MF DOOM's "Operation: Doomsday" To Get Official Collector's Re-Release

MF DOOM's classic 'Operation: Doomsday" album to be released as part of a deluxe edition featuring remastered works, trading cards and more.

Fans of masked rapper MF DOOM will soon be able to purchase a deluxe edition of the rappers classic 1991 album Operation: Doomsday.

The deluxe edition of the album, which will be released via Metalface Records, will include a limited edition tin lunch box featuring a cartoon MF DOOM on the exterior, a 32-page lyric book, and 10 trading cards. On top of that all the tracks on the original album will be remastered.

Artwork for the deluxe edition was created by Jason Jagel a San Francisco-based artist who previously worked on DOOM’s Mm…Food album art.

Operation: Doomsday has been rereleased on various occasions since its 1999 release, but the physical album became somewhat of a rarity when it went out of print around 2004.

Operation: Doomsday served as DOOM’s debut solo album and also marked the rapper’s return to music. Prior to Operation: Doomsday Doom was a part of the Hip Hop trio KMD, but left the group following the death of one of KMD’s members and the shelving of their album.

The deluxe edition of Operation: Doomsday will be available this spring. Only a limited quantity will be available, but Metalface Records also promises a vinyl version of the album.  


  • cardan


  • Rick

    Yo Hip Hop're losing some credibility by having some non Hip Hop knowing dude write your articles. Yeah, dude is doing his job but he should do some research before finalizing. Shit at least look at Wikipedia. hahaha! ...Shit, let me write for you guys...I'll do it for FREE!! Lets set up an interview. Hit me up serious though.

  • r LO

    the album did not come out in 1991. it first dropped around '99 through bobbito's indie imprint fondle 'em records. do your hip hop homework!

  • no1ne

    "...but left the group following the death of one of the KMD's members..." REALLY?!?! you mean his BROTHER?!?! Sub-Roc?!?! the whole reason he has the DOOM persona and "super-villian hatred" for what the music industry did to him?!?!? if you want ANYONE to LEARN about Hip Hop and it's history instead of just pumping up Radio C'Rap', maybe the journalist should realize the importance of such a "small" omission.

  • Vocab

    wow, first day cop for me. I cant wait to hear the remastered version. The OG version is one of my favorite albums ever but the mastering on that joint was terrible

  • SuperGucciRap

    Man this guy sucks. Who wants to hear some weirdo they grabbed from Hollywood to rap? It's not Halloween anymore. Funny that Hip Hop is signing clowns to rap these days. That's why Gucci Mane will save Hip Hop from all these clowns. It's Gucci Time!

    • izreal

      DOOM has some of the most sickest rhymes patterns and word play to ever come out. i would love to kick SuperGucciRap is his NUTS. or slap him so hard he'll piss shit... something to that nature. anyway... i'm buying at least one of these. DOOM is the first dude out to really touch on the superhero shit real hard. he made it cool to be you as in you can rhyme really about any and everything. FOR THAT he is a pionner and should be respected. Gucci man is trash. eli porter rhymes as good as him. thefuckouttahere! hip-hop forever!!! -iz

    • 9Stories

      Overrated, sucks? This dude is Mos Def's favourite emcee. No one is as creative as Doom is. You need to stop hearing and start listening.

    • no1ne

      hiphopdx...this is your fault.

    • Anonymous

      even though you like gucci mne which is sickining....... i kind of agree that mf doom is over rated

  • Ronin

    Can't front, I'll cop it based off the remastering and cool little trinkets. but come on doom, when's MV2 drop'n???

  • joel

    yo operation doomsday did not originally come out in 1991 you are waaaaaay off...try 1999 or 2000 i am too lazy and go check my copy of the vinyl but its either 1999 or 2000 for sure it came out on vinyl first on bobbito's fondle'em records and then some months later fondle'em put it out on cd...then later it came out again on cd by sub verse records with the bonus track "i hear voices"....come guys step up yo info do your homework or cut me a check for keeping you in line holla

    • no1ne

      they got the release year wrong, TOO?!?! WOW, i guess i missed that due to the fact i thought these people had some semblance of a CLUE as to what is going on in Hip Hop Culture... boy was i wrong.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Fuckin retards Hip-Hop DX this album came out in April 1999 fucksticks

  • Rick

    DOOM is overrated! yeah i said it. I do like his production style tho. Im just over dudes music. Gave up on dude after Madvillain dropped. He was like the Drake of the underground....I guess i just out grew the underground scene.

    • khordkutta

      I feel you Rick, youre alright in my book homie. On your grown man ish.

    • Rick

      ^^^ I just dont like dude as much as i did about 5 years ago...And you're rite. Danger DOOM was nice. That was that last DOOM CD i picked up. You know at the height of his popularity he was dropping 2-3 CD's a year. King Geedora or how ever you spell it, Viktor Vaughn etc. I think i just got tired of it. Or maybe its because i just out grew that undergroud scene / sound. I really cant play that music in my ride when my kids are with me so I tend to stay away from that. I do play CL & Pete Rock, Tribe etc. while they are with me. And my boys sing or tell me to play certain tracks. So maybe thats it.

    • khordkutta

      c'mon rick with your resume, how can you not like doom anymore. born like this was dope, danger doom was ill. What changed about his lyrics???

    • Rick

      ^^ thanks man....and you're a dumb fuck martinez. Stupid mexicans/hispanics make me sick!!! I think you're still using your 2nd grade backpack you dumb fuck. Those straps must be too tight on you. You undergroud groupies make me laugh. Underground is SO 1990's punk! get over it. Beem Hip Hop since '74, wanna test!! I bet your top 5 consists of Elzhi, Immortal, Papoose your homework punk....PUNKS JUMP UP TO GET BEAT DOWN!!!.....Oh and just so you know. Im MEXICAN.....BITCH!

    • Anonymous

      @ Javier "The Only people who dislike Doom are Idiots" Arrogant Much?? Its called a diffrent opinion asshole, lol, and at least he backed up his opinion with substance instead of posting "Dude Sucks" and walking off...... Why cats get so sensitive over shit like this, and how you know dude is an idiot, for all you know he has every word of Rakims "Paid in full" Memorized, been a hip hop fhis whole life and just happens to not like this one particular artist Get over yourself

    • Javier Martinez

      You, Rick, are an idiot. The only people who dislike DOOM are idiots who can't understand that he's lightyears ahead of most MCs, or if you paid money to see him & he didn't show. His frame of reference (know what that is?) is well beyond your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

  • Curt1711

    70% of Hip Hop album Sales are purchased by white audience = FACT. Eminem would get crushed by alot of rappers and artists from other genres. Jay-Z would get crushed by Nas... Does it matter, if it sells it sells. when someone goes 10x multi platinum on nearly every album and you dont rate them that puts YOU in a minority of 10,000,000 to 1. That amount of people wrong and your right? Dont think so, however your individual opinion is right.. to you! I am not an Eminem fan and i only bought his first album. i am white tho, not that it matters. skin colour is purely a physical feature, not a state of mind!

    • SpikeyJamez

      Will you Eminem fans get off his dick and be more open minded toward Hip Hop? is 2011 for f*** sake and you mother f***** are still stuck in middle ages? Seriously I know you can do better than that.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ people so hard on eminems dick they gotta post about it on a Totally Unrelated topic Next time I see a post about Slaine or Jay Electronica I'm just gonna go on some Random rant about how Much I hated Ma$es "Harlem World" group SMH

  • khordkutta

    May haveta cop this....Why the cuff am I so excited about a lunchbox!?!?!? Hope Ghostface was talkin bout "Swift and Changeable" as his suprise this year!!!

  • js

    hmmmm i didnt realize this came out in the same year as KMD's Mr. Hood. Way to know your shit DX

  • Joseph Jermaine James

    new orleans best kept secret

  • Justin Ballou

    DOOM is a beast. Definitely copping this. lol. I'm about to take my lunch to college.

  • Anonymous

    why cant i fuckin post. what the fuckin fuck. fuck you dx ya faggots

  • Mr Tibbs

    I love Doom but he has gotten a little lazy since his rise in popularity. Im buying the rerelease but I gotta criticize Doom for not showing up for shows and all these remakes and live CD's. Get your money on but do right by your fans by showing up and getting some new material out. And yeah Im salty because I drove to chicago and he sent an impostor but he's the best and I can't hate his skills. Get out the basement ya black bastard.

  • Scottie Minor

    first off i'm not racist.... you white guys are so happy that you are finally accepted in the rap world... u got eminem.. now you think yor black... you think u can put up an arguement with me cause u got one (white rapper)... and we got like a 100,000,000 strong... eminem got all u white boys pumped up... lets say the have a big nationwide event ... soldout arena... all the best lyricist... eminem would get crushed.. (nas would crush him) ... (styles p would crush him)..... (jay z would crush him).... (wayne would crush him)..... (kiss would crush him).... (cassidy would crush him).... (lupe would crush him).....thats because eminem really doesn't have anything to rap about... he raps about killing hiz mom and his girl... man we can't relate to that charles mansion type shitt i can keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... oh yeah .... i'm not racist ... u got some cool azz white boys out there ... i just think some try toooooooooo hard to fit in .... a lot of you say something about eminem having the most record sales ... do your research people.... did you kno 90 percent of eminem record sales are brought by white people..... you roll through any hood or any housing project ... dem niggazz a bumpin no eminem .... i just had a talk wit this coo azzz white dude on facebook last night about thiz shit....... so i'm not racist.... please dont wear a doo rag and baggy jeans

    • Anonymous

      you are a MEXICAN shut the fuck up. and there are plenty of white rappers do your research dumb ass.

    • Iaintnojoke

      Where are you going with this? I agree that Eminem might not be as great as some people make him out to be but getting crushed by lil wayne? not a chance. plus theres TONS of rappers who talk about killing people but im guessing that if theyre not white then you consider it "gangsta" instead of crazy. And stop being a hypocrite, maybe its you who should stop wearing doo rags and baggy jeans since the majority of companies that make them are owned by WHITE people

    • Anonymous

      Wow this fuckstick is everywhere. Can we not ban his stupid ass?!



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