Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/5/2010

Kanye West gets his gold, Soulja Boy and Slim Thug barely make the Top 80, Flo Rida misses the charts, and Black Eyed Peas aren't budging from the top of the charts.

Soulja Boy and Slim Thug crack the charts with lower numbers than many may have expected. Rick Ross teeters to gold, Nicki Minaj is right behind him, and Flo Rida misses the Top 200 altogether.

Kanye West went from #1 to #7 with his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now officially gold, the album that was promoted through the revolutionary "G.O.O.D. Friday" leaks crossed the 600,000 unit mark. Praises continue to come in from publications and media about the emcee/producer's fifth album.

The work features Raekwon, Pusha T, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj. Recorded largely in Hawaii, the album features several themes that have garnered it critical praise.

The Black Eyed Peas actually took #6. The group's follow-up to last year's The E.N.D., titled The Beginning, sold nearly 119,000 units in its first week. The will.i.am-led group's sixth studio album continues their European club influence, maintaining work with David Guetta and DJ Ammo.

Potentially a week away from her first solo gold plaque, Nicki Minaj has held strong with her debut, Pink Friday. The Young Money album has sold just under 480,000 units in its two weeks available, as Minaj continues to do press appearances. Featuring both Nicki's brand of singing and rapping, Pink Friday features will.i.am, Drake and Eminem.

Minaj collaborator Rihanna watched her Loud fall just four places in its third week on shelves. With features from Drake, Eminem and the aforementioned Nicki Minaj, Loud continues to attract fans through its multiple singles and happier themes compared to RiRi's past albums.

Another Def Jam songstress, Jazmine Sullivan released her sophomore album, Love Me Back. Though the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native did use rapping on this album, she sought production from Nas' longtime producer Salaam Remi and Chicago Hip Hop legend No I.D.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
6 Black Eyed Peas The Beginning
119,000 119,000
7 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 108,000 605,000
8 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 103,000 479,000
10 Rihanna Loud 77,000 425,000
26 Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back
57,000 57,000

Two southern releases both had difficult debuts on the charts.

Houston, Texas veteran Slim Thug's third album, Tha Thug Show debuted at #78. Released through E1 Entertainment, the Swishahouse rapper's third studio album features B.o.B., Big K.R.I.T., Yo Gotti and summer verbal sparring partner, Rick Ross. Thug's second album with the indie label follows a lot of success in last year's critically heralded Boss of All Bosses.

Despite being one of Interscope Records' flagship stars, Soulja Boy's third album, The DeAndre Way, struggled to make the Top 80. With appearances by 50 Cent and SB's artist Lil B The Based God (of The Pack), the album has shown some progression from the 2007 sensation's past work.

Lloyd Banks' third solo album, H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2) sold another 12,000 units this week. With a gold single and high-profile appearances from Kanye West, 50 Cent, Raekwon and Eminem (on the iTunes version), Banks' acclaimed comeback album passed the 50,000 mark.

Speaking of gold, Miami, Florida's Rick Ross sits less than 700 units away from a gold plaque for his critically-acclaimed fourth album, Teflon Don. The Def Jam album features work from Jay-Z, Kanye West and Cee Lo Green.

Wayne's former protege, Curren$y watched his second album of the year cross the 15,000 mark. Pilot Talk II, released on Damon Dash's imprint through Def Jam distribution, features Raekwon and Spitta's former No Limit label-mate Fiend.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
78 Slim Thug Tha Thug Show
14,000 14,000
79 Soulja Boy The DeAndre Way
13,000 13,000
90 Lloyd Banks H.M.F.2 (The Hunger For More 2) 12,000 56,000
108 Rick Ross Teflon Don
8,200 499,000
178 Curren$y Pilot Talk II 3,800 18,000

Will T.I. take the charts back with a locked-up #1? Can Redman score a Top 10? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


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  • Kendall Walters

    who buys rick ross albums? doods lame as hell.. just shows lyrics dont sell unless ur name branded

  • Tger

    Sum1 mentioned G-unit mixtapes are straight fire...so true...some r album worthy. G-unit, Styles, Jadkiss, Fabulous,Cassidy,Jeezy, does gangsta rap that don't sell, the watered down commercial hip hop/r&b hybrid that Niki, Re Re, J-Z, Kanye, Lil Lame & some of the other members of the Illuminati Squad does, sell...xplain this Em, Banks, Cass, Jada, Fab (esp the 1st 3)are lyricists why doesnt they all sell big numbers, some smart @ss explian that?

  • Malz Mula

    Malz sold over 500,000 copies this week. how come they aint show that www.facebook.com/malzmoney

  • ts5000

    nobody cares about these rappers slim thug, currensy, lloyd banks thats why their album didn't sell if ur not eminem, jay-z, lil wayne, t.i., drake or kanye west then ur music isn't gonna sell that good

  • Anonymous

    damm 50 tyson single #outsoldsouljaboy loooool

  • Holla!BanksBest

    I could be wrong, but I think it's Golgo 13.

  • Soulja Boy Is The Best Rapper Alive

    They got the sales wrong, Soulja Boy's actually sales were 1,300,000. Soulja Boy be killing this shit. He murked Lupe Fiasco in rap.

  • Who cares

    Rick Ross album came out like 3 months ago dumb ass

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Rozaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy went gold, while ya boy Banks flopped. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heat357

      Is it possible to get Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me) on itunes??? I want that song on my ipod or on a CD so bad but I can't seem to get it... I don't have bear share or any other bootleg downloading programs... Does anyone know how I can get that song?

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross can suck a fat dick

  • bumpit

    This…right here….is NOT…..swag. ” “The Deandre Way, and his total week’s sales came out to a less than a McDonald’s cashier’s yearly salary.”

  • Anonymous

    lol @ soulja boy dat nigga anit been on twitter since

  • jen

    jazz sull is my girl and all, but um shes not triple plat! lol@ flo rda and soulja boy yay nikki, so gold, its gonna be hard for her to go plat though..maybe next album..

  • rodjilius

    dam they have JS an estimated 3 mil? i mean i have a lot of love for the girl but that's a bit high. and kanye will def do numbers as well as nicki

  • Anonymous

    LOL Black Eyed Peas are so not going platinum anymore

    • Hmm

      They could, they just need a hit single or two. That's what kept their album going and going...and going for over a year. They just managed hit after hit. The people that buy Black Eyed Peas albums are women and most women don't download music illegally, they're too stupid to know any better. Hip-Hop albums don't have much of a shelf life, because in the true spirit of hip-hop, it's fans are anti-establishment and raise a middle finger to spending money on albums we can just get for free. A hip-hop album, good or bad, has usually been heard before it's even released. Who do you think pushes the sales of Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake and other "rappers" who fit into the mold of popstar? It's women. It's always been women. That and little white kids. Why do you think 2Pac, Eminem and Jay-Z sold so much? They actually appealed to hip-hop fans and women. It was a win-win for the record companies.

  • Stupidpeople

    Nr1 yall talkin a bunch of bullshit yall know that!!!Lloyd banks album i bought it and its shit strat point dont arque i loved hfm 1 that was one of the best and rotten apple was good but this shit!!!hfm2 biggest bunch of shit ever 50 influenced him with sing sing money shit!!!!and yeah i bought it becase people wenton about it i bought it and wAit for it wait for it i stay in south africa so if one muthfffffffff gonna say it is indi again ima teach you to read you dumb shit its not indi!!!!!!!worst album i bought this year and the year be4 and b4 b4 b4 b4 b4 b4 must i really go on!!and stop sayin he is still rich wft that has to do with any thing???my fave rapper richer than yours uhhhmmmmmmm wtf!!!i supprt the best rapper not who has money!!!!you look at record sales you stupid fuc

  • Ndu Gumede

    i'm glad that a majority of the people are starting to realize that Souljaboy is garbage hence he's only sold 13000 units compare to the millions he sold when he firts came out. lets keep up peeps!

    • Hmm

      Once again, on the subject of women. How could anyone even think Soulja Boy would be succesful anymore? Teenage girls aren't blasting his shit anymore. That was the ONLY appeal this dude ever had.

  • Anonymous

    Lloyd Banks ahahhahahahahaha wheres all these homo thugs sayin he gonna sell 500k his first week GTFOH gunit is wack as hell there time been up they got there meal ticket 50s selfishness fuck up everything fuck 50 gunot. lol

  • BWS-Fish

    my side are aching from laughing at Lloyd Banks, and more specifically, at his faggit fans! For months you were tellin us THFM2 was gonna be massive. Some of you predicted 250,000 first week sales! and here we are TWO weeks in and he has just limped past 50,000 - FFFFFLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!! In future, when ur a fan of shit rappers like that G-unot bitch banks, dont make ridiculous predictions about their sales because u look fuckin stupid.

    • Heat357

      Well I think its obvious that a lot of people still like them.... In the past 2 years G-Unit has sold over 2.5 million records world wide.... I know its not exactly Eminem numbers but its still more than fabulous, rakim, nas, fat joe, jadakiss, dipset, new boyz, cali swag district and I could probably list 200 more relivant rappers who g-unit still out sells.... Bottom line is people always wanna say rappers careers are over because they aren't selling as much as they used to... But its enevidable that a rappers sales will decrease as they get later in their careers... it doesn't mean fans have to throw them under the bus... As long as you still like their music then why would you stop listening to it??? 50 is one of my favorite current rappers... His albums have been weak lately but his mixtapes have been on fire...

    • BWS-Fish

      I say G-not because i still think that 50 cent has acted like a fag in many many many situations in the last 5 years, and im gonna keep saying it. G-unot fans just piss me off because they place such an exaggeration on the fan base that they think those 3 fags still have. Thoughts of a Predicate Felon = flop Curtis = garbage The Rotten Apple = flop Terminate on Sight = flop Before I Self Destruct = flop THFM2 = flop How many more albums do they have to flop with before their fans accept that its not 2003 or 2004 any more and G-unot is now over?? MOVE ON!!

    • Heat357

      Even 50 Cents worst enemies said 50 destroyed Rick Ross... 50 Cent is the Boss!!!

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      LOL, I'm laughin at the nigga Banks floppin so bad. 50 and his crew always talkin bout record sales what they gonna say now bout Banks. Rozay, went at em and bodied all them niggas. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heat357

      Noone says G-Unot anymore... Every time you say it your little peter will shrink 1/100 in. And remember to listen to beamer benz or bently when you drive past black people... One more thing..... I will smoke you in black ops..

  • RM

    Have you heard of Rockstar Muzik? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlO6DMay_CY

  • AJ

    LOL how did Flo Rida manage to completely miss the charts?

  • Victor Cruz Perez

    If they're gonna put a number to an artist name, they ought to put how much they charge per show. Thats really where they get their money. Especially someone like Banks. Most people now days only buy albums from underground artist to show support or from mega stars they love like Em or Jay. Banks is kind of in a middle ground.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      LMAO at all these niggas tryin to make excuses for Banks floppin. What happened to HFM2 gonna sell 250,000 first week posted by yaall niggas. That shit went wood. Haha. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      no he flopped cause the music industry is absolute shit right now... look at kanye he only sold 100,000 this week and hits his second week!

    • BWS-Fish

      rofl at this way of explaining why Banks flopped. U Banks fags spent months tellin us all how he was gonna sell loads of records, and then when he flops, u start posting that record sales dont matter anyway. he's garbage. he's worse than 50. he's worse than buck he's worse than game he's marginally better than Gayo thats why he flopped.

  • con

    what cartoon is that in the vid just wondering?

  • KillaDe

    Album sales don't mean shit on the music or the people who post in here cuz all you fags download anyway. I'll bet all you fucks are rappers like the dude with the bullshit math on record sales.

  • KillaDe

    I think that is a misprint on Jazmine's album. That ain't right

  • srslytho

    what happened to kid cudi?

  • Anonymous

    And even if they were, thats an underachievers mentality. "Oh, well I'll sell a minimum amount as long as I get to keep this amount" Still doesnt change the fact that nbody likes your shit enough to buy it, lol

  • Anonymous

    soulja boy only 13000 jazmine has 3mil fuckin crazy

    • Hugh

      That 3m is a typo. Eminem's recovery has sold 3m, Jazmines just debuted with 57,000 making a total of 57,000. That 3m is the best selling album of the year, Jazmine cant do that.

  • Flo

    revolutionary good friday tracks? Bet Crooked's head would explode if he read that shit :D

  • Gucci Owns Eminem

    My nigga Gucci Mane went number 1 with 3 bilion albums sold and no post? It's Gucci Time!

    • ts5000

      i think he means 3 million albums gucci mane's music doesn't sell either

    • nymphlow

      id ask if you are retarded but you do like Gucci so that answers that question which is solidified by you thinking he sold 3 billion?? are you sick?? the highest selling album OF ALL TIME at the momment is Michael Jackson Thriller with 110million. put the crack pipe down son.

    • Eminem owns gucci mane

      Keep telling yourself that, lol

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch


  • Life Accordin To Dutch

    lookin at some of yall comments one might think it wasnt no hot shit out..this season been one of the best in a long time. ye' dropped a classic..kelz about to drop anotha classic next week-beautiful album..southside stand up to both you niggaz..jcole mixtape was decent..dirty money is listenable..a couple r-n-b albums is crackin'..yo gotti finally droppin..Devin THE DUDE album was at his storytelling finest...cee-lo came out and blessed us with another album..tip always good for a couple cuts if not a whole album...fuc is we listenin to people..complaining about the wrong things..the quality is there

    • Anonymous

      you sound like an angry fagget, if you dont think kanye was classic then you havent listened to it... which makes you a fagget for commenting about it

    • Anonymous

      That Kanye album is not a classic in any way shape or form, its just a grossly over-rated album by magazines and Websites trying to hype it up to give hip hop a much needed hit in this horrible climate. the album will be forgotten about in 6 months

  • Life Accordin To Dutch

    it look like a pretty good season to me..cant comprehend what numbers yall lookin for in this climate..KANYE-SOUTHSIDE STAND UP..KELZ ABOUT TO DROP ANOTHA CLASSIC..ITS THAT DIRTY MONEY PRETTY DECENT FOR A PUFF ALBUM..YO GOTTI FINALLY DROPPIN'..Rand b got some bangers out right now..j cole finally dropped some music..jay electronica droppin trax every other couple weeks..Devin The Dude dropped anotha classic..fuc is yall listenin' to..

  • ShowTime NY

    Everything is relative. If you were an artist and not an observer. You would be happy to sell 50,000 records in what the first week. Im working on an album right now and all I wanna sell is 1,000. That would be a great accomplishment. At ten a pop thats $10,000 . I think yall see Em numbers and try to compare..Stop it. Em is a white artist with a Cult Following. If You got the Hype Juice ure doing Kanye Nicki numbers that like 500-600 K. 600 K at 10 a pop grosses 6,000,000 Million 6 Mill in sales is what some ppl have called a flop. Thats what I mean shit is all relative. 100, 000 in sales at 10 a pop grosses a cool MILLION Havent people called that a flop too. A million dollas nigga-- are you serious.

    • Blue Flame Vet

      The average indepenedent artist get's about $3-$4 per CD. The most successful indie artist gets about $7/CD. Do your homework kiddo... Call 678-200-4362, to buy some more game!

    • anon

      You clearly have no idea about the numbers artists make. Let me break down that $10 to you; The record company takes back $1 for pressing of the CD. Whichever shop has sold the CD also takes a cut, typically around $4. This leaves $5, which if you're lucky you'll be getting 20% on, which ends up at $1 per sale. Discounting guys like Drake, who has an amazing record deal. Or guys like Jay-Z who is head of the record company, these artists are making $1 on sales Independent artists get more per release, but still may end up with only $2 per unit. Investigate your numbers a bit more carefully before stating that 10,000 sold equals $1 million.

    • anon

      You clearly have no idea about the numbers artists make. Let me break down that $10 to you; The record company takes back $1 for pressing of the CD. Whichever shop has sold the CD also takes a cut, typically around $4. This leaves $5, which if you're lucky you'll be getting 20% on, which ends up at $1 per sale. Discounting guys like Drake, who has an amazing record deal. Or guys like Jay-Z who is head of the record company, these artists are making $1 on sales... Independent artists get more per release, but still may end up with only $2 per unit. Investigate your numbers a bit more carefully before stating that 10,000 sold equals $1 million.

    • Mr Record Company Man

      You clearly have no idea about the numbers artists make. Let me break down that $10 to you; The record company takes back $1 for pressing of the CD. Whichever shop has sold the CD also takes a cut, typically around $4. This leaves $5, which if you're lucky you'll be getting 20% on, which ends up at $1 per sale. Discounting guys like Drake, who has an amazing record deal. Or guys like Jay-Z who is head of the record company, these artists are making $1 on sales. Independent artists get more per release, but still may end up with only $2 per unit. Investigate your numbers a bit more carefully before stating that 10,000 sold equals $1 million.

    • Ghostface

      u must be young or stupid...ur #s are way off

    • Anonymous

      NOBODY on a major label is getting $10 a pop, SMH

  • S.o.Sa

    Slim Thug and Lloyd banks hot real good albums but no one belives that cause of album sales. They are independent they are makin more then most of the other people on the list and listen to the album before you say it sucks.

    • Smart went crazy

      Lloyd banks album isn't independent are you fucking kidding? He has Kanye,Pusha T,Akon,50 cent and Raekwon on it. That's not independent. And i listen to the album it starts out good till they get at beamer benz or bently after that it's shit. I liked Slim Thug's album though

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    who tha fuc is havin a whole convo by themselves on a msg board

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    ay hiphopdx..u tellin me JAZMINE SULLIVAN TRIPLE PLAT RIGHT NOW..

  • Jejor

    Come y'all get the the crap outta Ur ears. 56000 units for Banks album? Fuck dat. Go get dat shit, it's hot!!

  • southrunthisgame

    Fuckin Souljaboy floppin were then vlade divac make the south look bad. fuck the south still run this shit. Tip's No Mercy gonna sell, fuckin Wayne still puttin up numbers, Rozay gone gold, Luda, Outkast, Jeezy got albums comin soon. Gucci and Waka come out wit hood bangin music. No one else puts out shit like the dirty dirty. south runs hip hop niggas!

  • Anonymous

    banks probably made the most money out of al of em except maybe kanye.. he is 100% indi n gets 5$ per album sold while the rest that are with labels get 29cents haha and BBB went gold i bet yo favourite rapper aint do that


      I was talking about banks bt thats whats up. CASHMONEY RECORDS GET 85% of its royalties, 50% of its publishing

    • Zeek

      Eminem gets 18% royalties. Shipped about 6.5 million already dude. Look it up.


      how do yall know what he gets off an album?? all indie deals is not the same

    • Smart Went Crazy

      He is fucking signed at emi that's not indi. And why you are even worried about how much money he make do you really give a fuck if he can buy one car or 2 cars? You don't see Doom fans(that's indi) coming over here everytime Doom has an album saying oh he's indi to make up that he sold bad. No but for fuckers who followed G-unit since the beginning record sales were so important now they ain't selling no more you saying it's because they are raw,indi and all different types of bullshit.

  • Wired

    LLyod Banks made a great album. Doesn't have to be the best. I listen to more than one album during the year. I know, crazy huh?

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West has THE best album this year. This is my opinion so take a deep breath and relax, you can still like whoever the fuck you like. I don't care.

  • Anonymous

    HERE IT IS FOLKS, ALL THE HORRIBLE HIP-HOP FANS IN ONE SPOT. HIPHOPDX IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE WORST HIP-HOP FANS GOING. HERE IS A LIST OF WHAT THESE MORONS THINK MATTERS IN HIP-HOP: 1. Is everyone else buying it 2. How many features are on the album 3. How many sales in the 1st week 4. What is their 401k worth 5. Is Em on the album 6. Are they part of the illuminate 7. Is the artist black or white 8. Who's fucking who 9. Did Rick Ross lie to me 10. Why is Nicki Minaj making music for women and not me 11. Is this guy really a killer or just a weak law abiding fag 12. Good song must be ghost written 13. G Unit flopped what will they do now with their millions 14. Is Jay Z the son of Satan, really I want to know 15. Only 12 songs! I feel cheated as I illegally DL music 16. T.I. is a snitch yet he's sitting in prison, AGAIN 17. 50 is a snitch yet avoids retaliation 18. I want 90's rap but I think Recovery is the greatest album 19. Hating Lil' Wayne makes me feel like a real hip-hop fan yet I couldn't name 3 underground rappers if my life depended on it. 20. Rakim is the greatest. Do you have his album? No. 21. I like real niggas except when niggas keep it real. Looking at Kanye. 22. Lupe is the truth. Next day Jay Cole is the truth. Next day Game is the truth. Yet neither one can buy a hit record at least not from you so called hip-hop fans. 23. I hate when rappers sing unless it's Em, Kanye, 50, Lupe, Wiz, Snoop. Anybody left? 24. I'm not buying Detox, Dre took too long. Yeah right. 25. Nobody listens to Soulja Boy. He just magically became a millionaire. HIP-HOP FANS ARE DEAD, HATEFUL, ANGRY, SPOILED, DELUSIONAL, BORDERLINE RACIST, AND DAMN NEAR BELIEVE IN ALIENS CONTROLLING JAY Z. End of rant.

  • Anonymous

    currensy sells more than soulja boy.. wow!! lol

  • Mongo

    ha ha ha Banks came out with ANOTHER G-uflop ha BWS

  • Anonymous

    Independents doing gold is phenomenal fools. Usually the artist makes more money per sale than an artist on a major. Jay and Em make shit loads of money but they have to clear huge production costs before they get their cut. The net income is what matters.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



    Look you young idiots, the only artist caking up off of record sales is artist who have ALREADY made their money in the CD and TAPE era. Their brand is already established. Jay, Kanye, Em, WuTang, Nas and other 90's early 2000 artist were doing Platinum easily back then. Wayne (and he wasn't really a new artist) is a rare exception today and the further we get away from hard disks the rarer you will see platinum or even gold. Live shows are the only thing left viable.

    • get real

      Music sales have gone up every year since 2006. You are buying into the industry's "pity us poor millionaires" propaganda. Digital sales are booming. Billions of dollars are made every year mostly by 4 companies. Sharing is caring, and free promotion.

  • DaWhat

    Sales are declineddd man .. Yo fuck rick ross him goin gold is disgusting. fake ass. fuck black eyed peas too! i hate that bullshittt. I bet banks is pissed as fuck at his numbers, This aint the reason but he had way too many guest appearances on hfm2. It was almost like a compilation album. make him look like he couldn't stand on his own. Nickis album wasn't good neither. All about exposure and marketing though at the end of the day i guess .

    • funkdoc

      @anonymous.. stfu u idiot u sound like a tool. very1 knows ross is faker than fake and yes hfm2 did have to many guests on it. its called opinion. eat a dick faggot

    • Anonymous

      OH NO guest appearances I guess I better not buy it. Wow scary. OH NO Rick Ross really didn't kill people because real gangstas are such great role models. Are all teenagers perpetually stupid these days?

  • Nico 3

    56,000 is a flop, cause if Ross is only able to sell 500,000, and that's considered the low water bench mark for most artists today, then Banks is dead and gone. His one hit song was only big in New York, and clearly, that isn't swaying people to buy the album. Numbers don't lie and money isn't everything.

  • Dizzammmmmmmmmmmmm

    damn this shit fucked up slim thug moved only 14k dizammmmmm banks 5ok shit thats losing money right there the only way these nikkaz make money these days is by doing club appearances,if you not top 10 rappers in the game you aint makin a whole lot of quap

  • Anonymous

    loyd banks should change "HFM2" to "THE FLOP AlBUM"

  • sun_god7

    Wow! Jazmine Sullivan did 3,053,000 units already?

  • hiphop101

    As for Banks any independent album that sells 56,000 in 2 weeks with poor promotion is not bad at all... You cant be like he went 3x platinum on his 1st album so why he aint do it again? The answer to that is he had label issues for 3 yrs and this is his 1st album since winter 06 and music has been soft since then and he still sold a decent amount without going pop like Nicki,Kanye and Weezy... I guarantee this album sells around 200,000 when its all said and done...

    • nicca please

      dat fag banks did go pop....example=his gay ass single any girl

    • Balls

      Yea, becuz it's independent. 50,000 in two weeks for an Indy album is real good. That's prob like 200,000 on a major label, money-wise. And it's gonna sell more! Hahaha, soulja boy WTF? Does dude even had a single out?? What's up with that Jazmine Sullivan shit sayin over 3 million sold??? That's gotta be a typo!

  • mr718

    R.I.P to Soulja Boy,Slim Thug and Flo Rida aint even crack the top 200 are u kidding me lmfao yall down south niggas aint selling anymore unless your name Luda,Wayne or T.I...


    let see i brought im am not human being=bangin cd start to finish didnt know slim drop pick one day SJB lost his fans to NICKI banks flop how ever way you put indie major flop is a flop its not like banks a new artist dude went 3xplat


      that gold single you talking about is not even over 600k an how long has it been out?? im not worried about his money my g i got my own

    • Balls

      Ur an idiot. Over 50,000 on an indy ain even close to a flop. And banks has a gold single. And he gonna keep sellin..and tourin money

  • khordkutta

    Am i the only one suprised BEP barely broke hunnid-thou

    • Balls

      Haha, no ur not. I'm blown awa that's all they said. But on the other hand, I didn't even know they had a new album out! They don't even have any big singles out do they? I mean, their last album was filled with mega hits, I dont get it

  • Anonymous

    part of me wants to say banks deseves to do more caus ehe put out a good album and actually cared about putting out a good album, but the other part of me says g-unit started all thsi talk about numbers so who cares how good it was? it flopped and karma is a b*tch

  • Heat357

    Slim thug the Boss!!!

  • Heat357

    Eminem sold 40 thousand this week........

  • J-Dub

    jazmine sullivan sold over 3 mil? lol. for real tho, em is doin stupid numbers at his half a year mark.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ^ an may i ask how do you know sir dick rider this young nigga flopped twice so i believe there's gonna bb money lost

  • lolol

    lmao, soulja boy can take a seat on the throne as the King of Flops. Fuck his arrogant ass

    • nucca

      actually i know you guys are right.. i'm just a hating ass bitch nigga, that has nothing better to do then hate.. and i like it up the ass =))))))

    • Anonymous

      too bad he's right.. hahahaha soulja boy is gonna be richer than everyone of these hating ass niggas wasting time commenting on his sales.. LOL and I don't even like the lil nigga..

    • nucca

      @ the anonymous faggot get of soulja boys dick.....n lmao @ 50 cent dickridin soulja boy to stay relevant....n den dat nigga soulja boy flops HAHAHAHHHHHA

    • Anonymous

      Soulja Boy wil be rich for the rest of his life. Does it really matter?

    • Balls

      Hahaha. Soulja boy sellin 13 k first week as a flagship artist on interscope! Wow...

  • Anonymous

    lloyd doesnt sell because i literally dont know anyone who can relate to that shitty rich nigga stuff, he wants to be hood but all he talks about is cars and bitches, and in a way thats not really that appealing to the masses. fyi, i loled when i saw slim thugs and souljas numbers...kind of happy their careers are over

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ SMH2 falling off d surface of the earth, its now safe to say 50 cent, Banks are finally resting in peace in the rap cemetery, Yayo been dead, buried, n decayed from inception. I hope dem G unit fans will just go away, go hide under some kinda rock or in a cave or better still look for more talented rappers to stan. SMH2, oops I meant HMF2 sold a total of invisible copies just in its 2nd week of release, SMH.

  • deziboy5150

    im not a fan or a hater on nikki but i listened to her whole cd and im not surprised it aint gone gold its not dat good n banks i heard his shit too n its aight but fa real CO ross still aint gon gold? big shoccer thurr, i coulda swore he said he was gold a min ago. welp not surprised @ these numbers.

  • Anonymous

    mannn i know why nicki sold so much, she got that cover art that makes me jackofff everyday son, i jus beat off to that cover art while listening to the album, gdamm, and when i finish up i make sure i jizz on that ross album cuz that fatfuck nigga is lamer than a mugg sun lamer than a muggg, and yeezy album only good cuz its got nicki on it, same with rihanna , just beat off to her all day son cuz i keep it 100 with my hands

  • wtf

    Im so appalled...at the lack of sales banks has...the album shits on kanye's and nicky minaj's, he had good promotion too so wtf...hip hop is so depressing. I honestly think that nicky and kanye sold cuz they have female and prep type fanbases that will actually drop 10-20$ for an album...hood niggas love banks but they just bootleggin the shit. smh well i got mine and regardless of sales HFM2 is banging!

  • Hpno

    I responded to 1 comment..this is a hip hop site case u havent noticed..and all that bullshit u said is ur opinion not the truth..u sound like a bitch 4 commenting on sumone else comment that aint have shit to do wit u...

  • deeeeezamn

    Damn soulja boy thats all i can say really guess he should have made another dance smh where weezy sales at?????!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Finally Soulja Boy young fanbase stopped supporting Soulja Boy.They finally figured out that this nigga is lame. I think the icing was on the cake when 50 Cent helped him out. I like 50 Cent but he isnt hot anymore. Soulja boy doesnt have a "Turn My Swag On type of song for this album." Cant believe he expected to sell. RIP SOD.

  • Hpno

    @Rick ross the FAWSE, nobody was even talkin to yo fake ass first of all and second idgaf about ur dumb ass opinion,so do me the favor and get off my dick and go back to sucking off ross u bitch ass C.O.

    • slapyobitchass

      obviously you care about that niggas opinion if you respondin. Anyway all yall niggas soundin like bitches arguin bout which nigga is better. The truth is Banks is a better lyricist than Ross and Ross picks better beats. Banks flopped like a mofo though which sucks but how officer Ricky went gold is beyond me. BTW Em is still pretty good but nowhere near where he was earlier in his career. Thats a fact.

  • Anonymous

    50cent is responsible for Souljaboy and Banks flops...he executive produced them

    • Anonymous

      Wow..didnt even know that haha. Banks, did what he suppose to do, he aint gonna sell like other big names. But I didn't think Soulja boy would sell so little, I guess peeps is right, hes fan base all gone now

  • Hpno

    @anon Mr. West is a closet fag and MBDTF is fuckin WACK the production is tight but the raps are garbage and Ima grown ass man that has been listenin to Em since 1999 and banks since 03 so I understand there music, ur dumbass obviously doesnt, Em and banks r lyricists kanye is just a glorified producer and until YOU can make an album as good or better then ANY of Em or banks albums THEN u can talk shit until then fuck ur views and opnions and take kanyes dick out ur mouth ~_~

    • Heat357

      Screamin you a boss, nigga you ain't a boss, pussy nigga you lost, listen officer Ross... I'll tell you straight suck a dick, u tryin to come subliminal, cuz ya ass the police my niggaz is criminals...

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Looks like you got two dicks in ur mouth Em's and Banks. You must be sucking a lot of cock. Ye has always made better albums than Banks and Ye's last 4 albums better than Em's last 4 albums. or as youd like to believe rotten apple was better than graduation. get the fuck outta here. obviously eminems been jizzin too much in ur mouth and banks been jizzin too much in ur ass for u to see that nigga. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Soulja boy got that pretty boy flop! lmao also fuck your favorite artist, Mr. west created a masterpiece compared to these fake fucks. teflon don was boring as shit, that lloyd banks shit was ok but wasn't revolutionary and em's album was just one giant radio pop tune. Wake up and smell the greatness, kanye>the world.

  • Anonymous

    and i bought 10k of soulja boys album ( if it can be called an album) and sent it to africa, them kids took that bullshit cd and sold it to the arabs, who listened to half that shit and thats why they commit suicide, the south koreans got that album and then they sent it to N korea and thats why they pissed right now cuz the only music they got is soulja queer

  • Hpno

    Tech N9ne is the REAL G.O.A.T. ~_~

  • Anonymous

    ross didnt go gold, i bought 100,000 of those copies and every day i take a shit on the cd and wipe my ass with the cover art, then throw it away

  • casper21

    I'm surprised at the low Kanye numbers this week, dude dropped 80% from first week, but Minaj is doing well tho. BEP had a shitty first week but somehow that album will be on this chart for the next year and a half and sell 2-3 million, just watch.

  • Hpno

    Nigga what grade r u in?? u obviously still in school if u think FAWSE Kanye and wayne r better then Em when kanye fell off after 808 and heartbreak, wayne was never really nice he has no classics and FAWSE has no substance, units sold does not determine talent cuz soulja boy has a platinum plaque sumthing ross does not..u just a hater and a ross pubic hair since u on his dick so hard. HFM2>>>Teflon Don ~_~

    • BO$$

      yeah ricky raws does have platinum plaques, his singles.. he got 3 gold albums can't no one in g unit fuck with him now hahaha! he the only one still here after g unit beef

    • anon

      You sayin what grade you in? lmao you in grade school bitch? is that why you like that fake pop bitch eminem now? shit he hasn't been hot since the eminem show.

  • yungskrll

    Yungskrll-"HipHop was never dead its just on vacation."

  • Coon Clutch Clan

    "soulja boy only did 12k this week" you haven't even made 12k this year hopoff hip's dick you numba one stanas

  • Hpno

    and stop wit the stereotyping cuz thats all ur doin, im not white and I have bought ALL of Em's album from the SSLP to RECOVERY, people just buy GOOD MUSIC ~_~

  • Hpno

    its funny how u talk all that shit about Em but u defend ross who WE ALL KNOW IS FAKE so its obvious what ur about, a person who embraces fakeness.

    • Anonymous

      Its funny you say that since officer Ricky started crying and left the building when EMINEM got an award that Ross couldn't get lol.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      embrace fakeness. Nigga I embrace good music. the fact remains teflon don was better than recovery and then you got these niggas screamin bout banks hfm2 and then it goes wood. em used to be the shit then he did encore then shit was over and he sucked. Em's first 3 albums were fuckin sick but yaall niggas now still ridin his nuts sayin GOAT is just fuckin delusional. ross done pass him up. Wayne passed him em and so did Ye. Em is downhill. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why does Em sell 3mill? CUZ WHITE PEOPLE BUY ALBUMS..yall koons just illegally download koon rapper music and thats why they sell less than 15k or 50k or ross is just going gold months after that shit got released . he prolly bought them albums himself just like soulja gay, Eminem has our support yall koons dling music gtfoh

    • Vincent Salamatino

      gotdam thats cold..."koon rapper music" CTFU!!!! that sounds like it's gonna be the name of Nas' next album haha...but WhiteMart aint gonna sell any album titled that...why is it that Walmart won't sell explicit cd's but they're sell Saw 3D the Directors cut with extra limbs impaled? Like Jay said, "atleast keep it consistent" But thats right not selling explicit cd's only hurts hip hop music, could you imagine the fuss Quentin Torrentino would make if they Walmart would only sell the edited versions of his movies???? And dude how can you be on a hip hop sight acting racists and not even have the balls to leave a name...I Smell Pussy...But people do need to stop downloading. I;m from Philly and we broke as shit in this city I got like 80 dollars to hold me over for another week but i was just at Target and saw the T.I. cd and had to grab that shit...It's only ten fuccin dollars. What's ten fuccin dollars? 2 bags of weed? That's why I had to put 15 aside...YES! Oh and real hip hop fans need to go out and buy that Hunger For More 2 what the fucc ya'll problems Banks is a Real Rapper coccsuccers

  • Anonymous

    If it's not Nas, Wu, Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots, Common, eMC, or Little Brother just download the album because chances are it won't be that great. There are about 6 new rappers who are worth listening to. Everyone else has either been out since the mid 90's or early 2000's.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      You're a nerd dude...seriously you just named 8 acts and honestly the only one of them who conistently drops hot albums are the Roots. Don't hold your breathe for another Wu album dude, Why you think RZA is on the new Kanye album? Because he wants to be part of history. When was the last time Wu made history? You need to get up on things or ask somebody. Little Brother? What do they got like 2 albums? And 9th Wonder ain't even part of the group anymore because he wanted to be apart of something bigger. BTW did you even cop that Buckshot and 9th Wonder CD? That was better then any little brother cd. Common rather be in a movie then to actually part thought into a good album anymore. Did you see the GO! compilation he just released? You would rather buy that then T.I.'s No Mercy? Really tho? Mos Def released Black on Both Sides then after that it's like he just releases an album to remind people he still exist. You can't seriously tell me you listen to that album without a cover whatever the fuc the name of it was. The best song on their was Katrina Clap which was a remake of a Juvenile song nonetheless. Kweli is still hot and criminally overlooked i will give you that. But if you like him are you telling me you're not hype for that new Lupe album? And Nas hasn't released a better album then Jay Z since Stillmatic let's be honest here fella.

  • Hpno

    How fuck u figure ross bodied ANYTHING?? Teflon Don came out in JULY and is JUST NOW GOING GOLD after 4 SINGLES and he on a major label which makes it even more pathetic, G-unit is independent now and they still movin units HFM2 did 40K first week and EMI IS ONLY DISTRIBUTION u dumbasses thats y its G-unit/EMI u fuckin morons, point is FAWSE culdnt do those numbers on an indy he only "sellin" cuz he's bein co-signed by fake ass jay-z, and by next week nicki's weed plate will have outsold teflon don so what does that tell u ~_~

  • shaneka jones

    To be honest I was expecting Nicki Minaj to do bigger numbers. I guess after the bad reviews people didn't rush out and maybe her gay fans didn't buy 3 copies this week.(what straight man would listen to her) but then again 3.99 on Amazon and with a coupon it's only $1 online so her numbers should be way higher, this only shows no one really is interested in her just media buzz. As far HFM2 and Soulja Boy and Ross, HFM2 is a great album the only problem was no promos, not the right singles from LB himself and he should of dissed someone to make the album interesting. Soulja Boy just falling off, the little girls are moving on it seems until the next dope looking head comes along I guess. As for Ricky Rossy this is ashame it took him this long just to go gold. Now just about everyone on this chart has had a Platinum album and here you is on your 4th one barely going gold. It's a rap for you santa.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      over 3 times platinum and still counting...Be on the Look out for that World Is My Slaughterhouse album!

  • Anonymous

    Are you motherfuckers retarded --Soulja did 13k first week, Banks did 12k his 3rd week,hes sold 50k total. you dumbass soulja boy lovin waka flocka flamer rick ross cum lickin faggots.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      WTF you dudes talking about. Banks fans are screaming HFM2 because it's an important album. Any fan of east coast rap should love this album. Like when i say HFM2 i'm tryna tell you dudes to check it out. Not brag about what type of sales it's gonna do...who the fucc gives a shit about the sales besides the actual artists and label. All I care about is if I'm happy with the cd. And I love the new Banks cd. It's not as hot as the first Hunger For More but's it's way hotter then Rotten Apple. And lyrically Banks is still on top of his game. He'll slaughter a lot of these rappers on this lists like a Slim Thug or Rick Ross. And I actually like Boss of All Bosses but it aint Banks.

    • slapyobitchass

      your a fuckin idiot. Banks been out two weeks and went wood his first week out. we all knew soulja boy had not talent then you had all these banks stans screming HFM2 every week and he flopped. check your facts before you open your mouth. Oh yeah Banks should be smokin soulja boy he had a hot radio single and it got him shit.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    And to all you niggas who ride wit G-Unit, Ross just bodied ya'all. Ain't none of them albums gonna sell. Yayo next to flop wit his wack ass rhymes. Rozay still doin it. BTW fuck Jeezy too, that nigga tryin to stay relevant throwin Ross name out there like that. Ross goin body that nigga lyrically too. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Ross raps the same exact way on ery fuccin song. It;s so predictable i can adlib dudes shit without ever even hearing the song before. I like Ross too but Lyrically he aint hotter then Lloyd Banks. Ross got way hotter beats tho. If it wasn't for Cool and Dre, Justic league, and the Runners nobody would buy Rick Ross shit. He accidently stumbled into a signature sound on Mafia Music and pretty much stole Biggies image to sell. A fat dude wearing an expensive suit with a cigar hanging out his mouth sound familiar? You must of forget Banks came into the game with lines like "I know the watch is bothering you vision, but reach and I'll put a dot on your head likes it part of your religion.!" and Ross came in the game with lines like "I know the real Noriega he owe me a hunnid favors." Yeah Ross does know the real Noriega he was probably his fuccin C.O. sneaking him in PSP's in the Federal prison down in Florida. Ross is a fuccin fraud. I aint gonna hold you I still listen to his music because it's all about entertainment and Justice League and the Incredibles make amazing beats.

  • slapyobitchass

    haha, soulja boy 13K. Shit is hilarious. Even worse, Banks couldn't sell more than Soulja boy. And to all you stupid ass fucks who say Banks was on an Indy, research that shit, EMI is one of the big 4. Banks just flopped worse than "the decision." LOL

    • Vincent Salamatino

      So what does that prove tha Soulja Boi is better then Banks or something? If yall cheap fuccs actually bought albums if be a different story. You probably never even listend to the new Banks cd but wanna talk shit on it. You define ignorant. Besides Banks already won half the battle by putting his name back out there and having a gold single. But HFM2 is a solid album. One of the hottest New York albums I heard in awhile not released by Jay Z or Nas. But your ignorant ass wouldn't know that cuz instead of buying and listening to the music like we use to do you come a hip hop albums sales blog and look at the sales numbers and talk shit...wow...by your standards the Black Eyes Peas are one of the most feared Emcees hip hop they outsold so many people...give this dude a fuccin batman cookie.

    • ilexx

      Indie is when u dont have MAJOR distribution... EMI is major distribution. It doesnt matter if the company u are signed to (G-Unit) is an Indie label, the company distributing your music is a major distributor... Banks has ZERO excuses! 50 is upset right now but what can u do... Your G-Unit brand sucks right now.

    • Anonymous

      15 features isn't Indy!!! That is 500k - 2 million easy

    • Ryan

      he is on an indy, EMI just handles distribution for the albums put out under G-Unit records

  • white milk

    soulja boy has never depended on album sales. he gets his money through ringtones and shows like most rappers. shyt the most i thought he would sell is 50k -100k which he still may reach in time... not trying to defend him cuz i would never buy anything he puts out, just saying

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Rozay goin gold, better than any of ya'all niggas favorite artist. What happened to those stans screamin bout HFM2. that shit flopped worse than Yayo's. ain't very many artists can go gold, Rozay did even without heavy play. Gunit is finished. Haha. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      Rick Ross LOL Your such a wierdo. Can't even speak english i mean what the fuck does "fake ass white boys" mean? for starters his a male white man not boy. 2nd stop speaking your stupid nigga languague.

    • Anonymous

      NO the thing thats so TYPICAL and WACK about Ross going gold is that he announced he was gold A MONTH AGO! His IMAGINATION has been the issue from day 1. No one doubts his music, lyrical prowess, or ear for beats. It's the fact that he is FAKE! Dude would be MULTI-PLATINUM if he was REAL or just kept it real.

    • Rick ross the Bawse

      I see all the Em stans are comin out of the trailer park to defend there wack ass pop spittin hero. the fact remains shady ass went pop to sell his records. love the way you like sucked except for watchin rihanna. aint no niggas bumpin that shit only you faggot teenyboppers be bumpin that shit. if rozay had marketed to the masses (and if he was white) his album woulda went platinum and yaall haters know thats a fact. fuck outta here with that shady dickriding. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ross sucks dick

      True story Luke. Ross dude your a fuckin idiot sayin ross is better than all everybodys favorite artists. Em aint pop wit recovery. ross is not even relatively good compared to bout the top 45 rappers right now. Ross sucks your a fuckin idiot. think before u speak

    • notafraid

      Yo sorry ricky ass kissing fan but I'm rolling with Em. Atlease my favorite artist doesn't have a problem going 2x platinum while your fat ass boyfriend been strugglin' to go gold with all the TV as kissin he does he should be up higher, still a fail for ross. GOLD? smh

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @Luke You dumb fuck em only sold that much cuz the nigga went the pop route. oh yeah lets not forget all those little girls and fake ass white boys tellin they moms to go buy the albums. if it weren't for them crackaz shady woulda never sold that much so shut the fuck up. Recovery was garbage other than two songs. eminem sucks now. the nigga been passed up in the game thats why he had to go pop, he know he is over the hill when it comes to hip hop. Now go wipe off shady jizz from your lips. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luke

      And how much did Eminem sell?? Thought so you rick ross hoe..... go back to your camper and stfu

  • helloworld 194

    i think hiphopdx got jazmine sullivan numbers mixed up with Eminem recovery numbers cuz they didnt even post his number and i know he sold at least 30k..... souljaboy is mad as hell at wacka flocka flame because they booth have the same style cool beats with weak ass verses but flocka sold more than this is first week

    • Vincent Salamatino

      yo I was thinking the same thing cuz Jazmine Sullivan is from my hood and we know she aint sell no dam 3 mill...Cuz she still be coming around haha!!!

  • fcvs

    the proof that hip hop ia dead is banks sales and nicki minaj sales banks has the greatest album of the year and nicki's cd is bullshit from record 1 till the end and look at both sales... damn hip hop is fucked up THE HUNGER FOR MORE 2 ALBUM OF THE YEAR NO MATTER WHAT

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Banks album is far from wack. You would have to decipher his double and triple times mutli syllable rhyme scheme and the fact he is making playboy anthems instead of fag ass love songs like the usual do. But I wouldn't go as far as to say it's album of the year. Def deserves an honorable mention tho. Hunger For More 2 is one the hottest New York rap albums I have heard in a long time.

    • dlcrossdresser

      yeah that Banks album was album of the year for me too. HipHop isn't dead it's just played out so you can say it's pretty much dead. If you have a gimmick(nicki) and a cool camp with a weedhead(wayne) than you can pretty much sale. Albums use to sell off of if the album is good, but now all it takes is TV time and a gimmick. see Hiphop is dead in a way.....

    • white milk

      banks is wack

    • slapyobitchass

      FCVS youre such a fuckin stan it's pathetic. Banks album was solid but album of the year, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit and wipe Banks cum off your lips.

    • joethaplumber


    • Sean W

      no way duuuude....Joell Ortiz has album of the year, no matter what....Lloyd Banks is below J.O.

  • Anonymous

    79... Soulja Boy.... The DeAndre Way..... 13,000 90... Lloyd Banks.... "SMH2" Oops, I meant "HFM2"... 12,000 FLOPPING IS MY SWAGGGGG!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent Salamatino

      What does this prove? Who is your favorite artists? I guarantee Souljaboitellem.com outsold them...does that make him better or your artists any less appealing? It's about the music not the sales or marketing...

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad I don't give a damn about being a follower. I'm enjoying Kanye, Banks, Ross, Nicki and Em this year. Sucks for you guys.

  • Anonymous

    Ross released in July and he is almost outselling Banks' 2nd week in Dec. haaaa lol!!

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Yeah and the Black Eyes Peas are gonna outsell Rick Ross eventually. What does that tell you? That artists who know how to fake the funk sell more. Tell Ross that Biggie wants his clothes and cigar case back.

  • Anonymous

    r.i.p soulja toy sell em i kno it wus gon happen 1st album 100k 2nd album 40k 3rd 15k boyyyyyy u fail lol

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent takes Soulja Boy under his wing and he flops. You lost your own fans base with that move and you didn't even pick up a new one.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Yeah I dunno what the fucc 50 is thinking with that...Souljah Boi is so bad. Dude makes hot beats tho he should just release House albums. He signed that dude Lil B The Based God and them two couldn't be anymore different. Anybody ever hear a Lil B record? That's one weird cat.

  • JSlugga7

    Why do brothas keep comparing Lloyd Banks' sales with Ross' sales? Banks is just a sidekick in G-Unit and he gets no play in the South... You should really be comparing Banks shit to Gunplay, Torch, or whoever the fuck is on Triple C's if they ever even dropped an album...Apples to Apples... Just sayin though...

    • Vincent Salamatino

      YOU said it all my man. I dunno what is going on here. Like I said the Black Eyed Peas are gonna outsell Rick Ross eventually does that make them better?

  • jt

    damn EMI did my nigga Banks wrong. 1 of the illest out

  • EddieMurrrphy

    Daymn jazmine sullivan sum hot shit huh? 3x plat. in the first week??? has that ever been done before????? lol another dx mis-edit. glad to see slim thug outsell soulja boy. that wack fuck. i just heard speakers going hammer bammer bammer bammer. for the first time in my life this week and wow. painful at least, i could see why nobody bought this autistic rap. fuck the black eyed peas. how #6 taste. you know diddy-dirty-money gon' smoke y'all and take the charts by storm next week LOL

  • Anonymous

    Nobody fucks with Soulja Boy exspecially after that gay ass XXL cover with 50 and that beefing for buzz bullshit he pulled with Lupe. We don't get down with that nonsense and fake shit!!!

  • Vegard Møller

    Soulja Boy did only 13k? Hallelujah! I think Hip Hop is alive again. I just feel it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If Soulja Boy had used 15 features like Banks or 2 DVDs like 50 he could have sold 50k

    • Anonymous




  • The Ghost BKS1


  • Anonymous

    Kanye Dropped like a motherfucker Could this spell the end of metro-sexual, feminine, sissy rap??? Probably not, but its a nice thought How did the Black eayed peas sell triple on their last album and debut that low??

  • The real truth

    This form of music (I refuse to say Hip Hop) just is not a part of the mainstream's interest anymore. I see this as good news. MAYBE now we can get back to the real. Soulja Boys and Banks numbers are an embarrassment. The writing is on the wall folks.



  • cee

    i can hear a verse from french montana on this beat..good song

  • Killalex

    LOL Soulja! Failure of the year.

  • alltriple1

    I enjoy Jazmine Sullivan but she ain't sold no 3 million copies. I know she wish those numbers were true.




    its hard to move them units i mean dudes who went plat easy years ago going wood very easy these days i guess C4 will be the next big album that sales

  • CJ3314

    One day the major labels will learn that if you release a single 6 mths in advance on itunes, then most people will by that & forget about the album. . . . Oh wait, the labels make more money that way. Nevermind! LoL



  • Smokey

    Oh yea, why is Eminem numbers on Jazmine Sullivan total sales She flopped to

  • Smokey

    Wow!!!! Flo rida didn't even make the top 200 lmao all those hits and no record sales Same with Soulja Boy, all those fans and no record sales, smh

  • BAM93

    They must have messed up Jazmine Sullivan's numbers. That album just came out last week.



  • Jessica


  • Anonymous

    LOL, SOULJA BOY. Get the fuck out, 13k!!!! Amazing, hope he disappear for good, fucking wack ass nigga

  • J12345

    Jazmine Sullivan is 3x platinum, really?

  • The MG

    Looks like people are finally getting tired of the BEP's. Yes! Wow, Kanye and Nicki saw some really low drops this week. I was expecting Kanye to sell in the 200k's this week. Did Jasmine Sullivan cheat her numbers to get 3 mill? Or is that Eminem's numbers? LOL at Lloyd Banks and LMAO at Soulja Boy.

  • Young Lou

    WOW!!! 1 million + twitter followers and only 13000 sold? The digital age is fake as f*ck!!! I'm no SOULJA BOY fan but where's the love??? SLIM THUG's new one is tight as usual. Go get that. CD prices need to drop anyway.

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