DJ Premier Lists Top 25 LPs Of 2010

Which artists merit a mention on Preme's annual list?

Legendary producer DJ Premier continued his annual tradition of listing his favorite 25 albums of the year.

The is mostly comprised of veterans such as Ice Cube, Bun B, KRS-One, Fat Joe, and Scarface, although Drake's Thank Me Later was a notable rookie inclusion.

Ghostface Killah made the list twice, by way of his well-received Apollo Kids, and as one-third of the Method Man-Ghostface-Raekwon trifecta for Wu-Massacre.

A number of the albums may have had a personal meaning to Preme, as he contributed to Bun B's Trill O.G., Fat Joe's The Darkside Vol. 1, and, naturally, DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records - Get Used to Us.

Below is the list, also available on DJ Premier's blog.

25. Ice Cube – I Am The West
24. Bun B – Trill OG
23. Celph Titled & Buckwild – Nineteen Ninety Now
22. KRS-One & True Master – Meta-Historical
21. Nottz – You Need This Music
20. Little Brother – LeftBack
19. Roc Marciano – Marcberg
18. Murs & 9th Wonder – Fornever
17. Eternia & MoSS – At Last
16. The Roots – How I Got Over
15. The Left – Gas Mask
14. Rah Digga – Classic
13. Gangrene – Gutter Water
12. Skyzoo & !llmind – Live from the Tape Deck
11. Drake – Thank Me Later
10. Fat Joe – The Darkside Vol. 1
09. Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx – The eXXecution
08. Rick Ross – Teflon Don
07. Freeway & Jake One – The Stimulus Package
06. Statik Selektah & Termanology – 1982
05. Scarface – Dopeman Music
04. Meth, Ghost & Rae – Wu Massacre
03. Strong Arm Steady – In Search of Stoney Jackson
02. DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records – Get Used To Us
01. Ghostface Killah – Apollo Kids


  • come on

    Kanyes album is 100 times better than all of these

  • L'z

    Oh and How I Got Over is top 5 hands down.

  • L'z

    Lol at people saying Preemo left off MBDTF because it's "poppy bullshit"... that makes no sense... as if Preemo isn't working with him on Watch The Throne.. or as if Thank Me Later isn't on that list (and pretty fucking high might I add) My only guess is that he literally forgot rofl. Because if he seriously thinks Thank Me Later, The Stimulus Package, Teflon Don, and ANYTHING Fat Joe Related is better than MBDTF... then I just lost a fuckton of respect for one of hip-hops greatest producers. #Period

  • jake

    Some good albums on here for sure, but ummmm, if Primo is reppin REAL HIP HOP where is DIABOLC LIAR AND A THIEF and KNO'S, Death is Certain? Two GREAT albums


    I HATE FUCKEN HATERS DAMNIT. Now we all ppl and we all have our own opinions and maybe Primo's top 25 looks different 2 urs but then NIGGA its a Fucken opinion. Shit i respect this list more than any other that i've seen this year, even though i beleive some albums should have been higher and some should have been lower. But Fuck you Keyboard tough guys, who'd be all up Primo's crack if you met him in real life but u can sit at your pc and make derrogatory comments at someone who been KILLIN shit since b4 u were born. FUCK YOU HATERS DJ Premier G.O.A.T. period. Waxmaster C keep it alive...

  • Anonymous

    Drake made your list? So, you're down for some jewish dick? kyke jig fegget

  • Anonymous

    he has fat joe and not banks or budden.. premo u lost all rspect and u suck nowadays anyway

  • Anonymous

    how does he not have HFM2 on the list!?!?! disgrace!!! gangrene was dope!!!

  • jux55

    Gangrene album is sick

  • jux55

    Homeboy Sandman should've been on that list. No recycled hipster lyrics. No B.o.B. Andre3000 imitation. No Lupe Fiasco Street Nerd rap. Just an honest outlook. I'm not cheer leading his album because I was a longtime fan. I was very skeptical and was really surprised by the quality of the music.

  • bellefs

    and props to tidomann gangstarr for life premo and guru = raw premo and kassy = raw premo and rae = raw premo and royce = raw listen to the true fans, fuck that new scene slaughterhouse and 4hrsmn bring lyricism back

  • bellefs

    thats a bullshit list, wheres royce da 5"9? ras kass? canibus? budden? all these rappers put out raw shit thats mind numbing. i thaught it was all about your way with the words, lyricism. yet the artists with weak lines and metaphors, shitty rhyme structure, and tone deaf are on the list. EXCEPT FOR BUN B, and fat joe lmao

    • starky love

      well that's where i disagree with you. it's not ALL about lyricism and a way with words. that's a huge part of it and possibly the most important part, but hip hop is the combination of lyricism and fly beats. a great album can't just be dope complex lyrics over some wack beats that don't make your head nod. if that's what your looking for you might as well go to a poetry reading.

  • cinavenom

    To all you little kids who keep complaining about Kanye and Eminem..the reason that they are not on the list is because that shit is pop garbage. The guy has an opinion. If I made a list a of top 25 a lot of these albums would be on there. Certainley not Eminem or Kanye..Eminem hasn't dropped anything worth listening to since 2000 and Kanye is just wack. Jay-z fell off big time too.

  • AMiAM

    Distant Relatives was crazy. I havent listened to all of his list. These are some LP's that got slept on. EVERYONE should check them out - Vets of Kin "Pestilence" - Solillaquists of Sound "No More Heroes" (Next Level HipHop!) - The Heart & Brain "MBodiment" - Grey Matter "Grey Matter" - Black Milk "Album Of The Year" - Joe Budden "Mood Muzik 4" - Wrekonize "A Soiree For Skeptics" (Amazing Music!) - Nas & Damien Marley "Distant Relatives" - Reflection Eternal "Revolutions Per Minute" - Big Boi's ALBUM!!!!!!!!! check'em out for FREE at

  • Anonymous

    I Bet if em put the premo beat on his album it would be on the list hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Premo is a big bell-end

  • Keith Burmeister

    no eminem? get tha fuck out.

  • Tidomann

    Premo!! Gangstarr 4 L.I.F.E.... U must have forgotten 2 especially include Rae's most celebrated & successful comeback tho'

  • Jermaine Bigfresh Carey

    Check out "Danger" by C.I.G.M. Present Young Ahk's -

  • Vice

    And the Raekwon's purple tape, Talib Kweli is now signed to Roc Nation Premo... for what dropping another classic I suppose? Eh man...I 've lost respect for this clown. MISSING RAEKWON'S PURPLE TAPE, KANYE, BP3, EM, NAS. Drake? Yeah we know, he asked to work with him so he has to place him on the list. Kat in the hat ass rapper...preschool rhyming Drake..really. So the list is missing dudes that completely stand alone from premo. Face it're not hot like the 90's.

  • asia

    This list is the dirtiest thing on the web site!!..matter of fact, bring out the girls and lets have a mud fight thanx people for letting the man premier bring forth his opinion to the table whether you agree with them or not you've shown that his is the most valued in the game Long live Premo

  • beinglogic

    dude has himself on his own list? naw

  • Vice

    You see this is the problem with emotion dudes can't comprehend the compound of "ETHER". Nas destroyed the game not only mentally and lyrically with the release of the gem, but, subatomically! Therefore, you're greatest punchline can't come back from. This dude Premier is one of the jealous heathens in the game. This list is a promotional ploy by him. He can't mention kanye cause kanye style on the beat production has unfortunately out classed premo. JayZ I know dropped BP3 IN 2010...right hahah...yeah premo again is jealous because jay chose kanye again over him. Then, Nas who was supposed to work with dude turned around and flanked him, went to Jamrock and pulled out a real hip hop classic that dudes aren't gonna figure out until he's Dead and gone! Then, we got Em. Well Em always had Dr Dre who again own premo! So, can you see where this list is going...dude is bogus - and that shit has tainted his judgement. CAN ANYBODY SAY THAT DRAKE'S ALBUM IS HOTTER THEN BP3, TWISTED DARK FANTASY, RECOVERY AND DISTANT RELATIVES? Did anybody notice that he put his shit as #2 - tell me this dude is not smoking laced roaches. Clown. You lost all respect in this subliminal biase attack! I see through you wack ploy premo!

    • Anonymous

      ermmmm, recovery was complete pop bullshit that cannot even be classed as hip hop. and dre only had one song that he produced on recovery so the point u made about premo being jealous is invalid. blueprint 3 was 2009 you dumbass MBDTF was sick and even i am confused why its not on there. maybe jealousy, but why would premo be jealous, he is the greatest producer of all time

    • Anonymous

      well said banks should have made it along with rae and heaps others

    • RealHipHop

      U do have valid points. Distant Relatives was iller than A LOT of his list. but then again, its his opinion. majority of these albums have GREAT beats. he might judge lots off the beats. Kanye album(although its not my steez), is sonically an AMAZING project. however, Blueprint 3 was at the end of 2009... so that's voided. the Vets of Kin 'Pestilence' album destroys most of these LP's anyway. Real Talk

    • poolboy

      wow u make a lot of sense here.. i'm impressed.. no sarcasm

  • Angel De Peña

    Mood Muzik 4?


  • Anonymous

    Why you leave Kanye out Premo??? You mad??

  • Derryck

    Ice Cube's album is single handedly the worst album of the year.

    • GSD

      Indeed. I'd only put The Roots, Bun B, The Left, Drake, Rah Digga and Get Used To Us, to a similar list. Haven't heard every one of these but I don't agree with Premo at all.

  • Lilworm

    =O where 'ye at? where big boi...i freakin love that album.

    • johnny Rivera

      I agree that Big Boi album is fire, He also left out the Reflection Eternal album which was also off the hook.

  • Von

    Premo? What about AG's LP Everything's Berri? Great album.

  • Anonymous

    daaamn trill og #24??? smh...that was a killer album but i def agree with apollo kids at #1

  • Anonymous

    list is a joke without HFM2.

  • coconutbrainz

    himself at number 2? he's not being modest or nothing.. and Officer Ricky? man, i think DJ Premier is getting senile in his old age. smh

  • dsfkljdskl

    I'm fine with him not putting Em, whatever. But you put Drake on there???? Give me a break.

  • chedda

    look at this mofo.....answers why hes just a dj and producer don't ashamed that a white dude killed every person who tried to put an album out in 2010.....And for the other haterz im not a Stan just dont c why yall can't except a white guy killin ya

  • Lankh

    PS It's normal Recovery isn't in the list. It's WAAAAAAACK

  • Lankh

    BAHAHAHAHAHAAA Eminem isn't in the list. Sorry Stans ! Don't jump out of the window, we need to laugh at your bullshits.

  • dtox

    Premier's list is pretty solid, some real joint's you could pick up that you might have missed!

  • Detox2011


  • Fuck DJ Premier

    Hip Hop is for Niggers.

  • boaderline

    sick of clowns waiting for premeier to put up a billboard list instead of using his own mind on debating which gems are superior it might not be on par with how you get programmed or what i would put out there, but this guy knows his shit and then some fucking more. It's not my opnion or yours but it's an offical one from dj premier

  • Dan

    good list not huge on the drake selection and I dont think rick ross should make the list but whatever good to see The Left - Gasmask on there thats would be in my top three of 2010

  • Terrible list

    Fat Fucking Joe? Please..List sucks, Where is Kanye? Big Boi? Banks? Em?

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Actually not a bad list, although the Drake inclusion does seem a bit... unexpected. It's also worth noting that MBDTF didn't make the list despite Premo giving 'Ye beats for that album, which were eventually scrapped, maybe he was angry at 'Ye for doing that? Unlikely... but still, a bit confusing. I did think this list was pretty good though. Nice of him to put Ross so high, Teflon Don was a good album guys (although not in my top 10 of the year... maybe in top 30-40)

  • Arthur Santos

    This is actually a great list in my opinion (not sure about the ranking though). One thing you guys need to understand is that Premier pays a lot of attention to how skilled a MC is. This is why guys from the wu-tang, scarface, krs, bun b, little brother and others makes his list. Not to mention that if he "feels" the album he will have no shame to say he likes it (it's the case of drake's album).

  • BooBoo

    1.Lloyd Banks (HFM2)

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    ice cube had a bad album, while kanye had the best album of the year... how come ice cube is on the list and kanye not... sorry, but the list sucks...

    • clef

      Seriously dude? Did you get the idea that Premo, one of hip hop's most respected producers hates on 'Ye? Does it occur to you that Em, who also had a good album, isn't on the list, Premo hates him too, right? This is Premo's list, not some hip hop aficionado's opinion.

  • MR718

    Premier my man but no Nas and Damian Marley,Lloyd Banks,Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek smh... Best albums in my opinion were 1.Lloyd Banks (HFM2) 2.Drake (I hate to admit it) 3.Rick Ross (even though hes fake) 4.Fat Joe ( this album was seriously hard) 5.Fabolous (A hard mixtape turned to an album niceee)

  • Wahr

    I like Primo but this list sucks... It simply makes NO sense that Drake and Rick Ross are on the list, but no Kanye, no Big Boi... I can understand that this is a personal list, but anyone who listens to Hip Hop knows that MBDTF and SLLF:TSOCD are Top 3 Albums of 2010... Maybe real classics

  • Anonymous

    im suprised em and kanye werent on here. o well premier is premier. if you wanna hear eminem on a premier beat click here a blunt smokin beer drinkin spic who tells it how it is

  • Akim

    Where is Nas and Damain's DISTANCE RELETIVES.The best album of the year not only on hip-hop but in world music period.Premo is trippin

  • Atl2Trill

    WTF? He put Rick Ross fake ass and Drake's poptart ass on his list. He left Big Boi's album off the list. Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty is the shit and thes best album for 2010. Also why Bun B is at #24. Trill O.G. is way better than Rick Ross and Drake albums combined.

  • donteffwid me

    and Apollo Brown...

  • incog

    damn no 'ye... what's up premo?!

  • donteffwidme

    and I forgot that David Banner and 9th Wonder...

  • donteffwidme

    got 15 of these...not a bad list...I agree it's missing Nas and Damian Marley, Black Milk's joint,Hi Tek and Talib Kweli. People need to stop hating on this list, after all, it is HIS list...

  • Robert Smith

    NO Lloyd Banks

  • chiefzs

    premos crazy that was Ice Cubes worst cd ever n im a cube fan it was weak

  • Am tired of this shit! Going-Right-The-Fuck-On-In

    Premo is silently hurt as you can see when it comes to leaving Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" off the list...I don't care what excuse Premo comes up with as to why he left Kanye off but Premo is hurt and he's probably hurt because Q-Tip,Pete Rock,and himself were not on that "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" album and that Kanye stiffed them all and left them off of there which is disrespect if you ask me and I don't give a fuck what the people at Def Jam or Jay-Z told Kanye over there...He still could've used those joints from Q-Tip and Pete Rock for the album...And then when Premier asked Kanye did he use his beats, Kanye had the nerve to tell Premier that he didn't get use them at the BET Awards and I guess that was it for Premo so Premo returned Kanye's ass the favor but showing him what it feels like to leave him off of something...Can't get mad at Premier for that...Kanye said he wanted beats from Premier,Premier used his sufficent time in making those beats for Kanye,Kanye doesn't use them,and now he's off Premo's list so I salute Premo for this...Drake being on Premo's list is a pure fucking joke though...The only reason why Drake is on this list is because he hung out with Premo for a mere moment and then said he wanted Premier on his next album which I seriously doubt that Premier will be on Drake's second album...Premier needs to wake the fuck up and stop being so damn gullible from eating the words off of these mainstream dudes like Kanye and Drake because they will always tell you shit that's not gonna be true in the end...Stick to your underground roots Premo and stop trying to catch some fast big money on your dish from these bullshit pop artists who promise you shit that ain't true...What happened to Kanye is gonna happen next to Drake you guys just wait and see...Sorry Premo but you are not gonna be on Drake's next album especially if Lil Wayne has a say so in it since Drake is with Young Money...It doesnt hurt to ask these mainstream dudes but Premo should already know what the end result is gonna be...Premo knows that Drake album ain't shit but he just put Drake on there because Drake took sometime to hang out with him when he didn't have to so that explains Drake being on the list...Drake shouldn't have been on that list and I don't give a fuck if Drake hung out with Premier...He should've been fair and put Eminem on there if that was the case...So Premier is basically saying that Drake's bullshit album is was the best album in 2010 over Eminem's Recovery? RFLMAO!!! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! Stay the fuck outta of worrying about the mainstream world DJ Premier and stick to putting your favorite underground rap albums in the best of your yearly lists only and stop fidgeting with rap that exists in the pop world homie because the rappers in the pop world ain't even thinking about you homie...I bet it was Jay-Z that told Kanye to leave you off the album and get some cuts...Remember the last time you worked with Jay was Jay-Z's "In My Lifetime Vol.3" and you guys never worked with each other ever again because Jay-Z kept turning your shit down so shouldn't that be a sign or what...Jay is behind Kanye not using your beats for that Dark Twisted album...You should know how close Jay and Kanye is...And Jay seems like the type that's not gonna tell you that your beats are garbage and not what they use to be Premo...Jay is a hidden snake...This is the man who said that "Women lie,Men lie,and numbers don't" so when Jay told you the reason why he couldn't get beats from you is because you were always late and not on time is a lie Premo...I wouldn't believe none of the shit Jay-Z says because quite honestly Jay will never tell you that your beats are garbage Premo because Jay's a passive bitch and afraid to so he just won't use it and will save face and make up an excuse or a lie as to why he couldn't use your beats Premo...Your shit will always be hot and on fire Premo...Just stop fuckin' with niggaz like Kanye and Jay-Z because they are not gonna tell you the truth about how you should make your beats for them...They are just not gonna use them and then just give you some lame duck ass excuse as to why they didn't use it...and don't let Drake do you the same...Guru wouldn't want you selling out like this DJ Premier...Guru wouldn't want you putting your faith into rap niggaz in the mainstream world who no longer give a shit about you...It's the underground that will always love you Premier...Leave Jay,Kanye,Drake,J.Cole,Eminem,and whatever mainstream rap nigga's soul that has been taken by the mainstream the fuck alone...Leave them the fuck alone and forget about them...You took Eminem's vocals and used them for that "Key's To The City" beat and Eminem never released it...I remember Eminem saying that he trashed certain songs for his "Recovery" album that he wasn't going to use...Who's to say if Eminem trashed that "Keys To The City" song that Premier did in his spare time for Em...Premo even said himself that Eminem sent Premo the vocals to put over the beat and Premo said sounded it crazy as fuck but we have yet to hear it and i bet Marshall Mathers trashed it...See these are the true reasons as to why Premo left your pop boys Eminem and Kanye off that best of 2010 list of his...You don't shit on Preme and get away with it but clowns like Eminem and Kanye don't care because they are getting pussy and money and could care less about respect towards cats like Premier,Pete Rock,and Large Professor...Pussy and money is the only thing that matters to them now since they've entered the mainstream...The mainstream teaches them to forget about working with legends like Premo,Q-Tip,Large Professor,and Pete Rock because the mainstream knows that these guys are real Hip-Hop and the mainstream is suppose to be fake Hip-Hop so they try to push Premo,Pete,The Abstract,and Extra P away from being on major projects for Eminem and Kanye and Drake and whatever other artists in the mainstream that want to work with those great producers...Premo needs to stop being but hurt over that and just stick to his underground shit...If Kanye,Drake,J.Cole,Eminem,Jay-Z,and whomever else wants to really,really, seriously work with DJ Premier one on one and actually put the track on the album and not leave it off like the bitches that they are then they will know where to find Premier...Other than that Premier needs to move on and stop worrying about these clown ass money-pussy hungry pop niggaz and keep it moving to the next real shit that's about to explode and that's what Premo is doing by leaving Kanye and Eminem off that list...Seriously he should've left Drake off that list because I don't think he should even be the fuck on there and I don't give a fuck if Drake hung out with Premo for 6 hours...His bullshit R&B crap should not be on there so stop suckin' him off for that mere moment you guys shared Preme because Drake is no different than that snake Jay-Z that exists in that world you guys call Illuminati...

    • Chupps

      What the fuck. I love reading opinions, some of the comments on this site are fucking hilarious. But this right here... This shit.. Ain't nobody gonna read this shit. I gotta fucking scroll down to get to the bottom... I hope it wasn't all about Ye and Premo or you're a certified nut gobbler.

    • Nick McComb

      There's no way I'm reading this comment. I don't know if you made good points or not but if you're gonna write something this long nobody is really gonna read it on here. Write for a newspaper or something cause nobody cares what your opinion is on this site.

    • Anonymous

      haha u guys actually read that article

    • Ama Hussla

      preem did not produce for finding forever, he did the cuts on "the game", that's it...

    • Black Alien

      I see what your trying to sat ....but Ye's using those songs for his album with Jay...Preemo produced on Commons finding forever wich is on GOOD music...Stop with the Illuminati shit...Its only conglomerates...who control perceptions which equals world dominance...

  • blackula

    Premier's yearly top lists are always terrible. Cube's album doesn't belong near any list. Marcberg at #19, but that rushed, cut and past Wu Massacre at # 4?? naw. This is better than his lists the past few years though.

  • spook-1


  • spook-1

    These comments are dumb...a bunch of whiners! THIS LIST IS 'HIS' TOP 25....quit bitchin! Who said that the ones YOU chose is any better? i think the dumbest comment is somebody whining about him choosing his 'friends' on his list. He worked with alot of people in hip hop and formed relationships, both business and personal. Just because of that, he can't include them on his list? YALL GTFOH!

  • Anonymous

    solid list by premier, 2 all of you complaining, make your own list and post it instead of wining like betches. pz.

  • potato_w_jive

    "The ___? is mostly comprised of veterans such as Ice Cube, Bun B, KRS-One, Fat Joe, and Scarface," The WHAT? is mostly comprised of veterans? Another editorial mistake, DX! grr. Stop letting interns proofread your content.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye , Eminem GTFOH!!

  • Mc Hype

    Where's Kanye's album, Em's album im surprised he listed cube's album and cube's album was named the most disappointing album of the year.

  • Curtis75Black

    If "FANS" brought music like they complained about stupid issues like the next mans favorites, Hip Hop would be in a better place. I purchased 13 off his list. Pretty decent .

  • gbladdr

    I guess Premo feels bitter about being left out of Kanye's MBDTF. He was even stiffed on doing scratches for 'Mama's Boyfriend', thinking it would be a bonus track. Probably would've been in his top 5 if he was on it. (For the record, IMO he should've been on MBDTF; it felt too short). Some of his inclusions are questionable. Can't front though. DJ Premier is a hip-hop legend, and is completely and undisputably entitled to his own opinion.

    • gbladdr

      I didn't say I didn't like MBDTF; it's actually my album of the year! Got it on constant repeat since I bought it on release day. I even ripped the CD as lossless files for my PC and iPod, as I thought the quality-compromising MP3 format wasn't worthy of how sonically brilliant this album is. Just sayin' if there was one flaw (although a very small one), it would be that it left me wanting for more, i.e. felt short, which is where a Premo or Pete Rock banger comes in.

    • 3rd Son

      Have you seen the new source mag??? Kanye got a 5mic Classic! and the production artists shown on the mag are as fallows: RZA, Q-TIP, DJ PREMIER, NO I.D. AND OTHERS... Look it up. its the source mag with Ross n khalifa in the front. 1

  • C'mon Son

    preme frontin b dat list is average at best wu massacre wasnt even dat nice and ima wu tang fan joeana was wacc teflon don was iight rah digga was poppin dis year doe

  • whatitlooklike

    Theres good albums on that list but i can't take it seriously.. The order is way fucked up plus he got officer (never moved drugs) ricky on there. And fuck freeway too, got his head all stuck up in jay z ass crack its unreal. '

  • Shawn Wynn

    Am I bugging or did he not list Eminem?

  • ninetees addict

    Best album of the year, hands down : VINNIE PAZ - SEASON OF THE ASSASSIN this is only for the true hiphop heads, peeriod.

  • Anonymous

    how culdd rick ross and drake be higher in that list then ice cube...let alone everyone else

  • Vegard Møller

    This is actually a horrible list. Wu Massacre and I Am The West was both weak. Would've expected more, Premo.

  • 1984

    Here's my list 1. Shut 2.the 3.fuck 4. up 5. no 8.a 9.flying 10.fuck and my sick raps: Yo I like tits your top 10? nobody gives a shit!

  • ts5000

    ghostface's album apollo kids sounded the same as his other albums bun b has the best album of 2010 trill OG

  • Chris McCloud Wade

    He got Gas Mask on there! Dope..The best thing about these list are...ITS his list bro dont read so deep into whats not on it and focus on what is..Maybe you missed some of the shit he posted on it....Personally I think Experiment in Instrumentation and The Hybrid should be on it but Im not bitching it is what it is.

  • darren smith

    i'm sure Premier is kicking himself for not puting ill bill and dj muggs in his list, damn... must be smoking

  • Anonymous

    premier may not give a fuck about the mainstreem, but preme's beatz stay on that authentic hardcore rap nigga level

  • Drake Dilla

    Yo Slum Village deserved recognition for Villa Manifesto...and how and the hell did Nas & Damien Marley not make it to the top of the list??? Another honorable mention, what about Foreign Exchange Authencity even tho it aint really classified as hip anymore, it should be hip hop/soul/r&b...Also Onra...tho he's just a producer...Right on the money with GF and Apollo Kids...dope album...

  • Kevo Bibbs

    No Ye? Ha this nigga just jealous 'cause Kanye is one of the best producers in the game now and he can rap...fuck this nigga

  • Blu

    Here's my rap: I whip it hard like my cock Doin' nothin but smokin' rocks Bust they ass and nut over they face Tellin' your a motherfuckin disgrace Bitch, they call them the cum jizzer I play b-ball like a fuckin wizard Twilight in this bitch, Edward Cullen Rapin' the game like Rick Ross, ballin' Nigga motherfuck where you came from Fuck with me and yo face filled with cum I'm done, because you can't fuck with my rap All you niggaz suck, y'all fuckin' crap I worship Blu because he ain't a flake Unlike you fags who like Cudi or Drake Best in the rap game, freshmen of 09 Because Blu is the best rapper of this time

    • Jeff S H Lee

      word is bond, this shit is on par with lil wayne. better than jeezy for sure. WAY OVER waka's head and no competition versus soulja kid.

  • Anonymous

    30. Ice Cube-I Am The West 29. Little Brother-Leftback 28. CNN-The War Report 2 27. Ras Kass-ADIDAS 26. Vado- Slime Flu
 25. Nappy Roots- Pursuit of Nappysness
 24. Crooked I- Planet C.O.B vol 1 23. Nottz: You need this music 22. Lloyd Banks- HFM2 21. Bun B- Trill O.G. 20. Black Milk-Album Of The Year 19. Fabolous - There Is No Competition 2 18. Murs nd 9th Wonder- Fornever 17. Fat Joe-The Darkside 
16. Cassidy- CASH 15. Freeway & JakeOne: Simulus Package 
14. 1982- 19882
 13. B.o.B: Adevntures of bobby ray 12. Pimp C- The Naked Soul of sweet jones 
11. Reflection Eternal- Revolutions Per Minute 10. DJ Premier-Year Round Records: Get Used To Us
 9. TI- No Mercy 8. Nas & Damian Marley- Distant Relatives 

7. Tech N9NE- Collabos-The Gates Mixed Plate
 6. Eminem- Recovery 
5. Wu Tang Clan- Wu Massacre
4. 4. Ghostface Killah- Apollo Kids 
3. The Roots- How I Got Over
 2. Big Boi- Sir Luscious Left Foot
 1. Kanye West- My Beautful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  • represent

    cant care less about this list, he can listen to whateva he wants, but daaaamn premo roll up to nas and force that nigga to make an album with ya! u two have done nuthin but classics together!

  • SuperGucciRap

    You guys rely on this nigga who only takes pictures of himself showing off his tat? Man fuck this guy. Albert Einstein said he invented songs by listening to It's Gucci Time by Gucci Mane. Nigga, this was the best albums of 2010 (no mixtapes) 1. Gucci Mane- The Appeal 2. Justin Bieber- My World 2.0 3. Taylor Swift- Speak Now 4. Waka Flocka Flame- Flockaveli 5. Lil Wayne- I'm Not A Human Being 6. Soulja Boy- The DeAndre Way 7. Vinnie Paz- Season of Assassin 8. Canibus- C Of Tranquility 9. Far East Movement- Free Wired 10. Ke$ha- Animal 11. Lifehouse- Smoke & Mirrors 12. Maroon 5- Hands All Over 13. John Mayer- Battle Studies 14. My Chemical Romance- Danger Days 15. Train- Save Me San Francisco 16. Flo Rida- One And Only 17. Ludacris- Battle Of Sexes 18. Big Boi- Sir Luscious Left Foot 19. Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday 20. Black Eyed Peas- The Beginning Worst Albums 1. Eminem- Recovery 2. Nas/Damien Marley- Distant Relatives 3. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 4. Drake- Thank Me Later 5. B.o.B- Adventures of Bobby Ray 6. Kid Cudi- Man On The Moon II 7. Linkin Park- A Thousand Suns 8. The Roots- How I Got Over 9. Ne-Yo- Libra Scale 10. Lloyd Banks- Hunger For More II 11. Ice Cube- I Am The West 12. Usher- Raymond V. Raymond 13. Murs- Fornever 14. Atmosphere- To All My Friends 15. Little Brother- LeftBack 16. Cee-Lo Green- Lady Killer 17. Bruno Mars- Doo-Wops 18. Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare 19. Disturbed- Asylum 20. Jamie Foxx- Best Night Of My Life It's Gucci Time!

  • Caucasian Rockwell

    reflection eternal - rpms

  • jack johnson

    ooh come on DJ Premier you can't just name all your friends at the top i've listened to a lot of those cd's and some of those were wack, and last year he put a cd he produced himself as number 1 (blaq poet) and he's got his own compilation as number 2? damn dude i can't take this list seriously

  • Sam Wartenbee

    The Roots deserve top five status at the very least!

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Who would have thought Dj Premier would have such a shit list. At least it wasn't as bad as the usual shit they put on this website.

  • Anonymous

    can someone explain to me what made drakes album so good, could it be the mumbling he does over every beat,the guest rappers who out do him,his talk about love or the horrible singing using autotune?

  • Yeah I said it

    APOLLO KIDS motherfuckers! My fav album of the year. Preemo is on point with this list for the most part.

  • Money Emp

    Thats What's Up Premo,Dopeman Muzik only proves that Brad Jordan still is your favorite rapper's,Rapper.@Zeek Premo from T.X.

  • wickwickwack

    primo always been politically correct with his friends...i wouldnt be surprised if he only listened to these releases But it kinda makes sense,they all sync well with his own style


    I just wanna know why Recovery and Distant Relatives is not on the list???

    • TempoClash

      Because Recovery was mad over rated!! Ur right with distant relatives tho - good album... i think big boi's lp shudda been ther too and J Lives!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think any of those records are better than nas/damien marley - distant relatives

  • Really

    This is premos list... Not yours And if you guys are complaining about nas not being on the list... Any real nas or premo fan knows how premo is very vocal about him disliking any nas album without him putting a hand on it... And any nas fan feels the same way... Even about nas and pete rock... Everyone has been waiting on that shit to come full circle... We not asking or expecting another illmatic.. But as fans we deserve to hear what the fuck we really want... And premo knows all of nas hardcore fans want that shit.. I love that distant relatives joint. BUt theres nothing like hearing nas and premo.. That is the best unofficial duo that ever was.. And i too flipped when i saw thank me later.. But you know what i go back to my first point... Thats premos list... Act like u never been looked at crazy when you have a top 5 of anything list discussion with your friends... Thats the beauty of hip hkp.. Individuality... If you want people to give a fuck about your list.. Work for it... Thers a reason why this site is reblogging premos list.. Premo didnt pop out last night..

    • onelove

      thats the realest shit someone has ever written on this website. Give us nas and premo again!

    • Anonymous

      I own every Nas album n I couldnt give a fuck if he ever spits over a preemo beat again, so your mos def wrong about Nas hardcore fans

  • Anonymous

    Hip hop fans are such bitches. this is not your fucking list! Not everybody is on your favorite artist dick like you are. Jesus Christ.

    • TempoClash

      i couldnt agree more - why are hip hop fans so protective over ther favourites - its gay as fuck!!! people are allowed to like different music, we dont all have to like the same shit - the majority of music people get protective over is shit too!

  • LOFL

    His personal list ladies and gents, not yours. Lol at all you pussies mad and catching feelings about your fav albums not being on HIS list. Fucking guppies.

  • G

    haha he may be a good producer but his list sucks, teflon don over how i got over? joke. teflon don was maybe in the top 50. Thank me later was also one of the worst albums. And he puts a Roc Mariacno album on here but no Big Boi. Kanye, Big Boi, nd Nas/DamianJr all had the best albums of the year. Recovery? Reflection Eternal? Pimp C? WTF!

  • David James Robinson

    Premo's tripping. Drake didn't come harder than Recovery, or Distant Relatives.

  • Ummmm

    Wheres 'Nas/Damien Marley's album? wheres kanyes? and where the fuck is BiBoi's album?! How i got Over should have been higher up and drake either not there or 25.

  • Anonymous

    And No Nas either? GAY!

  • Anonymous

    No Big Boi? No Kanye? No Em? Gay.

  • FourSix

    Crap list. Thought DJ Premier would have better taste but in all likelihood he felt he had to include some artists just because they're big names and was afraid of offending them.

  • TheRealFree

    I can't believe The Legendary Producer DJ Premier put drake on his list???? WTF is this world coming too???? I mean it is his list but C'Mon MAN!!! And Ice Cube???? REALLY???? The rest I don't have a problem with but drake and cube???

  • Javier Martinez

    I'm shocked that someone so dope can have such a shitty list. I'm just gonna give Preem the benefit of the doubt & assume he made this list in the 5 minutes after he woke up one day. We all know what that's like, before our brains are in full gear.

  • CC

    This is a respectable list, besides Drake, and it is not like the garbage list HipHopDx put out.

  • Joe0226

    *bitter, not better

  • Joe0226

    Lol I love his music, but Preemo's list is garbage... No Kanye and no Big Boi, but Ice Cube and Rick Ross?? Sounds like Preemo might be better that he didn't make Ye's new album like he was expected to. And GK's album was pretty good but certainly not even close to number one.

  • hellrazor24

    i would only exclude drake.

    • gary rue

      Would GURU even stand in a room with DRAKE ? NO ! This clown with his sissy ass ponderings about overnight success and bullshit. Preemo has hurt my heart here !

  • Anonymous

    distant relatives????????????????????

  • GamesOver

    Premo's obviously mad that Kanye never used beat cos there's no way you can say 'Thank Me Later' is better than 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. But, hey, it's his opinion so let's it be.

  • Money L

    No Friday Night Lights J.Cole Drake is trash and @Zeek u r lame for that comment about ny niggaz don't know music Jealousy is a weak emotion you gotta overcome lame!!

  • PTONE814


  • Fuck DJ Premier

    Fuck DJ Premier I hope this Nigger burns in Hell for putting Thank Me Later on that list of his

  • ItsTheTruth

    'Mood Muzik 4' was the album of the year, and it was only a mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    atleast he put skyzoo and fat joe and left out that gay kanye shit!

  • Beezlebud

    No Slum Village - Villa Manifesto No Black Milk - Album of the Year No Canibus - C of Tranquility No Big Boi - Sir Lucious No Inspectah Deck - The Manifesto No fuckin clue what preemo be smokin on BEEZLEBUD HOLLAH ON TWITTER

  • Ebonics

    its his list so no point in hating, but man comon wheres distant relatives we know u must have smoked a j to that....

  • Zeek

    Alot of albums from the 99 cent bin I see. Music business version of straight to video.

  • Emimemfan

    no recovery? Or my dark twisted fantasy? At least SOMETHING that made the top 40. Thank me later doesn't count cuz it sucked. And why'd you put your OWN lp on the list?

  • Anonymous

    stfu everyone. he said his favorite lps of 2010, not the best that every loser commenter on hhdx thinks is the best of 2010. get over yourselves and respect his opinion.

    • mello

      exactly. this is what PREMIER liked. It's up here so that if you respect the man's musical taste, you can see what he's been listening to and enjoying - what music informed his style this year. There are hundreds of great albums - these are what one of Hiphop's greatest producers of all time enjoyed. And you fans are mad cause your opinion isn't reflected? It's nice to see a list that isn't all main stream big money albums, Premiere holds down the underground. What you want him to pick the same as The Grammy's? If you can't find 5 albums on his list that you love, then you got issues. For me (not you) it's The Left, Skyzoo & Illmind, Nottz, Roc Marciano, and Ghostface.

  • StudioRat

    Where the hell is Sir Lucious LeftFoot @?

  • mello

    The Left "GasMask"!!! Again and again! Big up to DJ Premier & HHDX for keeping their ears wide open and their taste on point

  • A.Y. Vyas

    no Distant Relatives???? or Recovery? funny how he put his own ish #2...

  • 718rob

    not mad at this list. Cool he acknowledged The Left. Skyzoo & Illmind was a fucking snooze though.

  • Anonymous

    tefon don was the best album of the year i think the haters even know it wale about to blow to MAYBACH MUSIC about to blow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ second

    very poor list where are dj muggs & Ill Bill for christ sake ???? Where is KNO ??? stick to making beats

  • Lenny

    LOL... This nigga put Drake's Thank Me Later and Rick Ross' Teflon Don on his list but not Kanye's album? LMAO aint no way Drake's album can be better than his... DJ Premier must be still mad that Kanye didn't use that beat he made for him for his album...

  • Anonymous

    First!...Trinidad Stand UP! haha. Yo this list is garbage....and he put his own album up as #2.....get the fuck outta here! Stick to making beats mane...this list shit is not your thing.

    • gary rue

      I must agree Recovery was not a great album. But it did have some moments ! Although we are all simply expressing an opinion. He forgot to put GARY RUE "NEVER ME" the illest video on youtube HAHA just fooling ! Although it is good !

    • Zeek

      He's a NY nigga. They don't like shit that sounds like music.

    • Anonymous

      Garbage ain't supposed to be on a top 25 list. Recovery was garbage.

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