Mos Def To Do Storytelling Appearances For Tolerance, Respect & Unity

The emcee and spoken word artist returns to his craft next month with performances devoted to improving cultural communications.

Brooklyn, New York emcee/actor Mos Def has signed on board to participate in The Moth. The renowned storytelling organization has partnered with the USA network to produce a second annual performance of Characters Unite showcases. The five different performances are titled A More Perfect Union: Stories of Prejudice and Power.

Mos Def will join four other oral storytellers in 10-minute segments. The tour will stop in New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, Denver and Seattle. The tour will begin next month.

This year, the Black Star emcee appeared on albums from Reflection Eternal and Curren$y, in addition to working with Kanye West.


  • steFanie Faye gentry

    where does the hope for a better future come from to meet the dreams of the past fulfilling presently? somewheres tween the O we breave n the C we leave,me guessing, but, Me(We) know praising God daily is the STORY of victory. God bless. much love, mo steFinitely. 1!

  • stro

    Nice to see good stuff like this sprinkled in btwn all of the TMZ type posts about Kanye's twitter & everyone else's syrup addiction Props on this 1

  • Fan

    Nice ot hear this. I was about to say he didn't appear in Curren$y's album, but he did co-produce Breakfast.

  • Z Dub

    Is he also going to be talking about divorcing your wide of close to ten years then marryng a stripper you knew for three days and abusing her?

    • Z Dub

      No I wasn't there, but every account I've heard makes him look like a huge fucking hypocrite and he hasnt taken the time to tell his side of the story, so obviously theres some truth to it

    • Racheal Wilburn

      I agree with ChrisGsus! We were not there! To me, she just seems like a money grubbing hoe that hooks up with many different stars! She's a gold digger and unfortunately Mos let his other head do the thinking when he married her!

    • ChrisGsus

      are you going to shut da fuck up n stop tryna talk like you was there and you seen him smack a bitch

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