Nicki Minaj Says Kanye West is Her Mentor

The Barbie describes her relationship with Kanye, saying he has become her mentor and explains how "Monster" came to be.

One of the year's highlights for Nicki Minaj has been her show stopping performance on Kanye West's "Monster." In fact, the cut has already earned her a Year-End Award Presented by HipHopDX for "Verse of the Year." But it seems Kanye is much more than another artist for Nicki as she recently spoke with RWD about her relationship with West, noting he has become her mentor.

"Well I was great friends with Amber Rose when they were dating and she hadrecommended me to him for his album and finally I guess he relented [laughs]," Minaj said of meeting West, before explaining how her "Monster" verse was created. "One day I got a call from her and she said Kanye wanted me to come down to Hawaii and record for the album. He told me I could pick what I wanted to be on. I heard the beat for 'Monster.' I fell in love with it and that’s how the "Monster" verse happened."

Their partnership did not end there. When Minaj was getting closer to releasing her own album, she said she needed Kanye West to be a part of it. 

"When it came to me putting my album out, I was like ‘I can’t have an album without Kanye. He has to be a part of it.' He’s become my mentor, he gives meadvice, he hits me, takes random pictures off-line and says ‘Oh this is a good picture of you.' He’s really into fashion so he’s a good person to have a well-roundedconversation with." 



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  • Brandon Payne

    Bleh and Bleh to the both of them., I loved kanye's first two albums and the single to graduations but the way everybody was and IS on his nuts about his recent music I don't get cause I'm just not feeling it nearly as much as his older shit, but I've gotta throw in there tho that his Live show is Amazing, he puts on a REALLY, REALLY good live show.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    cool, the fag and the retard are now collaborating. Someone should tell Ye to man up and Nicki to stop putting out those stupid faces. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Atl2Trill

    Typical choosy hoe. I wonder Weezy thinks about these comments? Also Nicki slick called Kanye a perv in another interview.

  • Lil Kim

    "In fact, the cut has already earned her a Year-End Award Presented by HipHopDX for "Verse of the Year."--wow what an accomplishment congrats Nicki!

  • ummm humm

    Naw Bitch this Dick is your Mentor

  • Dat Nigga Manny

    Young mooooolah baby ahaha jk...I thought she said wayne was?..idk i guess moral of the story is dont get locked up or ur bitch gonna leave you for another man ahaha jk

  • Imafanandlongtimeviewerofyoursite

  • Random

    Minaj goes hard guy or girl...She has bars!! Have you heard of ROCKSTAR MUZIK.... be apart of something greater

  • Anonymous

    Kanye should sign her it will do wonders. GOOD Music would be dope with female rapper on the label. YM just a bunch of corny ass niggas anyway

  • Rama22

    I can c right thru Nicki's donk a** n she gonna b in this rapsh*t 4 mo'than three yrs n then another chick will blow up. I own every Ye' disc expect 4 88's & heartbreak.

  • wayne and gudda gudda

    the nerve of dis girl!! wayne is yo mentor and he put you on!! dont disrespect da king weezy!!! ym$ mafia

  • Anonymous


  • Buduiza

    What's so special about her monster verse? It sounds special but in a bad way, the different voices are more annoying than em's voice on relapse.

  • Anonymous


  • TIP

    Kanye West is the greatest artist of all time!!! Haterz fall back

  • What!

    "he gives meadvice, he hits me, takes random pictures off-line". Oh Kanye you *wags finger*

  • Anonymous

    Kanye her mentor eeeek!! her shit is some weak trash, it will be over in a minute!

  • Anonymous

    David Banner & 9th Wonder: Death Of A Pop Star (December 21, 2010) GO GET IT. SOULFUL HIP-HOP CLASSIC!!!!! "SUPPORT THE TRUTH, SUPPORT REAL INDY HIP-HOP"!!!

  • Anonymous

    They deserve each other, lol

    • Twinblades

      Haha agree these niggas say anybody that sales more than 1 copy is overrated lol! Just stop the bullshit and listen to good music. Also kanye is not overrated lol!

    • J-hunt da Prodigy

      Everytime somebody has a fanbase, they have to become overrated don't they. J. Cole ain't even had a top 40 single yet, and he's somehow overrated. The word overrated is getting just as annoyin as the words Stan and Dick rider

    • Anonymous

      I was referring to the talent side of "Deserving each other" An Over-rated Crybaby and a Goofy Lil Kim Knock off......E Harmony couldnt make a better match

    • Charles ExSavior

      ^ one with Tourettes at that.

    • Anonymous

      yeah kanye does deserve a fine chocolate sista

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