De La Soul/Gorillaz Tour Land In Top Weekly Touring List

A split bill featuring De La Soul and The Gorillaz puts the two groups in elite company with combined gross earnings of over $800,000.

During their December 11 show in Melbourne, Australia The Gorillaz, De La Soul and Swedish Electronic Eop outfit, Little Dragon, earned $793,722, which landed the groups on Billboard magazine’s Top 25 Concert Grosses List. The bands announced the joint tour in August of 2010, after The Gorillaz wrapped up a series of North American dates. Accounting for the exchange rate and the declining value of the American dollar, the one-day show at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena brought in a gross of $809,186.

The eclectic mix beat expected Pop draws such as the Jonas Brothers’ Brazilian stop ($735,152) and Usher and Miguel’s stop in Memphis as part of the OMG Tour ($743,770). The commercial success of the performance places De La Soul and The Gorillaz at the number 26 spot on a list including the top 35 tour dates.

According to Billboard, ticket prices of $99.96 and $82.13 were available at the 8,600-seat arena. Each week, readers can find the top grossing tours on Pollstar and in Billboard magazine, but the list is usually comprised of Pop artists and aging “hair bands,” such as Bon Jovi. Drake, Eminem and Jay-Z appeared on the list a few times last year due to the respective success of their “Away From Home” and “Home and Home” tours.


  • MPistol

    now if only ppl bought 800k copies of De La's albums I'd start getting excited!! LOL but I digress - De La is right up there with the Wu on the list of groups I will continue to go and see until I'm gone from this planet

  • Bryant Carter

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  • dsa

    I don't even like concerts but that sounds like an amazing concert.

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