Q-Tip Responds To A Tribe Called Quest Documentarian Michael Rapaport

UPDATE: Q-Tip takes to Twitter and responds to Michael Rapaport's comments

Following the announcement last year that the documentary on iconic Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest would soon be released, rapper and Tribe member Q-Tip (who actually co-produced the film) has strongly opposed the release of the documentary.

Up until now the director of the film, Michael Rapaport, has remained relatively quiet about Q-Tip’s disapproval of Beats Rhymes & Life. But MTV recently caught up with the director/actor to get his thoughts on Q-Tip’s criticism of the documentary.

"I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people," Rapaport explained to MTV.com. "I can’t really speak for him but I think he got a little nervous. He’s a very protective of the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest and the movie is a very honest depiction of my time with them and the information that I was given in interviews and content."

In an interview with Shade 45 late last year Q-Tip revealed that his main gripe with the film was that he believed it’s an unfinished project.

“In reality as producers, there’s just different things that need to be done edit wise,” Q-Tip explained. “The sentiment of the film is there. We feel it’s 80% there, it’s just not done…There’s some holes in it.”

Beats Rhymes & Life will debut at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival later this month.  

(January 17)

UPDATE: Q-Tip hit Twitter early this morning to respond to A Tribe Called Quest documentarian Michael Rapaport's comments. 

the director of the film cannot speak to what is in my head abt the documentary .less than a minute ago via web

nor can this director EVER say the i dont speak for the group. when i say i do then belive me i doless than a minute ago via web

tribe is no different than any other collective. we experience bumps bruises and disagreements then and we still do.less than a minute ago via web

but knowing our history and our messages in our music we will NEVER be taken advantage of like we were in the past. we dont care who it is.less than a minute ago via web

but we are truly thankful for your interest in our music and your interest in this flattering look at our careerless than a minute ago via web


  • Deewon4

    I think deep down everyone knows they were in love with ATCQ because of their incredibly lush beat production. If their lyrics were placed over Eminem's production for example, they would be unknown. Some people are unaware that Q-Tip produced Apache "Gangster Bitch" and Nas "One love". It wasn't until I heard Phife & Tip (genuinely) freestyle that I heard how ridiculously skilled and adept they are with flow.

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  • Keith D. Witherspoon

    Anybody who knows anything about Rapaport knows he's a Hiphop Head. I mean anybody who's anybody knows and has hung out with Rapaport. He's been in countless video cameo's. Movies with rappers. So its no surprise he's doing this movie and Q-Tip would not have agreed to this if it had anything to do with him being jewish. There a lot more muslim rappers than most people think and Rapaport has probably been acquainted with all of them.

  • Pat Neeland

    Wait, you DO know Q-Tip was opposed to the documentary because it's allegedly very telling and puts everything out in the open, right? I'm pretty sure Q-Tip didn't have a problem with Rapaport being Jewish. You missed the mark big time.

    • Pat Neeland

      That was SUPPOSED to be a reply to Champ Fulse...but for some reason the website didn't actually POST it under his comment...

  • Champ Fulse

    I side with the Abstract poetic over anuva jew trying to tell our story! Fuk outta here!

  • Mecha Shark

    I feel like the only reason Q doesn't want the documentary to be released is because he'll get aired out one way or another and see how things really went down. Sort of like buyers remorse, regretting he did this project because the fan would know the truth about what had happened. Either way I'm still ATCQ fan all the way.

  • Gary Rue

    First of all every man can only speculate what another man is thinking. Unless you are Q Tip you cannot determine what his motives are. It kills me that people ramble on and on with whatever loose info they may have about Tribe yada yada. Simple fact is this is an article about why there is a difference between Michael Rappaport and Q Tip . And when will the doc be released in agreement , that is all. So cool your fingertips off people ! Most of your comments are silly anyhow.

  • Frank Da Tank

    I feel bad about this situation because Rappaport is a real fan of the group as well as the culture. I don't think that he got into this to make the group look bad or anything like that. i think he wanted the fans to take an honest look a them behind the scenes. From what I have seen of really good documentaries and biopic, the more truthful and honest you are with your audience the more they appreciate you. Everybody knows that tribe had their share of bumps, but that's not going to take anything away from what they have accomplished as a group. I think Tip is a great artist and should trust that his fans are smart enough to see through any bull.

  • Nico 3

    The director can do whatever he wants cause it's his vision. Plus, as I mentioned before, controversy sells. Nobody wants to watch a documentary about a group being cool with each other.

  • Mike Rap

    the facade will be unpeeled I promise that

  • Eric Brown

    With all due respect to A Tribe Called Quest as a brand, entity, group, movement, and collective, Phife was a great contributor. YOUTUBE some fuckin shows of them and you will see how much more involved the crowd is with him in the mix. TIP can hold his own and his is a creative genius that I respect. He is the leader of that group and has always been on the forefront. The group retired on top of their game so for that person to say Phife was as hot as Busta fuckin rhymes during the Marauders era is buggin.



  • I'm at work and bored

    ahahahaha, this little/tall prick, talking about I speak for the group? The ego of this guy... This might be a complete shock to this Abstarct the Douche bag, but there are actually many Tribe fans who likes Phife better than Tip. If he's sucha bad muthaf*cka, why did all his solo albums tanked? Talking about I made all them beats. yeah, apparently j Dilla, Ali, and Phife had no input when it came to selelcting samples? Yeah, Tip. We're interested in Tribe Called Quest, NOT your corny ass.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      No Damn it! I shall not calm down! ahahaha. I was looking forward to this, except i didn't like that "Beats, Rhymes & Fights" Title. Instead, it should be called: Midnight Misunderstanders. I also think it should come with a Bonus DVD titled: Q-Tip "I SPEAKS for the ENTIRE Group" The Abstract - Interview Outtakes!

    • Tisk Tisk Work Boy

      Calm down there work boy, cant say tip is not an essential part of the tribe, no tip meant no first album, phife coulnt of held his own then. Listen i love phife, probably more then tip but dont shoot down talent when its so blatenly there becuase of your opinion..

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      So why the F*ck is Tip still doing shows with Phife and Ali when they can't stand each other then? perhaps nobody wants to go to a Q-Tip solo show watching him dancing around with a purple bandanna singing Vivrant Thing? su, Su, Sucha Va Brant Thang!!! Va, Va, Vibrant Thang!

    • Anonymous

      his last solo album is top 10 for the last decade period...

    • 905

      You sir have no idea what you're talking about.

  • hththt

    man all yall some fuckin nerds all these niggas sucked......yall need to get on this trap shit....or dat nigga lil b

    • J

      It's a troll, dummies.

    • AMEN

      To both responses!!!

    • Get The Fuck Outta Here!

      i'm extremely sadden by anybody and I quote *ANYBODY* that likes or even says the name 'Lil B'...He's probably one of the worst,disturbed,manufactured,eccentric,weird,lost,and weakest fuckin' rapper I ever did see in my entire life...And your weak ass has the nerve to bring his bullshit name under this thread...SMH...All weak people support this Lil B dude because it's clear that he has mental issues and his fans consist of mental issues and low self esteem and he's only using them to get rich because he doesn't care about them mentally...he uses the mentally ill to get paid which should be sickening in anybody's mind...I feel sad and sorry for anybody who says his name or supports him and soon enough his ass will fall off...Only weak people support Lil B and your one of those weak ass people...

    • ...

      man shut the hell up. did you really click on the link to say that? fuckin cluck head, stay living vicariously through rappers that talk about the shit you will never do in your lifetime. ignorant bastard

  • Primevida Vida


  • Nico 3

    A little controversy sells, especially when you're talking about a group from the 90's. Q Tip needs to lose the diva complex and just try and promote this.

  • chipz

    lol arrow was supposed to point down, my bad...ha

  • chipz

    ^ so very true...could not have said it better myself...

  • Anonymous

    Phife Dawg, Senn Dog and Vinny from Naughty By Nature = the 3 LUCKIEST dudes in 90's hip-hop. No lyrical skills at all, got to tour the world with some weak ass raps. Q-Tip was the true talent in the group.

    • Rick

      Phife was nice man. whatyou talkingbout!!!! The worst thing in this world is a sucka MC Favorite rap group in the world is EPMD Can't forget the De La, the two originality And if I ever went solo, my favorite MC would be me

    • The Klinik

      Phife is 100x iller than Tip ever was. Niggaz sound like Das EFX, if it ain't Das EFX then they're soundin like Mef. You might as well do Megadeth, you punk MCs better save ya friggin breath

    • Lay

      Add, lil cease to that list, lol.

    • Tidomann

      If ya the same Anon that's mostly on point wit' his comments then this time around u outta line...what do u mean Vinnie had no skills? Poverty's Paradise is one of the old school albums I'm currently bangin' right now...on 'Craziest' Vinnie goes hard, 'Hang Out & Hustle', 'Clap Yo Hands'. Yeah Treach the tightest no doubt & is always the one with mo' lyrics & track time but don't u ever say Vinnie was wack cause that's bullshit.

    • Air You Some More

      Plus if Vinny wasn't that good to you in Naughty By Nature then why in the fuck didn't Treach have a solo album or a solo career? Yeah Treach had an acting career but it didn't serve him too well and where is he now right back in Naughty By Nature so your thoughts were stupid for that one...Obviously he needed Vinny since he couldn't succeed on his own so that should tell your brain something...If Treach was so good then why no solo albums then? It's too late for him to go that route now...

    • Air Your Ass Out

      Your full of shit for that comment...Phife actually grew and came into his own when 'Midnight Marauders' came out and he actually wanted to do a solo album during that time in 93' but was convinced by someone not to do it...Phife probably would've been as popular and had a big successful career like Busta Rhymes if he would've put his solo album out right after 'Midnight Marauders' but also I think that Phife didn't want the massive popularity...It was the timing that messed Phife up due to his loyalty in staying with A Tribe Called Quest and I'm most willing to bet that Q-Tip got jealous and saw that Phife was getting stronger in his rhymes once 'Midnight Marauders' came out and probably tried to side track Phife from doing any solo projects...So that was a idiotic ass statement right there that you just made...without Vinny there is no Naughty By Nature and without Sen Dog there is no Cypress Hill and without Phife there is no A Tribe Called Quest...Imagine if you took every contribution and idea away that Phife,Vinny,and Sen Dog provided for those groups...Those groups wouldn't have any history if you took Phife,Vinny,and Sen Dog away and everything would be rewritten differently if they were all absent and there's no telling what the outcome of success would've been so that's literally a dumb ass comment..

    • Brookaveli

      Honestly I thought Sen Dog got the proper amount of mic time on Black Sunday. I really liked his contributions to the group and was unhappy when they started phasing him out.

    • r.pgh

      phife, not lyrical? Na, think you're wrong on that. Tip was def the star, but Phife did his thing too. "i'll bust a nut inside your eye just to show you where I come from"

    • Tony

      Come on phife. I don't even agree on vinny because you have to see naughty by nature live to understand his importance to the group. Sen dog though cypress could do without him

    • kill ya selphhhhh

      this nigga really had the nerve to say phife has no lyrical skill....do the knowledge because it is good!

    • Lb64

      I agree about senn dog and vinny,but i think phife was cool.But yes Tip was the most talented one in the group hands down.

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