.

  • JoeM


  • Anonymous

    this dude is fucken horrible. i wanted to hear what this fag kept releasing, so i listened to pretty bitch, which was him creaming about how hes rich like a bitch, and bitches should suck his bitch dick. STFU and this guy is the worst to ever do anything, hes not catchy, a club rapper, a lyricist, have a good flow, or anything.

  • cleezy

    i havent heard on good song from him yet; i couldnt imagine 676 songs that suck.. somebody needs to either this fool so he will get the point

  • Anonymous

    676 songs that suck This generation has no idea what the term "Quality over Quantity" means

  • Anonymous

    this is that rapper who got 20 pieced on youtube and he got dropped from Soulja Boi's SODMG click!!!

  • lukeknocks

    I'm from Northern Cali and please believe NO ONE slaps Lil B's music out here way

  • Anonymous

    This fool's head is big as hell. He look like he came outta NBA Jam or some shit.

  • Lay

    676 songs!! I gaurantee 670 of them are garbage...



  • Anonymous


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