Slaine To Guest Star On NBC's "The Cape", Postpones Album Release

Slaine becomes the latest rapper to appear on the super-hero drama...and the latest to push back his album a few months.

Boston emcee Slaine is starting to carve out a nice little side line as an actor. The rapper had supporting roles in Ben Affleck’s two Bean Town-set crime dramas, 2007’s Gone Baby Gone and last year’s The Town, and now he’s set to appear on NBC’s new series The Cape. The episode will air on February 28th. Slaine isn’t the first person with a Hip Hop background to feature on the show, Romeo has a recurring role on the program as well.

As for Slaine’s day job, fans will have to be a bit more patient. The rappers forthcoming album, A World With No Skies, has been delayed yet again. The album, which originally was scheduled to drop last October, has now been bumped again, from February to May.

Slaine is currently scheduled to appear as the opening act on House of Pain’s reunion tour which runs from March 14th to April 28th.


  • Danny Boy

    house of painE? you don't know how to spell a legendary rap groups name?

    • America

      Wu Tang are the best group in the history of the genre, with at least 10 classic albums if you include their solo releases, but House of Pain is most definitely a legendary group. They had 2 platinum records and one gold, and have the biggest song in the history of hip hop music publishing wise. The most played hip hop song ever is Jump Around. They were hardly laughed out of the game. Slaine has the right idea with the acting. He was excellent in his roles in Gone Baby Gone and The Town, and even though I am a fan of him as a rapper, acting is a better look for a much longer time no matter how you slice it.

    • Anonymous

      People use the word Legendary too loosely on the internet when One Hit Wonder with One good album (Same As It Ever Was), One Okay Album (Debut) and One Garbage album (Whatever that third piece of shit was called) get the same label as real legends Wu Tang Clan = Legendary Group with a collection of timeless hits House Of Pain - One Hit Wonders that did "Jump Around" and got laughed out the game Everlast is closer to legendary for his country music, Fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit. Fuck I ain't gonna watch some corny ass show, but I would bump some gritty bean town bars. Slacking.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i like anonymous 1. i agree fuck an nbc show, good for slaine but boring for me as a fan. i would much rather have an album. i havent heard it yet. i still buy cds especially underground cats like him. i do not steal off the net especially an early promo type version of an album, especially if it meant that it could hurt it somehow. i like to save the listening til after i buy it. bump it in the car, go home bump it again. then play it everywhere i go for a while. i'm a real fan and i'm hurt by this so fuck you anonymous 2

    • Anonymous

      LOL Slaines album leaked and everybody downloaded it, plus he had issues clearing samples If you ask me he has it ass backwards, you know he's gotta be feeding his kids with the acting money, he should make that his day job and rap on the side, If you love Rap then by all means keep doing it but the guy has a wife and kid and Internet props dont put food on the table

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