DMX's Ex-Wife Claims Arizona Police Conspired To Arrest Him

Tashera Simmons says "It was a set-up" after her ex-husband was sentenced to a year this month for a parole violation.

Last week, Yonkers, New York emcee DMX was sentenced to another year in prison for a parole violation in Arizona. The former Def Jam Records superstar was found with numerous drugs in his possession, as well as a suspended license - the latest in a long series of substance abuse and driving violations.

In the wake of the sentencing, DMX's ex-wife Tashera Simmons has spoken publicly against local authorities, claiming there is a conspiracy to keep her troubled ex behind bars. "Ge only had three weeks left [of probation], and they set him up," said Tashera Simmons to Street Disciplez Radio. "Because he was in a rehab that they put him in because he was driving dirty, and they gave him permission to go do a show. How do you give someone that's supposed to be in a rehab permission to do a show? It was a set-up, and then X, I can't even believe that he even took a drink knowing the situation."

A video capture of the interview can be heard below:


  • Anonymous

    Stop all the color shit, I'm white and my friends are white, and we've been in a lot of trouble in life, some unjust, corrupted shit. DMX just happens to be in Arizona, a fucked up, honkie, chuck norris state. The whole police system is full of wanna be super heroes, probably all have John Wayne posted in their cubicle. Arizona is a whack state period, I don't get why people wanna live there, it's just a big desert full of criminals and meth. DMX has lived a fucked up life, learn the shit this guy went through and you'll see he has some serious demons, and it's hard to cope with those demons when the only thing that's ever taken the pain away is drugs. DMX is ALWAYS gonna turn to some form of drug, it's how he's programmed now, he was lost before he even became famous. DMX just needs to get the fuck out of that state, he's from New York but lives in Arizona? Come on! And don't start with the color stuff, it's 2011 people, everyone gets fucked with, cops beating up and killing white people too, sorry if that hurts, but it's the truth you dumb fucking MTV followers. DMX is an important piece of hip hop, he was coming up in the beginning of the end, right when lyricism was dying and all this Soulja Boy shit started taking over, Chicken Noodle Soup??? I hope the best for DMX, but it's too late, the man is fucked up emotionally, FOR LIFE! Let him cope how he wants to cope, but stop living in a lame racist state, and stop getting caught.

  • niya

    I am a true DMX fan and I must say that I agree with Tashera. X came into this game with this drug problem and knowing many drug abusers it is very easy to get caught up and fight this addiction. As for the police, look at any rappers who has something of substance to contribute to the industry they all get a record. X had/has an approach to his music that speak to the true essence of many men of color today. We have all the non people of color getting off easy for selling drugs on college campuses and stealing from department stores. Please people wake up and stop falling for the hype and lies. The police, this government are all conspirators in the demise of the have nots whether you are Black, White, Asian, etc. we are pawns in their game. Don't let the lil Wayne's, Kobe's and Oprah's fool you its just an enticement to make us this that the world is ours. Nuff said. Stay strong X you have fans out there rooting for you. My girl Tashera, shout outs to you for sticking it out as long as you did but still respect your ex enough to speak on his behalf.


    personally, i think it was a set up.. he might have used drugs and other shit back in the day, but if you see his recent interviews youll see that hes humble, religious and not how the "media" make him out to be fuck the media, the crooked police.. X will always have that respect from me, call me crazy but this is illuminati connected and please dont say shit unless you really know whats going on

    • James Baker

      cosign 100%! Glad to see someone on here whos talking with some sense.He is being set up BIG TIME.Just watch.....Look at Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle.Speak out first warning career next image then DEATH.

  • kennyken

    honestly boss thug, we know po po's. they will set you up. but he allowed the set up to happen. but i do hate that they exploit rappers like this. just check the numbers. look at the amount of time rappers are getting according to these people who have very succcessful mothers or fathers. they are getting the easy route. and we cant argue that their crimes aren't as serious. they are getting caught with the same shit boss.

  • willie

    how is it a set up,, he had the drugs,, if he is doing a show,, and travel is involved,, is it really hard to get that other friend, homey, carry the needs in another car.. or is it just the fact he is a junkie , addict ,, and a easy mark

  • Anonymous

    hold ya head big homie.

  • qwety56


  • Nico 3

    In a weird way, the ex wife has to feel some kind of pleasure only in that X had a kid with somebody else. Unless he's got more money and she needs it, cut your losses and be glad you aren't married to this self destructive loser anymore.

  • JG3

    Yeah, he was set up? Really? Give me a logical reason how DMX was set up? Don't worry I'll wait...LOL...Get the fuck out of here! All the chances them people have given him and he still CHOOSES to fuck up...FUCK DMX...All the people that supported him, he responds with violation after violation. Keep his dumb ass in jail...

    • mancomeonson

      agree with say it was a swig of LIQUOR...ok...THIS NIGGA IS ON PROBATION AND KEEP VIOLATING IT...WHAT THE FUCK SON..SO WE SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR A NIGGA THAT TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME (YOU GET THE PICTURE) AGAIN KEEP DOIN THE SAME FUCK SHIT TO BREAK THE LAW...don't care how petty it is...he needs to cut it the fuck think he the only nigga on the planet with a drug/substance problem??? You assholes ain't helping this nigga by tellin him/being convinced he was set up when his ass is KNOWINGLY doing the shit he not supposed to do...oh yea...I guess my intelligence level is that of a "soulja boy" track an M. Ed asshole...go take a drink with X and tell him he'll be home soon...the system just "tryna keep him down"

    • FreetheX

      Do you even know what landed him back in jail? A swig of liqueur, he didn't even get a chance at a buzz.. keep hatin. Shouldn't you be listening to a soulja boy song right now anyways?

  • FreetheX

    Of course he was set up.. He will get set up again too..

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