50 Cent Calls Cam'ron A Good Guy, Says Their Beef Was Good For Hip Hop

After three years of disagreements, Cam and 50 put to rest perceptions of a continued beef.

50 Cent and Cam'ron seem to be bridging the rift that was the cause of a long-time feud between the two. Both rappers recently shared their thoughts on the other, claiming that there is no more bad blood.

"I don't have no problem with 50," Cam told RapFlix. "50 cool with me…[The beef] was good for Hip Hop. We had our little Hip Hop beef or whatever you want to call it, but aint no problem. Jim [Jones] and Juelz [Santana] do stuff with 50 and they camp all the time. I don't have a problem with 50 at all. It is what it is. We had our little discrepancy, and we moved on from it."

The beef started in '07 when both rappers appeared on the Angie Martinez radio show, arguing over the state of Koch Records. 50 claimed the label was "a graveyard," and Cam, whose peers were on the label at the time, retaliated, arguing that members of Dipset were selling more than members of G-Unit. Several diss records and parodical videos later, the two seem to have gotten over their initial disagreement.

"What me and Cam'ron had is music," 50 told MTV on Tuesday. "It's the competitive nature of the art form. In Hip Hop, there's always been battling. It's a part of it. I don't wake up or go to sleep feeling like I hate Cam'ron. He's a good guy."



  • c red


  • Anonymous

    camron ripped 50 on wax and put out some pretty funny videos to lol


    U kno wat ppl are never satisfied yall gon hate untill hiphop is gone away just b grateful we still have ppl like Cam n 50 2 tlk about

    • dac

      @RAD...go listen to cam's earlier shit then you'll see what this guys talkin about cam has never changed whats hes been sayin for the past 15yrs...you can say that for all rappers most fall off and start singing about love and shit (wayne; drake; 50; kanye)

    • Rad NT

      should we be gratefull for rappers like 50 cent and cam ron????? Get the fuck out. Those dudes are lame as fuck only 50 had one dope album. go listen to real hiphop instead that bullshit hiphop

  • Atl2Trill

    That beef was very funny and entertaining to me. I remember like it happened yesterday. Now 50 wanna be buddy buddy wit everybody since his ship is sinking. Curtissss!!!! Show some courtesy Curtis.

  • NY

    Finally can 50 just come out and try to quit the beef that started with the song "How to Rob." I would like to see NY rappers actually get along and make great music and get back on top as the major coast.

  • Anonymous

    Camron came hard with that track..curtttisss

  • Jeremy Orr

    LMAO "good for hip-hop" ? how! aint no good diss records come from it.they both IMO past they prime and they both made NY look bad like 2 girls bickering on the phone over who got what..if thats good for hip-hop ima fan of the wrong genre!!!! #cmonman

  • Anonymous

    nothing more then fake beef to create attention so fuck 50. 50 is only in the news for bullshit like beef and stuff but not for his music because his music sucks for years now. NYC get rid of this clown!!!!!

  • Bradley Burnett

    CURTISSSS!!!! and funeral music some of da hardest diss traccs in the past 10yrs dey beef was poppin but dats wuzzup dat dey cool in real life

  • Guest

    Yeah he says that because he lost to Cam. "CUUUURRRTIISSSS!"

  • Anonymous

    This is Great for NYC Hip Hop 50/G Unit workin with Dipset and D Block...50 should get the NYC Hip Hop Humanitarian of the year award!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    You idiots feeling real STUPID believing in this beef shit now don't you. Be glad when you let that illuminate bullshit ride too.



  • gnigga/pleeze

    man what yall haters bitchin at 50 for. well i for one am glad to see this beef come to an end

  • Don West

    I HATE THAT! These guys are pulling in almost $80,000 a week, while I’m out here chasing people to join my system. It’s just not fair! … DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? Well … I told you to just join us. We just pulled in another $112,000.www.TooDamnEasy.com Referral ID# DD40370 (SAVE THIS!)

  • Jesus

    dude 50's shit been okay. nothin to buy the cd over. but forreals this nigga been popping up way to much and no im not a hater but everytime i see his face i think "oh great now this niggas dissing someone and i know it aint Soulja boi or Gucci"

  • ed0n

    just laughed my ass off


    is this dude ever in the news for something other than beef/controversy/investing? hes irrelevant to music these days

    • Bowski

      EXACTLY.....50's music has been irrelevant for a few years now. It's corny to go out and support his trash, and so as a smoke screen he creates all these other distractions (that have nothing to do with his music) to stay in the media some way some how, to continue to be relevant...

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