Black Rob Calls Out Diddy And Former Label: "Bad Boy Left Me For Dead"

B.R. airs his hurt with his former label in a new interview, saying that he deserves better than to take a backseat to Rick Ross, Red Cafe and Nicki Minaj.

Harlem, New York emcee Black Rob has said that he will deliver his third album later this year, his first in a partnership with respected independent, Duck Down Records. Despite the new situation with Black Moon emcee Buckshot and longtime partner Dru Ha, Black Rob remains frustrated about his decade-plus tenure with Sean "Diddy" Combs and Bad Boy Records.

In a video interview with posted online yesterday (February 7), Rob explained that after he faced personal challenges, his longtime label "left him for dead." "Once I caught my bid - or whatever the case may be, [Bad Boy Records] was like 'fuck you.' We're gonna use Black Rob as a springboard for this [Notorious B.I.G. project] - which flopped by the way," the "Whoa" rapper said, referring to 2005's Duets: The Final Chapter album, posthumously released. The album was released six months after Rob's sophomore, The Black Rob Report, a critically-supported album that lacked the success of his 2000 debut. Noting that his longtime label-mate has been dead for nearly a decade, Rob continued, "But it wasn't Biggie's fault. It was just a point where they said 'Fuck The Black Rob Report...Bad Boy left me for dead." 

Six years later, Black Rob maintains that while he served time for a larceny conviction, it was the lack of courtesy on the label's part that hurt him the most. "It wasn't like I needed money or anything from anybody. I had money - still got money. It wasn't a money thing." Once garnering a #1 debut on the Rap/Hip Hop charts with Life Story, Rob said, "They did nothing to keep my name alive. They took me off their website, just left me for dead."

Looking at Diddy's present artists today, Rob insists that with his role in Bad Boy and Diddy's success, he refuses to be any label's under-card. "I'm not second to [Rick] Ross, I'm not second to Red Cafe, I'm not second to Nicki [Minaj]. Nobody. I'm B.R. That's it, nigga!"

Black Rob's third album, Game Tested & Street Approved, is planned for release this year.

The full interview can be viewed below:


  • dat_mayne

    the game is such a soap opera..who cares bout ppl's personal lives and all dat.. the fans liked u coz of your music.. all that jaw-jackin bout how some dude aint feeding you anymore is WEAK! why were you in jail anyway? life doesnt stop when you close your eyes bruh..

  • B@nksy

    He isn't the first artist to say Diddy and BadBoy left him dry. I get the sense with YMCMB that they are really like a family and BadBoy seems disgustingly corporate.

    • NY

      You can't say that cause once the money starts to go away then so the artists signed to the label look at how Juvenile & B.G. left Cash Money, look how currency had one hit then he's gone.

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Devon

    The problem with these artists is the forget they are in the music BUSINESS....key word BUSINESS...friends is is another thing....You were on Bad Boy of the premier labels at the time...and you go fuck up and go to as an artist, are an if you fuck up the business by going to the bing, that's on you....Diddy cut business ties with BR...being BUSINESS associates with someone who's in and out of jail is bad for BUSINESS....dudes get their feelings caught up in the the shit and forget it's a big business venture....Just like Sigel....Jay said this nigga was buying crazy Bentley's...Beans especially was poised to have longevity...but he couldn't stay out the street....and then he get's mad at Jay cause he didn't visit? I would have been disappointed at Beans too....Now Beans heated at Dame for taking his money when he originally thought Dame was riding for him....Jay ain't never took a dime from the nigga...I think these rappers see all that advance $ and go nuts....they can learn from Puff, Jay, Russell, 50, Master P....don't put your heart in the shit so much...remember that it's all dollars and cents at the end of the day....

    • public relations

      i agree with you but at the same time black rob helped bad boy keep going after big died n the lox n mase left so there should be some type of loyalty there even tho puff is a downlow homo n a backstabber...n the black rob report was a good fukkin ny street album...and you don't know what you're talking about with the jay-z/beans situation jay makes situations look different to the public to make himself look like a flawless superhero or the other person look like a hater...

  • Ze

    Didn't this nigga already air out Bad Boy And Diddy last year and then apologized talking about there are no hard feelings? Saying how they gonna make something work again. and Now this shit? Yo i swear i gotta give props to Diddy cause he make these thug ass niggas look like bitches. Crying and complaining about their daddy not taking care of them. Fuck outta here... nigga make music and quality at that and let some 1 discovery u again old fuck.

  • kennyken

    i still hope black rob can get on somewhere, dude is ice boss thugger. let p diddy go, he did everybody like that because he's trying to stay revelant, which is what kills hip hop. an artist cannot go past 30 or 40 and still do music in this genre. so diddy picks up these new acts trying to keep bad boy relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody with a brain should know a dude named puff daddy probably isn't trustworthy.

  • G-Dep from jail

    Who you gonna cheat now out of money? Red Cafe???

  • Shyne from Israel

    yo Puff i was 10 years in jail and you never visit me!!!! You bitchass

  • optimus rhyme

    Diddy is the biggest snake in hip hop, bar none.

  • The LOX

    yeah Puff you shitted on us to and we will never sign with badboy again!!!!

  • Craig Mack

    im rolling with you Black Rob. Puffy is a snake and is now sucking much Rick Ross dick!

  • Fuck Puffy and everybody who likes him

    The point is here that Diddy not visit black rob one time jail!!! But yes puffy went to see lil wayne in jail whose not a badboy artists. Is this the loyalty from puffy towards his artists. So fuck puffy and all you dumb people that say black rob is a bad investment and shit. look how puffy shitted on: Craig Mack, G Dep, Shyne Lox

  • Hiphopnews2011

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  • Atl2Trill

    Diddy is a sheisty nigga who watches out for himself. Black Rob just need to take it as a lost and move on. Crying and bitching about the past doesn't solve anything.

  • Ventilation

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  • John-Boy

    Shit I know how Black Rob feels. His wack music left my ears for dead years ago.

  • Tiggy

    Cmon fam. Duets went platinum so how can you see it was ass... What was puff suppose to do you in jail unable to promote your album what was suppose to happen? You got dropped BR cos you dropped the ball dont be sour about it...No 40 yr old rapper sell no more besides Jay and Em. Go independent and get some Fat Joe money he selling 100k indy and his caked up.

  • Tidomann

    I was done sayin' "fuck Puff" a long time ago. Movin' on to the realest & truest things in Hip Hop...a round of applause for the Duck Down move. Welcome home B.R

  • r.pgh

    Wait, Diddy committed grand larceny and blamed it on you? Oh, wait, you got yourself in trouble.... so how exactly is it there fault your name was kept alive in the industry?


    ok i see he got an album bout to drop ha! in todays rap game he wouldnt move 10k units

  • stuntmoney

    maybe if u woulda stay yo dumbass outta jail u wouldnt be so bad off i remember in a old interview he was saying how puff bailed him outta jail twice then he get on thisis50 and say fuk puff then he said he got no problems wit puff and its all love now he back throwin stones at king diddy yea i said it king diddy nobody knows exactly wut he does but he was smart enough to last in this game respect sean man get on yo grind like he did and maybe yall can share a drink but nah u wanna put on beat up baseball caps old muscle shirts wit no muscles and diss da nigga dat made u hot and honestly who's gonna buy a black rob record lol

  • bebo698

    BR is just like Beanie to me. Someone who didn't plan for the future and now expects for Puff to do something about it. BR wasted he opportunity with the constant trips to jail. I get that dude is real but like so many who come home from long jail bids he's starting to see that being hood will get you nothing but a fat baby mama and a food stamp card. All Puff did was put his money behind something more viable. Dude was a bad investment. Rob should have been about his business instead of the dumb shit.

  • Bryant Carter

    a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. Also feel free to view my youtube link @

  • San Diegorilla

    No career survives bad boy. Wait I'm wrong, only Diddy's wack career can survive bad boy.

  • deziboy5150

    black rob's back like WHOA!

  • manonfire

    i wish the FBI and CIA left suge knight alone to run deathrow instead of running after the brother- i wish puff had got poped in that SUV instead of BIG maybe hiphop would still be alive unlike the shit thats out now - wack as f^*k!!!!!!



    • Tyrone

      I agree that Puff is talentless, but he knows how to make money and keep it, and he actually worked for his money what exactly did suge do?

  • problemz/problema

    C'mon Rob..I'll be the first to agree with anyone who says that he is a snake,rat and cheats his artists like there is no tomorrow but you derailed your own career by doing petty thefts and random stupid acts like breaking into hotel rooms to rob them for stupid shit..

    • frank da tank

      B.R. you got a lot of nerve man. You better than anyone know that when u do a bid more than likely you doing it by yourself, but you the one that put yourself in that situation, and it wasn't the first time. You should be thankful Duck Down even took a chance on you based on that track record. Forget Puff and them and do you man.

  • Nico 3

    In the last interview he said there was no anoymosity, now he's fucking crying again. Dude, you had your chance. It's not Diddy's fault you fucked up and went to prison.

  • Anonymous

    Life story=underrated classic


    BR u were my fav. out of the badboy camp once big passed but u cant blame diddy for ur wrong doings!! u had a chance of a lifetime!! ur a grown ass man act like it, admit to ur faults and move on!!! diddy is a business man! why u think he changed his name from puff daddy to diddy! cause he's tired of being yall's daddy by holding these artist hands and telling them how this game is!! why u think he's rockin w/ ross, nicki, and cafe ... cause these artist know what this game consist of, which is hustle and grind! get ur own to be ur own! so BR quit blamin diddy for ur mistakes!! BADBOY 4 LIFE playa!!

  • gnigga/pleeze

    all diddy's old artists hate him lol he should have put more effort into promoting black rob report it was just shy of a classic now this article says duets was released six months after BRR im pretty sure it was way closer than that like 2 month apart at most. it also says biggie has been dead for nearly ten years didnt he die in '97 thats 14 years

  • MarsKG

    Niggas are still playing the blame game when they should just focus on the now. Everybody knows how Diddy gets down, he's strictly business and there's no true loyalty. SO with that said B.R., I'ma fan of your music, just don't become a cry me a river ass dude and keep getting money. Bottom line...(sign here)

  • iamthepen

    BR has to understand that business is business and it's nothing else but business. Rob didn't know Puff b4 a music career so he's on to the next investment. The music industry is not the streets artist have to realize that and stop saying Puff is my man,Puff is loyal to federal reserved notes.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    loyalty and puff ..i think i heard this story before

  • TM

    When will people realize that there is no loyalty in the music game and that nobody owes you anything...its all cant expect anybody to anything for you in this game unless they are contractually obligated to do it...quit thinking that just because you were loyal to each other in the streets, that same loyalty is going to carry over into the boardroom.

    • Atl2Trill

      Real shit. @Ironmic "putting money before loyalty is called being WEAK." True quote. That's why some niggas are mindless followers and don't stand for nothing anymore. Like a prostitute, they'll do anything for a dollar bill.

    • B.Dot

      I tell you what IronMC...I want them to rock with me for a while and when whatever trend I am associated with is over they can leave me. I will be better of than where I was before. Understand and respect the music for what it is but also know that it is your job and your life and be ready for when the bottom falls out

    • IronMic

      It's really on like this in when artists go mainstream and the industry gets involved. When you decide to be an industry rapper you are pretty much saying that you don't car about anything but money. Not the your music, the culture of hip-hop, and your people... just money. Jay-z and Diddy are perfect examples of this. They follow the money. When the money was in being from the hood jay recruited state prop and diddy had the bad boy family. Now that the money is cup cake rapping jay fucks with drake and diddy got that wack ass group. With jay signing j cole and jay electronica you can tell that he wants it to go back the way it used to be but instead of standing up for the culture of hip-hop he decides to ride the popularity wave instead. I know that every rap song nowadays teaches that money is everything but putting money before loyalty is called being WEAK. You got dudes like diddy and jay who take these cats off the streets, rock with them for a while, and then when trends change, leave them for dead as Black Rob said it.

    • Lima

      Well that's the problem is that there IS no loyalty. Just because that's the way it is doesn't mean that's the way it has to be. We shouldn't have to accept that as an excuse. On the other hand, B.R. fucked up, and now he's paying the consequences. It has little to do with loyalty, and much to do with taking care of business and staying out of fucking jail.

  • Lay

    Dumbass has a chance of a lifetime, and he does some stupid shit to land him in prison. You gotta keep it movin. Time waits for no man....

  • JG3

    Some things you just have to let go of. Not saying he doesn't have the right to voice his opinions but the longer he reflects on that bullshit, the longer he'll never get back to that spot he once had. How many times has the "Diddy" story been told? Do your thing B.R. but you have to move on.

  • 718rob

    I feel for dude... and I liked B.R. more than those three clowns. He has my support.

  • Anonymous

    interview old as fuck, dx you slower than my great great grandaddy.

  • Charles ExSavior

    **puts on Jay Jerkin' Skit** We'll be raping you, raping you, raping you, raping you... Once you're signed (ESPECIALLY under Sean Combs), you can't escape it.

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