DJ Premier Confirms Unreleased Gang Starr Material, Promises Foundation Album

UPDATE: Premo tells that he has five unreleased Gang Starr songs.

In just over two weeks, DJ Premier will release his Year Round Records: Get Used To Us compilation, which features his artists such as Nick Javas, NYG'z and Khalil, along with longtime collaborators Freddie Foxxx, Lady of Rage, Royce Da 5'9" and KRS-One.

Promoting the album in a recent interview with, DJ Premier spoke about unreleased music recorded between him and his late Gang Starr partner, Guru. “Absolutely, absolutely we will [hear unreleased Gang Starr tracks],” said Premier, who worked with Guru between 1989 and 2003. The Texas native confirmed that those songs will appear through Year Round Records. Film footage is also planned for DVD release.

Additionally, DJ Premier stated that a Gang Starr Foundation album was planned for release. The Foundation includes mid-1980s group member, Big Shug, as well as acts such as Jeru Da Damaja, Group Home, and is believed to also include affiliates such as M.O.P., Freddie Foxxx, Smiley The Ghetto Child and NYG'z.

Read the full DJ Premier with the Examiner here. (November 20)

UPDATE: In a new interview with, DJ Premier confirmed that he has at least five unreleased songs that he recorded with Guru in their time together as Gang Starr, between 1989 and 2004. The producer also revealed that he may remix vocals that Guru recorded overseas in 2008 and 2009, which have been given to him.

Read the rest of the interview here.


  • freddiekrueger

    When is the new MC Eiht album dropping ? Which way is west

  • shake


  • DJJJ

    Gang Starr is all I have been listening to. Man, I had to bring all the albums back into rotation. Step In The Arena, Daily Operation, and Hard to Earn and sooo classic. I will always love those albums. Guru is seriously the greatest emcee in my opinion. I love Moment of Truth, The Ownerz and No More Mr. Nice Guy just as much as the other 3 I mentioned. Go do your homework and study some pure talent from GURU AND PREMIER! PEACE AND LOVE - KEEP THAT RAW HIP-HOP ALIVE PEOPLE! Rap is something that you do, Hip-Hop is what we LIVE!

  • LozZz

    Premo IS HIP-HOP! Go out and BUY this shit when it drops!

  • bluerazor

    people been sleepng on preemo for year's, his shit always been on another level. Now finally it seems people are waking up again

  • Re-righteous

    The only thing DJ Premier did on Kanye's Dark Twisted Fantasy was his signature scratches and that's it...Other than that DJ Premier IS NOT listed on Kanye's album...

  • johnnyo

    Gang starr foundation album, man that is the original dream team, need afu ra on that one too

  • Doubl Negative

    Premo's my all-time favourite producer, but the best producers on the mic are as follows; MF Doom, Havoc, Oh No, Diamond D, Lord Finesse and Extra-P. I wanted to include Necro, 'cause he's a beast on the boards, but his emceein' skills let him down.

    • Beezlebud

      gotta disagree with that list n point out J.Dilla Black Milk and Q-Tip I'd also give a nod to Inspectah Deck who's slept on as an MC and a producer especially as an MC... BEEZLEBUD hollah at me on Twitter my peoples

  • Anonymous

    You read right bitches TEXAS NATIVE!! Long live southern hip hop

    • Anonymous

      im glad u happy primo reping Texas but when u think bout hip hop its not about west south east its a universal thing thats hip hop is fucking global!!!

  • Articulate1

    This guy is the best person in Hip-Hop....point blank, period. Curious to hear that unreleased Gang Starr material and cant wait for the Premier vs Pete Rock project.

  • ignite mindz

    thats great news, can everybody just rejoice instead of talking about kanye? why do certain people come up on every damn post?

  • Anonymous

    real hiphop not for kanye stans

    • beezlebud

      kanye isn't a top 100 list MC let alone one of the best...

    • Anonymous

      Kanye one of the best rappers? Have you heard the Kanye West track called Classic ft. Rakim, Nas & KRS-One? Kanye gets murdered, embarrased, humiliated and run over by those dudes. Kanye suck monkey balls compared to the real rappers in this game. Fucking stan, get of his dick.

    • Righteous

      The only thing DJ Premier did on Kanye's Dark Twisted Fantasy was his signature scratches and that's it...Other than that DJ Premier it not listed on Kanye's album...

    • g-hoppy

      lol @ proofing his point, Kanye is not even in Jay'z TOP5 lol

    • Almar

      The Fuck You Talkin Bout Son? Kanye Is Not Only One of the Best producers, but he's also one of the best Rappers, DJ Premier is on kanyes shit, Get your head out your ass.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Preemo touch turns golden

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