Ice Cube, Drake Provide Rolling Stone Playlists

Cube gives us west coast classics while Drake goes ten for Jimi Hendrix

Earlier this week DX highlighted Nas' choices for his "Hip-Hop's Best Lyricists" playlist for Rolling Stone. Here are a couple more from the same issue; Drake providing a Jimi Hendrix playlist and Ice Cube giving us the west coast Hip Hop blueprint.

Rolling Stone's The Playlist Issue features 50 artists selecting top 10s. Also weighing in is ?uestlove with a Prince playlist, Cee-Lo with his favorite dirty south records and the likes of Mick Jagger, Bono, Rick Rubin and Tom Morello. The issue also features a story on Nicki Minaj. 



  • vargo05

    Before some fool says that I am talking bad about those other 7 songs, I'm not. I'm just saying that Drake clearly hasn't delved too far into Jimi's catalog if those songs comprise 70% of his choices.

  • vargo05

    Why the hell do they even have Drake picking Hendrix songs? Could he have made any more obvious picks? Outside of Machine Gun, Little Miss Strange and House Burning Down, the rest of the songs are the most played commercial songs that Jimi made. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise being as Drake is just a corporate, commercial puppet anyway.

  • Atl2Trill

    Ice Cube list was on point. I'm glad he put some Bay Area songs in there. People forget about the Bay usually.

  • vargo05

    Yeah, I thought that Cube's list was lacking a bit. While I understand that impact that a lot of those tracks had, there are definitely some newer tracks that deserve to be on there. Whter it be Blu, Blackalicious, Zion I or someone else, there's been plent of tracks to choose fromt that were released after 1996. Sounds like Cube is still living in the 90's. He might want to listen to some newer music, instead of spending all of his time making these dumbass family comedies.

  • Almar

    Can't Really Disagree with Cube, all of those songs had a significant impact in there own right, But No East Coast Shit? im not complaining but its kind of surprising.

  • beezlebud

    id mos def be switchin 2pac - California Love for 2pac - To Live & Die in L.A hollah @ BEEZLEBUD on Twitter

  • Anonymous

    To me i think cube had the best list, its easy to say why wasnt this and that on but i think cube was on point. Of course at least 1 track after 1996 could have made the list but all in all a well rounded thats hard to argue. Drakes was interesting but my hendrix list is a little different, I didnt find nas list to be that fun at all, nothing that made me have to do research or say damn didnt think of that one, pretty boring list to me.


      ye i agree with u 100 Cube kept it real, Nas is my favourite artist but i dont know what was going on in his head lol and i think Drake's just being Drake

  • unterschleif

    How about Still Dre, Hoo bangin, C walk, Regulate, Keep their heads ringin...

  • Anonymous

    Hell, Dre had been silent for a minute (trying to get Aftermath off the ground) shortly after 2Pac was killed, then Snoop dipped down to No Limit Records and the West fell-the fuck-off for a long-ass minute...

  • frank

    kool two dope mc's good choice nas!!

  • Evan Weber

    Nice to hear Drakes top 10...he should hear the new box set Anthology..sic!

  • Ex

    Apparently no one has made a West Coast record since 1995. Not that I can blame him as these are all legit choices but these days there's a lot more to West Coast hip-hop than G-Funk.

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