Nick Cannon's MTV Cory Gunz Documentary Series Cease & Desisted

There's more than one "Son of a Gun," and the courts may have to decide who's the first.

Last week, it was reported that MTV has finalized plans to air a multi-part April documentary series on Young Money Records' Cory Gunz. The series, called Son of a Gun, would follow the Bronx, New York emcee, son of 1990s rapper Peter Gunz, through recent years to his celebrated work with Lil Wayne. Nick Cannon had developed the series, and was named executive producer. reports that Johnny Fratto, son to mafia boss Louis Fratto, has served MTV and Nick Cannon with a cease and desist letter over the series. Fratto claims that he had a series, also called Son of a Gun in development, and that themes used in MTV's trailer, take from his own.

Fratto is perhaps best known as a returning guest on The Howard Stern radio show.

Read the cease and desist letter, where Fratto names Cannon a "b-list actor," at

Nick Cannon and MTV have not responded. HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • Atl2Trill

    Nick Cannon gonna get whacked over a tv show. lol!!!

  • WILD'n OUT

    nick cannon is HUUHHHHLAAARIOUS

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Jesus

    Cory Gunz was like "oh Shit, im such a bitch i think ima get outta nick cannons ass cheeks and run" lol just cuz thiss guy was like "bitch fuck you change it" i bet it gets scrapped and instead mtv does a show called "how to get you some pussy, with Snooki" and cory gunz will be on it running play by play on how the bitch gets fucked and nick cannon will probably (hopefully) kill himself

  • Anonymous

    he aint even a b-list actor

    • Anonymous

      I know right? I was like: "Is this a friendly, "Please discontinue this show, because I have a show by that name as well" letter or a "Get your sorry leeching off other's fame ass out of here with whats practically my show" letter.


    change the name put the show on

  • JG3

    Thats not gangsta Fratto...LOL...

  • Samuel Zecchini

    who gives a fuck bout a son of a washed up mafioso let cory do his thing da nigga da one good thing in young money

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