Snoop Dogg, Soopafly To Be Featured On The LBC Crew's "Haven't You Heard"

UPDATE: Daz, Kurupt and Snoop Dogg are featured, with Snoop being executive producer.

At the height of Death Row Records' success, Snoop Dogg was given his Doggystyle Records imprint. On his 1996 hit, "Snoop's Upside Ya Head," the Long Beach rapper confirmed this with "Doggystyle Records is now official." Although he would revive the imprint several years later, the rapper had initially signed an impressive would-be roster of Tray Deee, Soopafly and The LBC Crew. The last outfit, consisting of Bad Azz, Techniec and Lil C-Style would release an album that would never be released, as Snoop Dogg departed the imprint in 1997.

Bad Azz would go on to find a successful solo career with 19th Street and subsequently Priority Records. Techniec later signed with Mack 10's Hoo Bangin' Records, also a Priority affiliate. Lil C-Style, younger brother of 19th Street Records founder Big C Style, would later release material through Daz Dillinger's DPG Records.

Fifteen years after its recording, Death Row Records is releasing The LBC Crew's Haven't You Heard? (We Givin' Somethin' Bacc To The Street) on February 8, 2011 - this, according to E1 Entertainment, the label's latest distributor. (December 8)

UPDATE: The tracklisting has been revealed to The LBC Crew's Haven't You Heard. The long-shelved album will be executive produced by Snoop Dogg, and features production from DJ Pooh and LT Hutton.

1. Haven’t You Heard (feat. Snoop Dogg)
2. Dippin’ In My Low Low (feat. Coco Loc & Snoop Dogg)
3. Out The Moon (feat. Snoop Dogg & Soopafly)
4. Get Up 2 Get Down (feat. Shorty  K, Lil J & Sho Shot)
5. Feels Good 2 Be DPG
6. Baby Come Home
7. Doggfather’s Disciple
8. Flossin’
9. Jacca’s Reunion
10. Gangsta
11. I’ll Smoke To That (feat. Snoop Dogg & Threat)
12. One 213
13. Blueberry (feat. Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound & Sir Ital Joe)
14. Out The Moon (Daz Remix) (Bonus Track)


  • SlyWun253

    Oh hell yeah cuz!!!!!! Definitely keepin an eye out for it. Techniec is a beast. "tha subjects who's next to harm? When I swarm, who knew about the real deal I conceal with steel can you feel the whole topic of situation is trust No ho is a must! If I bust My brain constructs to form knowledge to the max Defeatin and deletin elevation set backs We wax tracks and smack up MCs who compose the violence Bringin drama with no parental guidance Eyes went deceived,somethin up my sleeve to intrigue And these MCs will be Gs also D-P-Gs and L-B-Cs when we do the do to you so go call your crew And who wants to compete with technique Conflicts will be verbal so watch how you speak And damn what you say when I display Weakness bomb to ya suffer from insomnia And I'm a gonna be a comin for you So please be on the lookout for the Doggystyle Crew (Watch out nigga!)"

  • yoyojo202020

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  • Young Lou

    OUT THE MOON was on the GRIDLOC'D SDTK. DIPPING IN MY LO LO was on another comp. BLUEBERRY was on DOGGFATHER. They could've came up with a better tracklisting.

    • DAZ

      this is the original version of out the moon wit Lil Cstyle and not 2pac. Blueberry is the original version 2! dO YA RESEARCH YOUNGSTER

  • Anonymous

    "release an album that would never be released, as Snoop Dogg departed the imprint in 1997." read over your shit before you put it out there ffs

  • Anonymous

    nobody is waiting for this shit.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopbaby76 i gotta co-sign on all ya'll....except that my first deathrow cd was dr. dre-the chronic. man i feel like a kid again as well. i gurantee after all the vaults are cleared its gonna something crazy going on at'S FINEST finally getting they shine. props to ol' gal.

  • Anonymous

    That white lady who bought death row is doing what Suge should have done years ago, Props to her for that, Between this and the Sam Sneed album I'm starting to think I'm 13 again, waiting on Death Row to drop summin. Wonder what else they got locked up in there??

  • Just GEE

    FINALLY!!!! "Beware Of My Crew" was my Sh!t!!! Damn near 15 years to be released, and I bet it goes harder than ANYTHING that's selling right now!!

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