Lil Wayne Said To Be Completing "Carter IV" Recording This Week

Mack Maine says Weezy may finish Tha Carter IV this eveing, adding that he's only a couple of songs away from being finished with the LP.

Lil Wayne supporters eager to hear Tha Carter IV can applaud as its completion is nearing. Mack Maine recently confirmed that the LP is a couple of songs short of being finished. The finalized version may come as soon as David Banner adds his touches, something that he's done on previous Carter discs. 

“I was in the studio all night workin’ on this Carter IV,” Maine recenty told XXL. “We pretty much finished, to be honest; we probably need about two more songs. We got David Banner coming in tonight, so hopefully he’ll come with somethin’. We try to make sure—he kind of makes every album. He made Tha Carter III, and made [We Are Young Money].”

After this, Maine noted that the album could be finished before the weekend hits, adding that Carter IV will show people Weezy's "maturity." To set this new "mature" LP up, Wayne teamed up with Hype Williams for a video that seems more like a "movie," according to Maine. 

“[Wayne] actually shot his first video with Hype Williams, which is big. We just finished a four-day video shoot, which is like a movie to me.”

The album is said to feature usual comrades as well as "surprise" guest appearances. While no official list of producers has been released, Maine acknowledged that Detail and Swizz Beatz will definitely make the album. 


  • Anonymous

    I ain't gone lie......I been thinking bout that **** too. Well not the Pac business but,Biggie.I honestly think Diddy had something to do with his death. On the movie he said no matter what,whoever got in his way of stardom he would make sure he do something about.When I heard that that actually had me thinking like damn did Diddy really do it? Was his relationship with Biggie going sour and slumped him?Maybe Diddy and Big had something to do with Pac death and maybe Big got scared and **** and was probably like IDK Puffy I didn't mean to kill him?Maybe if this is what he said then Diddy had no choice but to merck him and since it was a East/West coast rivalry anyway Diddy probably did do it to take all the attention away from him. How bout both of them died the same way....both were in the passenger seat and they were the only ones that got shot. What a ******* coincidence.Another thing WTF Diddy didn't ride with Biggie after the awards? I could've sworn Biggie won an award. And to me that would have been a celebration so they should have rode together right?Why Big didn't have security that night? Seems kinda odd to me.And where the **** is David Mack?They were also saying he had something to do with it. He died March 7 only a few days away from his tour date and you know that would've had the cash rollin in I wonder why that happened all of a sudden.

  • JGhost

    Soooo is Tech N9ne finnah be on tha album still or no???

  • G.Spot

    fucking hilarious! needs couple mo tracks but the shit will be done tonight? that's garbage man

  • G.Spot

    owww fucking hilarious! needs couple mo tracks but the shit will be done tonight? that's garbage man

  • G.Spot

    owww fuckin hilarious! needs couple mo tracks but the shit will be done nyt? thats garbage man

  • Phil Paddock

    hope it comes out soon.



  • shady biddniss

    prolly gonna be that rebirth im not a human being gay skinny jean elvis sidburn rockin weezy sound .this nikka fell offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Cleveland Steamer

    Lets get this shit over with so we dont have to hear another wayne album for a year or two

  • Dirty MotherFucker

    Wow, he's gonna finish the album tonight meanwhile he still has a couple of more tracks to do. That just proves this worthless piece of shit doesn't give shit about his wack ass music. He is and always will be the worst rapper to ever make the radio, and if it wasn't for soulja boy, lil b, oj da juiceman, and dicksquad he would be the worst EVER. His garbage music is only liked by simple minded fake pussies. I'd rather rip out my ears then have to listen tot his C4 shit.

    • YallSoStupid

      its no secret hip hop is dead...this character has a lot to do with it....simple ass ryhme, and simple word rather listen to conway twitty that this POS loser

    • Hustle101

      I hope Birdshit a.k.a. Baby-Molester doesn't have any verses

    • suck my dick hoe

      weezy fuckin baby i def get what he talkin bout .fuckin homo

    • Anonymous

      No it means he is so good he doesnt have to try... if u werent dumb as hell u would know hes good u just cant understand what he is talkin bout

  • ado

    wait, he's almost done with a "couple" of songs left to make, but it's going to be finished "tonight"? being prolific doesn't automatically make you good.

  • louis g

    its going to be garb he hasnt been out that long and if he didnt write all this material since he has been in prison it will be weak beacuse he rushed!

  • G

    Alright, let's just get this garbage album over with, I'm sure by the time Lupe drops his album lil wayne's dead horse voice will be off the radio

    • Yeah I said it

      *"On your face like Lancome" idiot

    • sandzak bitch jebem vam mamu srpsku

      and wayne raps a bout fuckin baby and being on your face like man cum,not gay by your standards?lupe shits on this sizzurp sippin birdman dick sucking fag you just to retarded to catch what he saying lasers nikkaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Anonymous

      Lupe sucks dick... he raps about rainbows and skateboardin so he is obviously a fag


    Wayne better be done this fast because he's on a roll not because he's rushing this shit. I swear this album can make or break it needs to be good.

    • Yeah I said it

      Don't you mean Carter III?

    • dmize-one

      anon- i hope your not saying carter 2 was given a pass cause it was weak... cause that album was strait heat rock..

    • Anonymous

      i agree, Catrer II was givena "pass" cause wayne was hot, but he has to show and prove right now. He needs to fall back and really make if not a classic a great album where he has 4 or 5 hot singles. Truth be told, Carter I was waaaaaayyy better than anything he's done in the last 5 years

  • John-Boy

    Lil Wayne dropping that frisbee music on yall niggas. He got that grab the CD and throw that shit out yo window music.

  • RR

    Hopefully the David Banner joint won't be the worst beat on the album again ("La La" off The Carter III)...

  • L-Boogie

    Wayne is garbage but the dickriders will eat it up and call it a classic anyway lol. Mainstream rap is dead....SuperGucci likes the taste of Gucci Mane's vanilla milkshake.....BURRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

    • Nigga your gay

      Seriously, do you dick ride your favorite artist that much? There's a reason why your favorite rapper is irrelevant. SuperGucciRap is actually funny at times. We all know he's fucking around. But now it seems your obsessed with him.

  • Don West

    Wayne Be On His Grind. CASH GIFTING SENT ME $65,000 IN A BOX! See what I’m doin.I still can’t believe it!

  • Brian McG

    Hopefully Wayne gets Tech N9ne on a track for C4.

    • BigRob

      @Yeah I said it You must be musically retarded kid. Tech is 1000x better than that mas kissing maricon Wayne. Deal with it.

    • Yeah I said it

      Fuck Tech N9ne, I'd prefer a Birdshit a.k.a. Baby-Molester verse to his annoying ass shit. Seriously, Tech N9ne is WAAAAACCCKKK. His verses don't even make sense, it's just a bunch of syllables put together in an annoying flow that is the same on every song. Fucking stupid if you ask me Well that's my rant... but seriously, Tech N9ne = Garbage.

  • bayou318

    That's what's up, Check this shxt out though! DAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!

  • Frank Nares

    Let's hope C4 is a classic..

  • Anonymous

    young money!!!!!!!! or listen 2 taylorgang



    • Hustle 101

      FUCK WIZ KHALIFA!!!!! Dude sucks more dick than Wayne, Gucci, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Boosie, Birdman combined.

  • Matthew Swan

    i can wait im gonna be listenin to purp and patron for a while lol


    I hope this shit rocks....

    • Anonymous

      Dont worry all his music is... i dont even listen 2 it b4 i get it anymore... i juts get it and know its good

  • Bidler Coulanges

    cant wait for the album

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