Nelly Calls Out Universal Motown For Poor Promotion Of "5.0"

Nelly says that Universal Motown didn't hold up their end of the bargain for promoting his new album, and a #1 single should equate to more than 63,000 units sold.

St. Louis, Missouri rapper Nelly released his sixth album 5.0 on December 16. With multi-platinum success in the past, Nelly garnered a Top 10 debut for his first album in over two years, behind the hit single, "Just A Dream." Selling approximately 64,000 first-week units, Nelly voiced his displeasure, and took longtime label Universal Motown to task.

Hip Hop journalist/blogger Karen Civil compiled Nelly's open-letter criticism (via Twitter) to his label. Here is an unedited excerpt: "So who fault is it when a artist gives the label not only a #1 hit but there first top40 #1 n label history!sell 2mill n singles n 2.5month. Who should be held responsible wen a artist has a history for selling records so its not like a new artist n no1 knows his r her name? Benefit of the doubt: Maybe no1 wants to hear music from that artist?well if that was true then the artist would not have a #1 song! Benefit of the doubt:Maybe no1is checking 4 the artist anymore?Well if that was true then how do u explain selling 2mill singles n 2.5month?"

Additionally, Nelly expressed his frustrations for the label only shipping 200,000 physical CD units to stores, as well as a broken 50/50 partnership by the label.

Universal Motown has yet to respond. Similar under-shipping accusation claims have been made recently by Asher Roth and Lloyd Banks.


  • Anonymous

    Not being funny, but i mean nelly's not gonna come along and read your comments so whats the point? get me, i just think you all need to chill out abit, your all gassed! all you haters need to find something decent to do with your lives instead of sitting there slagging off people who have done well for themeselves! i mean im not hyped up over nelly but yeah he does decent music, his album might not have been that amazing and some songs may be shit but you listen to any other arists albums and they have a couple songs that are shit also but heyho life goes on what the point moaning about it! im sure he did'nt ask for your opinion! and nothing you say is gonna change what he does so just get used to it! if you dont like his music then dont listen to it simple as! Allow it!

  • CarJay

    yeah i agree when i heard to tis album it was crappy... but after lookin at comments whoa; he aint that bad. I mean nellyville and BrassKnuckles was tight yo but yeah this album is totally garbage; hope he bring bac his old beatz

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Teenage girls may be smart enough to buy your song for $0.99, Nelly, but when they have to spend $10 on anything that doesn't fall in the clothes/fashion category, they're gonna keep their money.

  • LaiLai

    Biggin up everybody who said funny about corny ass Nelly he better try promoting that stupid ass derrttty workout he thought he thought he was gonna make a splash and get that wave back...BUT IT WAS JUST A DREAM fucking loser as nelly glad that whole movement is dead

  • Enigmatic

    The fact of the matter is Nelly is trash, pont blank period. all them #1 albums he has..he was riding on "the rising of the South " wave. he aint no true lyricist and these sales reflect my sentiments of his entire career;...a no talent hyped up artist




    him and bow wow should just go fucking jump off a cliff, BITCH NIGGAS CRYING.. FOR WHAT?

  • the.watcher

    Whoa Nelly! The reason dude don't sell is cos he's garbage.

  • bawse

    get ya money PIMP JUICE

  • Zuzz Beats

    If Nelly knew the difference between "there" and their he would of sold 1 million.

  • Waynewonder

    Song was played on all the pop stations and he's mad?, the up and coming mc's would love to just hear their song on the radio period!!

  • RC

    The reason why Nelly doesn't sell anymore is because he sucks. His music is obsolete and totally irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    You suck And the only reason your single sold and your album didnt is because your style of rap album was made obsolete. Them lil girls who were your target audience realized they can just buy your single and not half to spend the dough on the other 15 songs they'll never listen to. Kanye Fans, Jay Z ans and Eminem fans buy albums because they wanna hear lyrics, and there best material is never the stuff on the radio. Nelly fans only care about the song they heard on the radio so who needs the rest of the package when you can spend your .99 and keep it movin??

    • the.watcher

      I agree with you except for the artists you mentioned. The best ones are never who you hear on radio - Brother Ali, Murs, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, POS, Eyedea (RIP), John Regan, Mac Lethal etc... Jigga, Kanye and Em don't have shit on them.

    • George Tune

      Well played sir! Sorry Nelly, but you haven't changed your sound at all. It's the same crap over and over. While others are changing their sound (Blueprint 3) or changing music as a whole (My Beautifiul Dark Twisted Fantasy) you have done nothing to further either one. GTFO. Benefit of the doubt: You had a couple hot singles (really, you had two--that weren't a collabo or a total chick song), and a bunch of average to "meh" sounding albums

  • Clinch

    Bashing Nelly for not selling. Bashing Drake for selling too much. Bashing 50 Cent for selling lots but not enough. Bashing Eminem for not deserving how much he sells. In the end it doesn't really matter. Just support the music you like by buying it and enjoying it. Retail numbers don't affect you personally do they? Can't we all just comment on the story without being so negative?

    • Clinch

      I don't think I missed the point. Nelly isn't complaining that his record didn't sell. In fact, it is him who is explaining why it didn't sell. He is complaining about a lack of promotion. You say the hip hop fans are explaining his lack of sales but unfortunately there are people who like to respond with comments telling Nelly to kill himself or fuck off or whatever. That is just being negative. There are people making perfectly good points though. Just saying others shouldn't be so negative.

    • RC

      You miss the point. Nelly is complaining that his record didn't sell and we - the hip hop fans - are explaining why.

    • Anonymous

      i'm down with this comment.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap , if its not bashing Nelly, its peeps bashing other peeps for selling okay.. lol. The single |it was just a dream really caught my attention, hell I didnt even know it was Nelly, until i searched it up. The problem is his album wasnt thatttt good. Kanye Leaked crazy singles after singles on fridays..that got me hooked, along with his various album covers, his mini movie, etc. KANYE put in WORK!!!!! I heard like 2 joints from Nelly on here...that was it, wasnt even good joints. So I personally feel that the problem maybe Nelly ain't working hard enough to promote his OWN shit. I still like Just a Dream..its a really good song, hence it sold 2 mill ringtones! congrats on that!

    • 2millionringtones

      That's how garbage nelly is. Nobodys paying to hear his music outta real speakers. That shit stays on the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I'm calling out Nelly for sucking for a decade. He can't rap for shit and "hott in herr" was his last hit. His songs afterward are just marketing pushing his singles.

  • Nico 3

    There's not much you can do about lack of promotion. Take the hit and move on.

  • The MG

    LOL, I guess Nelly failed to realize that this an era where people are more interested in buying singles than buying full albums (save for Em, Jay, Kanye, etc.). And I don't know which number 1 song he's talking about, but it's definitely not from his new album. Just a Dream only peaked at #3 and Move That Body is sitting at #54 right now, so Nelly failed on that. And WTF is up with his tweet? Nelly, I know you released an album called Country Grammar but that's terrible. LMAO. If you're going to call someone out, at least spell properly and sound professional. It looks like he typed that in 10 seconds.

    • The MG

      Okay, I see it now. Thanks for clearing it up Brookaveli.

    • Brookaveli

      Check Billboard. "Just a Dream" peaked at #1 on the Pop Songs charts (determined by Top 40 radio play) and is currently sitting at #2. You can debate whether or not this is the best chart to gauge the success of this type of song, but it is clearly a monster on pop radio.

    • Brookaveli

      Check "Just a Dream" peaked at #1 on the Pop Songs charts (determined by Top 40 radio play) and is currently sitting at #2. You can debate whether or not this is the best chart to gauge the success of this type of song, but it is clearly a monster on pop radio.

    • The MG

      Wrong again, #2 on pop charts.


      just a dream #1 hit pop charts

  • ty from the chi

    Hey nelly no one was checking for you your 15 minutes been up your last album flopped its over with I no you still got money from country grammer. Just bow out gratefully

  • gnigga_pleeze

    i agree there's a problem with the industry if nelly is only movin 60,000 nellyville must have done 2.5 mill first week. but i checked the album out of curiosity and it kinda sucked just a dream was one of the 3 good songs on it. just a dream IS that shit though

  • Bauce

    Boo hoo nigga. I'm amazed you sold over 60K. Be thankful

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Oh ok. (shaking my head)... This nigga is crazy. Uh, news flash, Nelly. You were wack as hell quite a while ago. You've only gotten worst. Go spend your money, make apple bottom jeans, and pose for flicks with Ashanti. Life is good enough that you don't have to make us witness you making a fool out of yourself. Now get (throwing rolled up newspaper at him)

  • reality check

    It didnt sell good cause the shit is trash. Stop blaming record labels when you release a bullshit album. The only difference with this album and the other corny albums Nellys released is his pop fans have grown up and are no longer interested in him. Once you go pop theres no coming back to reality.

  • robb33

    im glad that artists that make 1 hot single don't get a free pass for a no1 album anymore. Maybe you should focus on making your album better instead of just making a 1 or 2 hot songs and hoping the public is dumb enough to buy the whole album. Look at kid cudi, had no top 10 singles and did almost 200k first week. Its called actually having talent and making a good album.

    • umad

      ngga kid cudi sucks. he only sold that much because of he is part of the fruity crew(Kayne,nicki,Jay-z) plus he a geeky dope head type of guy ofcourse he's going to sell that much. but it pretty much stopped right there cuz he aint pushing no numbers right now. Nelly just need to realize past artist can't come back right now regardless, even if it's good don't come back. Wait like dre is doing. All the "gay" friendly music is getting played out anyway.

  • candyrayne215

    That trash single he had with tpain went number 1? wow i didnt know....

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