Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys Adopt African Village

Swizz Beatz talks giving back.

Swizz Beatz recently revealed that he and his wife Alicia Keys have adopted an African village.

In an interview with VladTV.com, Swizz explained, "We adopted...Suweto. We went there...just to film the process of a particular lady and her daughter. She's a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit. She's HIV positive. We were filming the before-and-after effect of taking [certain] medications."

Swizz continued, "They were filming giving the lady all these gifts and presents and food...I'm just there to support [Alicia]. I didn't know that my wife did so many things in Africa. Like her face is in pictures in hospitals that she's funded...I was like, 'wow.'"

"I'm just sittin' there, kickin' it, talking to the locals. Mind you, they have no water, they have no heat, they have no electricity, they have tin houses. So I'm speaking to this one guy...and he was like, 'This is beautiful what [you're doing], but we have no water, we have no this, we have no that. We have no tools. How can we help better ourselves?'"

"And instead of being mad, disgruntled, ignorant, their vibe was like, super-zen."

Swizz revealed that he and Alicia met with the government, and got approval to purchase container villages, which allow residents to have heat, hot water. In addition, the high-profile couple has started an initiative to give all the men in the village an education so that they can build a village and get jobs.

Watch the interview below:


  • toyrt

    ingnorant stupit prick, soweto is not a village, never was...thats were are from and we dont need your money, spent it in the inner city in america.

  • Taty3

    Did some of you actually watch the interview or are you basing your assumptions on the write up? No where does it say that Alicia is adopting a child from Soweto. Swizz says that they adopted a village in Soweto (not all of Soweto, which is ignorance on the part of whoever wrote this), by going to the government to get land approval for container houses, and hired someone to teach the men of the village to build a new community with electricity, running water etc. While it may not be an adoption in the usual sense, they are providing an entire community with an income as well as a new, safe, clean place to live. Yes, for the World Cup Alicia was paid to be there, however, she has been traveling all over Africa for years, using her own money to fund hospitals, clinics as well as build orphanages. I think many people's judgment's are so clouded with pride when it comes to issues of poverty and AIDS in Africa, especially South Africa. Yes, there are rich parts of South Africa just like everywhere else, but there are also people who have absolutely nothing, and these are the people Alicia and Swizz are trying to help. It is ignorant and selfish of people to try to discredit or dissuade others who are trying to help the less fortunate just because you feel that your country is doing fine. Wake up. How is is fine if there are millions of people infected with AIDS with no access to treatment and who have to live in a tin shack right across the street from the Dome and the rich neighborhoods? What about that is okay to you?

  • Boss

    stop all your hating if you think you can do such a good job do something otherwise, close your mouths open your eyes start listening you'd be surprised at how much you talking over and not listening to. if you spent half as much time doin you you might be able to help someone else, try that?

  • Chosen

    Swiz is misleading people and he should get his facts straight. He must speak to his wife before going around parading ignorance in public. Alicia Keys has been supporting an Aids centre and a hospital down in rural parts of KZN ( a state). Like any country in the world, South Africa has a number of poor and struggling population and that's the community that Alicia has been supporting in some rural area far away from the cities. South Africa is the richest country in Africa and really doesn't and never goes to anyone to ask for money. We're not a begging nation, matter of fact, we support other countries with our money. Soweto is and has never been a village. South Africa is most successful country run by black people in the world. The World Cup proved beyond the shadow of any doubt what this country is. African American stars must stop walking around parading ignorance. Their money is so much needed in the inner cities of America and maybe they should adopt there.

    • kunle

      ignorant "southerner"...your country was developed by the whites during the infamous and trying aparthied period..South Africa may be the richest african country after Nigeria but it ain't no crime 4 folks in the disaspora to come over and contribute their charitable quota to humanity..Why not blame your Government for neglecting the rural areas in their development plans? sTOP HATING ON SWIZZ AND KEYS...PEACE SON! 9JA 4 LIFE.

    • white milk

      seriously? i've never been to africa but its CLEAR that they can use as much money as possible. maybe im wrong but i dont think kids living in poverty here are worse off than those with no food, electricity, or water and im constantly seeing those elements on tv. i know it can be misleading. if SA is a rich nation they are not sharing it w/ the poor. same here in america.

    • Choses

      oh, by the way Swizz: Did you know the biggest Porsche centre in the world is in South Africa? The biggest spender on Aids prevention in the world is South Africa The biggest social support (welfare money) state in the world is South Africa The most profitable World Cup - South Africa The best constitution in the world - South Africa etc. The bottom line is even though we have our challenges but we are not and never been a sorry case. If you want to assist in SA, do so from the bottom of your heart and not to look good on tv and say all that poverty talk...

  • kumasi all day

    i feel what ya said my man....our own brotherz letting us down in many ways. i feel sick for what i just read . south africa is rich country, Nigeria rich, ghana rich all africa country but our brotherz oversea make us look bad in the whiteman eyez.Africa is good and we dont need help from no one.

  • Siyabonga

    WTF ! Soweto ! A village ! GTFOH, Soweto is developed metropolis which is home to 3 million inhabitants. Theres more to Africa than just poverty which you " African" Americans love to elude to. Get over yourselves.

  • HipHopScholar

    WTF is this shit? Swixx Beatz comes to South Africa and was given a beautiful warm welcome and this is how the fucker repays us for our hospitality? Having being to South Africa I have no doubt in my mind that Swizz fully knows and understands that South Africa is one of the world's leading economies (South Africa is in the G20 and that means it is one of the 20 most industrialised economies of the world) so it baffles me as to why he would be out on the internets and speaking reckless. I guess this is what is in fashion these days; creating publicity off bullshit. Is Monster Mondays not working out? Tin houses, no water and no electricity? GTFOH! By the way I'm from Soweto and I'm typying this response from my Mac Book Pro, so much for no electricity.

    • chee chee

      Maybe where they were was a rural area. Stop complaining and hatin on them, they were there to help. Alicia has been helping Africa for years. She cares that is more than I can say about most superstars.

  • JackMothwa

    Hey Slava, you need to research your facts. Just in case you didn't know, South Africa is one of the richest countries in Africa. Soweto was never a village, it's so much better than Brooklyn or South Central. We got promoters that paid top dollar for Alicia Keys to hit our shores in the first place. I don't know why she feels obligated to adopt a child from Soweto unless she wants to be in the good books of the U.N... Just this past Saturday, I was sharing a stage with DJ Green Lantern and DJ Drama in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Hope Americans change their perspective about Africa one day before it's too late.

  • lerator

    first of all, soweto is not a village! We do have water, electricity & tarted roads, not to mention shopping malls! I happen to live in a surburb in soweto, drive the latest car, have an education(mind you I went to a private school) & a career!& yes there are parts where people are really poor just like america or anywhere else in the world. Look I appreciate what you you doing for those who don't have much but Your view of africa just shows me just how ignorant you americans are & it sickens me...NXA! Stop painting the wrong picture about South Africa, it's not all blue & gloom...

  • Patrick@TheRapSpot

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  • Anonymous

    they got just 1?angelina jolie got the rest of the contitnent

  • clinc

    can't knock anyone for helping the less fortunate.

    • zee

      first of all it Soweto ............. and slum is far fetched from what Soweto is, it is a bursting urban metropolitan area, where there are business, shopping malls, etc..I happen to live in the area, drive the latest BEEMA , and my son goes to a private school so better recognise...and for the shit you saw in District 9 , dude that looks nothing like Soweto, i saw the movie and could not recognise that area....so i suggest you all ignorant people go back to the drawing boards and read what soweto, south Africa and Africa is all about........

  • Anonymous

    Duce Rivas -F*ck The World [Official Video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Anonymous

    dope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • chee chee

      I aGREE all these people with these nasty comments what are you doing? And if you come from there, why are you here if it is so nice there. And the people who are criticizing Madonna and Angelina they are giving these children a good life what are you doing besides critizing.

  • Anonymous

    NIce Really NIce GOd BLess Them Both.


    SWIZZY ADOPTIN THE VILLAGE...FEED THEM! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhTUGB-xBAI LMAOOO (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhTUGB-xBAI LMAOOO (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhTUGB-xBAI LMAOOO (:

    • Wacka Flacks Exlax

      Swizz didn't adopt that African Village...Alicia told him to or advised him to adopt it with her...Swizzy would never do no shit like this on his own...He's basically riding Alicia's coat tails in this marriage with giving her whatever she wants but for how long? Watch the marriage crash once Alicia asks Swizzy to do the highest of the high in some crazy shit that stands above this...and of course Swizz would never know that Alicia did alot for Africa...That's because his ass was never around her to even care about it...All he cared about was fucking her and mistakenly making that child that probably was never intended to be made but was made by accident from him literally smashing it...again, of course you didn't know Alicia did so many things in Africa...If you weren't sticking your wee-wee in her kitty so much then maybe you would've learned more deep things about Alicia other than just knocking her up Swizz...Get the fuck outta here! >>>


    GOOD JOB SWIZZ!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhTUGB-xBAI LMAOOO (:

  • Anonymous

    this is alot more of sponsoring a village than adopting a village. that can be very misleading, and all hes really doing is providing container houses and building careers so they can support themselves in the future. much respect for those two, keep doin it.

  • Moses Esan

    How they fuck can you "Adopt" a whole "village"?

  • Win

    Suck it, Jolie. You adopted how many babies? They bought the village, top that.

  • why?

    waste of money. watch the abc special on sending aid to africa. it will change your whole perception.

  • ted

    This is all true just send your donations

  • Acid_Sav

    ignorant motherfucker. it just infuriates me to see shit like this. Firstly, it Soweto. Its a fucking huge metropolitan area and you can't fuckin adopt it. fuck outta here.

  • ASEE

    Ok scratch that. I just watched the video. Very informative. Swizz talks about the tone of hip hop music a little too in relation to the vibe he encountered in Soweto.

  • ASEE

    While it is amazing that these two are doing this, I wish there were more details. Soweto is NOT a village but rather a slum in a major metropolitan area. I would be interested in hearing details about what this "adoption" entails. Regardless, though, I'm proud of both of them for taking the initiative to help people in Africa. BTW: Soweto was the slum where District 9 was filmed.

  • Anonymous

    They got somewhere to place DMX now...

  • Bima

    First of all, the headline of this story is stupid. You can't "adopt" an entire village. Just because people perceive Africa as hella desolate doesn't mean Americans can go around just adopting shit. So, when Swizz said he's adopting it, I don't think he was being literal, and I don't think that's what this story's headline should have been because stupid niggas will read it and think that shit is really possible. Second, Soweto (not Suweto) is NOT an African village. It's one of South Africa's biggest urban, metropolitan area! Wtf, that's like someone coming to Los Angeles and saying "I'm adopting Los Angeles." GTFOH. So for this stupid writer to call Soweto an African village is ignorant as fuck, and shows he did little to no research.

  • Anonymous

    good for him. everyone suck titties and smoke weed check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg lemme know what you think hiphopdx

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