Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Cipha Sounds' Haitian Comments

The Power 105.1 deejay/personality delivered a heated on-air speech after hearing about Cipha Sounds' offensive comments toward Haitian women.

New York radio stations’ Power 105.1 morning host Charlamagne Tha God had a few choice words for veteran deejay Cipha Sounds after hearing about his controversial on-air comments toward Haitian women last week.

“I’m from the south, so I know about hatred toward ethnic groups. So when he said that he reps Haitians heavy and he says ‘sak pase’ before all his parties, it was the equivalent to a racist red neck getting called out on being racist and saying to the people, ‘I’m not racist, all my best friends are black.’”

Referring to the tragic earthquake in Haiti this past January, as well as a recent cholera outbreak that his killed over 2,500 Haitians, Charlamagne continued, “Any person who would throw hate at the Haitians at any time, but especially at this moment and time…A person like this doesn’t care about the people period.”

Charlamagne Tha God added that his anger and disappointment toward this situation extends to Hot 97, who he believes did not punish the deejay enough for his comments. “[Hot 97] ‘so-called’ suspended a guy during the holidays. He was gonna be off anyway! They don’t care about the people, so why do we care about them?”

You can listen to the full audio clip below.  




  • vero

    oh get over it its ok 4 us 2 chill and call each other niggas and have stand up comedians talk shit about black people and latinos but that shit is ok u dont see does fuckers saying sorry or that white guy who called the black women basketball team black nappy headed women what happen to him he got fire pay some dough and know his back on air let me guess discrimination is only 4haitians what about every1 who gets treated like shit on tv on air and on the street no1 due shit so if u going 2 take a stand 4 racist comments due 4 everyone dont get hype 4 1 race stop crying this is life we all go threw it but we take a stand 4 all not 4 1 we are all the same when u get cut what color is your blood red so fight for everyone not 4 1

  • Anonymous

    charlamagne you need rating like a crack head need a hit you clown c'mon son

  • Anthony

    Charlamagne tha god is a clown..."your from the south so you know all about hatred towards ethinc groups"...that shitt goes on everywhere homie..not just in the south...stop trying to exploit cipha will never be the radio personality him and rosenberg are...and I heard your corny "breakfast club" in the say just as bad deragotory things to that chick on your show...calling her a "slut" and shitt..those words are offensive to all women so stop acting all high and mighty you bird ni**A...


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    I know i'm going to catch hell for what i'm about to say next but I have to say it, as it is killing me inside. Hispanic women no matter if they are white or black tend to have the strongest strain of HIV known to man. And their HIV is known to transform into full blown AIDS over night. I swear to god..Google it...its deep yall. stay away from any females who have Hispanic Blood. Something not right with that ethnicity. I'm telling yall for real. And those light skin Dominican Girls consistently top the list for strogest strains of HIV and other STD's...In one rare case this light skin Dominican chick had herpes simplex virus 360 and chlamydia 1000. Once again do not have sex with Hispanic women (ethnic) no matter their race.The lighter they are (white) the worse. They are tainted for real. Thats why they chew bubblegum real loud and wear big metal ear rings.. I hear it keeps their blood from boiling over. Hispanic Illuminati Girls are no joke. Be safe white and black men stay away from ethnically hispanic people. Including Cameron Diaz. And the white Sammy Sosa is a confirmed HIV-Gipper102 carrier. In other words he is immune to the effects of HIV and is major function is as a host to this certain viral death.

    • Krookz

      u got the virus right? Phuck u, u racist pig. I hope u get with the HIV, herpes, chlamydia, cancer and all diseases known to mankind

  • kawwwwwwz

    that is a picture of Charlamagne Tha God dressed like a woman in horrible drag!

  • Wizedome

    @ Anonymous...all Haitians stand up!!! Cipha Sounds does not rep the Haitian community because he greets them in their language...he's a fraud and does not deserve to represent Hot 97...Furthermore, i would never want someone like him representing our Haitian community with his ignorance!!!!

  • STFU

    Blah Blah Blah Your a DJ on an opposing Station, lol, nobodies fooled, You kicking the enemy when there down, had this statement come from one of your co hosts you'd be defending them STFU

  • The-Influence

    Charlmagne is a clown who always likes to talk tuff on air for ratings. He has said hurtful/hateful things about many people and is the last one to talk now. He's just begging for more ratings that's all. Close your mouth and move back down south. Nobody likes you.

    • Rherhe

      All the negativeand ignorant people need to shut their mouth and go back to school and educate themselves. Charlamagne is talking about how he felt about the comment that stupid ciphe made just like others who aren't haitian said their not too happy about the comment themselves.Go hang yourselves if yall aint got nothing to do than to hate on Charlamagne. Go hate on the criminals, thief, and the idiot who is ciphe. He's speech and ciphe's speech which one is more convincing. Certainly not ciphe. All of yall ehoz after the positive and good things, listen to 105.1 but as for yall whoz all about negative things for yourself, you guys can go that stupid station which I would say at least half of the population won't listen to anyways. But remember whatever choice you make, will have an impact on you and you will pay for the consequence. You do the good and right things, good will follow. You do the bad and wrong things, bad things will follow. Whatever choice you make now, wait for the positive/negative outcome.

    • Lankh

      Fuck your bullshit. Charlemagne stood up against Cipha's sillyness, that's all. Everybody has to stand up against muthufuckas who spread their bullshits. So FUCK Cipha. Hope he has a good karma.

    • Anonymous

      @ realityrap LMAO!!! Get real, Cthagod aint put himslef on the line for nobody, he taking advantage of an opposing stations bad publicity and kicking them while there down, dont be suckered by this idiot, he's trying to take listeneres and thats all, he probably thinks the joke is funny and would be defending cypher if the dude was on his station

    • realityrap

      I would have to agree with you charlamagne tha god is definitely an asshole, but he is a stand up guy......I have much respect for this man after he put himself on the line for the people of haitian.....I for one dont see that much difference in an african american or a haitian......I was terribly disappointed that wack ass al sharpton, jesse jackson, and even the naacp has not gotten involved......this just shows the unity amongst our people, and there is people are divided into streets, neighborhoods, cities, states, regions, and even nations.....but for some reason we cannot come together......

  • Anonymous

    haitians dont take shit from nobody fuck yall

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