Nicki Minaj Gives "Saturday Night Live" Second Highest Season Rating

Saturday Night Live enjoys its second-highest ratings this season as Nicki Minaj transforms from Young Money's Barbie to Bride of Blackenstein.

The January 29 episode of “Saturday Night Live” drew a preliminary rating of 3.2 in 25 markets with adults between the ages of 18 and 49. The episode, which was hosted by The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg and featured Nicki Minaj as the musical guest ranked as SNL’s second-highest rated episode this season, only trailing the January 8 episode, which featured Jim Carrey.

Nicki performed her current singles, “Moment 4 Life,” which is currently ranked number 37 on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart as well as “Right Thru Me.” In addition to the performance, Nicki was featured in two comedy sketches—“Do The Creep,” a digital short by The Lonely Island and “Bride of Blackenstein,” which featured Jay Pharoah, Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson.

SNL just gave me yet another #moment4life | S/O to the entire staff 4 being INCREDIBLE ; and Thank you all for tuning in! xoxo12:29 AM Jan 30th via ÜberTwitter

“Being a part of ‘Saturday Night Live’ feels absolutely incredible,” Nicki told MTV a few days before her performance. “I still don’t even believe it’s true, I’m not even going to believe it’s really happening until—well, I’m going to DVR it, because I can’t watch it, because I’ll be on it.”


  • JMack

    I wouldnt give the credit to Nikki Minaj. Dont act like Zuckerberg's name didnt bring a TON of viewers...

  • Duke

    that was the best verse i've ever heard from nicki. DO THE CREEP!!!

  • Anonymous

    im sure it was because jesse eisenberg (an oscar nominee) and mark zuckerberg himself were on there not nicki. dont be so naive.


    Last I checked, second wasn't first #justsaying...Nah, in all seriousness, congrats. I'm not a nicki fan and I don't watch snl anymore. If others like it, than thats good enough for me, enjoy...

  • Inzane

    Nicki Minaj GIVES "Saturday Night Live" Second highest season rating. So you're saying because Nicki was featured in this episode, it was the 2nd highest rated this season? I love hip hop and everything but the world doesn't revolve around my favorite artist. I'm pretty sure whoever watched this episode, watched it because they like the cast not because some pop star appeared for a few minutes.

    • t good

      gotta disagree with ya on this one. SNL has been having its lowest ratings of all time this season. People don't watch for the cast anymore, they watch for the special guests who are going to be on that week. If I see someone I particularly like going to be hosting, I watch that week. Saying that, I didn't see this episode

  • Jake L Nightstand

    oh God Tht Sucked Cmon Kenean u went frm All That 2 dis bullshit!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


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