Flavor Flav To Launch Fried Chicken Franchise And Liquor Line, Open In Iowa

UPDATE #2: Flav's Chicken is open for business, and right next to a KFC.

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav will soon make a leap into the world of food and liquor with two new business ventures. TheQuietus.com reports that Flavor Flav made an announcement about his upcoming ventures prior to a Public Enemy show earlier this week.

Among the two ventures is Le Flav Spirits, a liquor line that will consist of a number of flavored liquors including bubblegum and sweet tea vodka.

"Yo, check this out. I want you all to keep on the lookout – it should be on the shelves by January – I'm launching a thing called 'Le Flav Spirits,'” Flavor Flav explained while at the pre-show event. “I'm comin' out with a cherry vodka, a berry vodka, an olive vodka, a sweet tea vodka, a bubblegum vodka and grape vodka. Also, I'm comin' out with 'Le Flav Cognac' and 'Chateaux Le Flav' which'll be some bubbly. Champagne, that's right folks – Poppin'n'drinkin!’”

Lastly, Flavor Flav hopes to compete with the Kernel himself by opening his own fried chicken franchise.

“I'm also launching FFC – ya'll heard of KFC right? – well this is FFC, Flav's Fried Chicken. The Colonel better watch his back, G! The Colonel might end up in my fryer,” said the rapper.

While Flavor Flav spoke on his upcoming business ventures Chuck D explained that the group will soon head to “the motherland” for a handful of shows and workshops.  

(November 18, 2010)

UPDATE: AllHipHop.com has reported that the first store will open in Clinton, Iowa.

(January 22, 2011)

UPDATE #2: TMZ.com has acquired pictures of the now-opened Flavor Flav's Chicken franchise in Clinton, Iowa. The restaurant is directly next to a KFC a/k/a Kentucky Fried Chicken.


  • Snatch

    Fried chicken, ugly ass nigger man with sickle cell, no surprise there

  • ...

    You have to be a stupid business man to open a no-name business right next to a successful franchise. Selling the same product with the same name, ha.

  • Flavio

    Niiice, thats a cool Idea so spetialy when a celebrity goes and cook, here is a video of the new Flav restaurant its very cool :D http://www.metatube.com/en/videos/47988/Flavor-Flav-Opens-Flav-s-Fried-Chicken/

  • Ant

    UnderCover brother with Eddie Griffin!!!

  • Real Hip Hop


  • Don West

    DON’T BE STUPID like I was.I thought signing up my friends would me make me rich, but then I left them alone and pulled in almost $450,000. NOW THEY’RE PISSED OFF!

  • Blackman4chicken

    Why is it wrong for Black People to like chicken just because white people have a problem with it? I love chicken, there is nothing wrong with eating it, white people eat, Cornel Sanders (KFC) is very white and has his picture on the box. So Please dont hate on a black man for loving chicken. If I had to buy chicken, I would definitely rather buy it from Flav. So please dont let stereo types make you ashamed of being black.

  • Anonymous

    fuck off you stereotype

  • jacky

    the comedy central roast of flavor flav was the funniest shit

  • @Deknowz

    Another black man profiting off of the misrepresentation of his race. I hope he finds his 30 pieces of silver.

  • Coco

    I can't believe some of you guys are defending him. Real talk, when I saw the headline I thought it was a prank. He's a coon. End of story.

  • LJPtexan

    Yo, is he really callin the chicken place Flavs Fried Chicken..FFC...thats bitin KFC hard...VH1 reality shows(except celebrity rehad) are the down fall of western society

  • JL

    So for those of you who didn't know, he has a culinary degree and restaurant expierience. He was doing this in his own home, then vegas, and now iowa. not like some "white guy" just told him to open up a chicken shack in iowa.

  • fatsog123

    Do yall drink P-diddy drink? that dude finna be a billionare off his shit. If Flav stuff taste nice, don't hate. The crazy part is that everybody loves chicken,unless u a plant head.

  • Atl2Trill

    Flava Flav is a coon for this shit. SMFH. lol!!! The different flavors of vodka will sell though. Also why he set up shop in Iowa? That's an odd place to sell fried chicken and vodka.

  • Anonymous

    It's not the fact that he is opening up a business. The problem I have is that he is opening up a business using the "black sterotype". Why couldn't he open an electronic store or anything that breaks the sterotype. Or actually have a passion of opening up the chicken spot... I would bet any amount of money that some white man said "hey flav open a chicken spot in IOWA"...........................CHUCK D SPIKE LEE AND BILL COSBY PLEASE TALK TO THIS "BLACK MAN"

    • Anonymous

      this is exactly like undercover brother...when the general decided to open a fried chicken chain....woww it actually happened in real life thats really scary.........smh

  • Rafa

    dude looks like wezzy dad and whoopi is lil waynes mom

  • Garrett G Dub West

    Hey you fuckin bitch suck my cock Like a strip club where these niggaz suck my cock Tell all my fuckin haters to suck my cock Squeeze and bustin my nut while you suck my cock Best rapper alive, I'm white so I can say NIGGA Fuckin' right dawg, i fucked ya shawty NIGGA Cover your shit in face you gay ass NIGGA Fuck rock music, I'm with ICP NIGGA A bitch is a bitch and ho is a slut faggot Everybody knows that Flavor Flav is a faggot Been rappin' about weed and blunts, not you faggot Don't fuck up my beat or i'll fuckin kill you faggot Follow me on myspace, hit me on facebook bitch Fuck Eminem that sell out piece of shit is a bitch I worship demons and fuck them with semen bitch Because I SUCK COCK EVERYDAY BITCH!

    • Dave

      Your intricate and lyrically skilful freestyle has given me a huge, angry erection. What say you come over and battle my cock?

  • Anonymous

    bucket of crap syndrome. black people cant stand seeing another successful black person.

  • Deknowz

    Everytime his name is mentioned black people get taken back 50 years. He is the definition of the word "Nigger". Everytime the word Nigger is uttered I see Fl*va Fl*v. I'm ashamed of him to my deepest core and if you had any sentiment of self respect, you would too.

  • Nick Meekhof

    Flavs really doing a lot to bust black stereotypes. 10 illegitimate kids, flavor of love and now this? Maybe next he'll come out with his own line of blunt papers.

  • Daniel

    @ tee dogg arent many blacks in iowa? maybe you should check yourself again. Clinton Iowa has a growing population of blacks and if you read local news they are raping and killing our white women. ie Kelsey Stahl and Angel and Cyrus. Read our news and see why this is a problem. He is working with the Ciminos and everyone knows they are shady people. You are telling me an ex crack addict and a mobster are doing legit business? Hell no. This is an outrage for our area.

    • jl

      if it is such an outrage for our area, why are there a ton of people waiting outside in the cold to get some chicken, when they can literally go next door to kfc and get some? He is bringing jobs to the area, even if they are minimum wage, who cares, every little bit counts.

  • Will Ishiphop


  • Gregory Akkalade Maiben

    That sweet tea Vodka sounds good tho. I doubt Flavor Flav will get the backing for a food franchise, well maybe. Anything can happen in these times

  • TonySincere

    Biggest nigga moment EVER!! WHY FLAV? What happened to "Fight The Power"? smh damn lol

  • tee dogg

    Flav was always the comic relief of Public Enemy..you silly ass kids talkin about "black people"..black people don't even support PE no more..that's the sad part you idiots!!!..last time I checked they were not many blacks in Iowa..so what's the problem? Flav aint the damn President! Silly ass internet Kids..Flav got about 10 kids to support..what yall want him to do? when was the last time you clowns went to a PE show or bought a PE record..they had to raise money to record their last project because you silly ass kids don't know your ass from a hole in the ground!

    • Anonymous

      because its mostly white people in Iowa, dumbass

    • fatsog123

      their are plenty of black folks in Iowa. I'm black and live in Iowa City. Just not in the small meth head towns. I don't get that stereotype of black people eating chicken. Every time I go to kfc I see all whites.plus if we was the only race smashing chicken it would cost $20 for a whole one.

  • Joe0226

    damn yall hate too damn much! a lot of black folks like fried chicken, so what? why's that so wrong for Flav to want to market that food? we dont diss an asian who wants to open up an a chinese restaurant. fried chicken's good -- i grew up in the south, and southern people know their food, how to cook it, how to make it taste right. i wish the best of success to Flav

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  • DJJJ

    Flavor Flav, wow you are now officially out of Public Enemy in my mind. This is just sickening. This is the total opposite message that CHUCK wants to send out to the world. YOU SELL OUT FLAV. CHUCK D is the man, but Flav just doesn't care about fighting the power. RIDICULOUS!

    • fatsog123

      you my friend is lost in the game. So basically, you're saying, don't buy from blacks. Go in any damn store in count how many black owned drinks there are. There's no black owned chicken franchises. If u black,u need to shut the fuck up.

  • themighty

    Can't knock the hustle.... but it just had to be fried chicken and sweet tea vodka huh? LMAO

  • rob0

    how did chuck let this happen?i grew up listing to PE just to one day see this in the news.dahm what a sad day for yall black folks

  • Macbuddy

    And You Thought 911 Was A Joke!

  • problemz/problema

    umm...was I supposed to be shocked that Flav is pushing fried chicken and liquor..the shocking thing would be if he hadn't done this..lol

  • Anthony Barr-Jeffrey

    Life imitating art....Flav can dress up in Billy Dee William's military get-up like in "Undercover Brother"...cue the back up singers! "Flav's Fried Chicken, It's butt kickin'!"

  • Keith

    Wow, I just listened to 1 Million Bottlebags just the other day. All he has to do now is be ordained as a minister and open up a church, and he'll have all of his bases covered.

  • bswift77

    Man Flav is so opposite the message of public enemy. I mean Chuck D does everything to advance black people and flav does everything to regress our people. Fried Chicken and liquor? Are you serious? Not to mention that Ghetto Flavor of love BS. Why is he still affiliated with PE?

  • Linda J

    On paper Public Enemy is legally Chuck D and Flavor flav. This means 1/2 of the worlds most so called "Conscious" rap group is composed of a crack addict that sells liquor. And this is suppose to be the "smart" people in HipHop

  • Desu-Ops

    I like the vodka flavor idea (sweet tea, bubblegum?) & the champagne, but he's gotta compete with Jigga & Diddy- and both have some good liquor goin around, so he's gotta bring his A-game. Not feelin the chicken one though; Popeye's keeps me covered there.

  • ozep

    OK im white i love fried chicken and malt liquor. I still think this is (sorry!)This is Mad coonsih of flav. But again he needs to get some publicity since PE begged to get funding from fans to even release a album

    • Truth

      He opened the chicken and liqour store in Iowa Chuck...There arent many people in that state to begin with so I doubt even 5 percent of the 95 percent you think went there even did. Good job keeping up the public enemy image too man. Maybe PE should release a new album and update the classic "fight the power!" jam to "join the power!".

    • Chuck

      Nobody 'begged' for anything. Fan funding will be another system that works as much as you paying on your cell phone bill.It will work for many artists we again just showed the way. Either its funded from corporations or the public. And about Flavs chicken and spirits. I dont eat or drink either, but he does. And judging by this board you'd think he was selling crack, which many heads strangely accept. The journalist who wrote that probably was inline at the bar where 95% of the people headed to when the venue opened doors. Funny eh?

  • joe

    Fucking walking talking stereotype...

  • joe

    Fucking walking talking stereotype..

  • UMGDallas


  • Rod

    Coonin or not... can't knock his hustle. Flav has a lot of mouths to feed.

  • Anonymous

    this is funny because a friend of mine once said he wouldn't be surprised if he saw flav advertizing fried chicken and watermelons all in the same damn commercial.

  • Anonymous

    they will also be carrying orange & grape sodas and selling black & milds at the counter

  • STFU

    Damn quick on the coon bomb y'all. Fried chicken is bomb as hell and so is liquor. Both bad for my health, but it's my choice to eat it or not. I don't have to and neither do you. Let the man make his money. I'll try them both when they come out, I doubt I'll replace them with water and good (healthy) food overall though.

  • Indeed

    if you're black and you still let wicked white people from foreign times ago dictate on whut u can do and don't do with pride in 2011 then you sir/maddam Are the Coon. i'm sorry but i'm not gonna let some bullshit ass (make believe) stereotype that no1 actually feeds into/believes fuck up my appetite and partying. I'd eat a greasy ass fried chicken wing while sippin on some Hennessey right in front George W. Bush and all of them in a heartbeat just becuz. Honestly, if u feel that Flav has ever done any Coon shit (flavor of love 1-6 and all) then u let White people play on your minds all too much. Fuck em, if they wanna joke I can joke too, y'all should move on and stop gettin in y'all feelinz about shit. If ML-King Jr. was alive right now and opened up a McDonald's Fried Chicken I'd be the 1st in line. I love chicken and liquor, and tha fact that Flava Flav sells it is a plus. lmao! y'all got all y'all oppression locked away in a small corner (a liquor and chicken corner at that) lol.

  • outtherebad

    tell ya. For the almighty dollar people will sell their standards, morals, and dignity. What happened to Fight the power, 911 is a joke, terrordome, and black planet Flav. guess that was all just Chuck D. I never knock a persons hustle, but the problem is that we(Minorities) can only hustle chicken and liquor. Id've rather him sell yogurt, or coffee or something. lasts longer, and has more money in it. but "they" know the puppet can string, and the lemmings will follow. SMH facebook.com/outtherebad t.h.e. Misfit Crazy8 http://www.box.net/shared/6yv9d0av7v

  • Just GEE

    Coonin'? Who don't like fried chicken? These same people criticizing Flav will tear up a box of Church's and a bucket of KFC, so what's the problem?

  • G

    Who didn't see this coming?

  • EddieMurrrphy

    wow, unreal. what a huge fuckin big ass group of stereotypes rolled up into one big coon-faced mess. he gon' have his own line of menthol cigarettes too

  • Cool Kid

    I love chicken I Love liquor whats not to like about this

  • ignite mindz

    somebody told me last week that Flav said this when PE performed in Raleigh in early September. I asked the witness if Chuck D did a face palm

  • how

    How is getting money off of shit that black people like cooning? If thats the case then there are ALOT of Asain, Arab, and White coons selling us the shit WE LIKE AND BUY. People grow up. I would rather a black man sell me QUALITY chicken and liquor in MY HOOD than that of someone from another race. It's not being racial but we need to support our own people instead of crabbing off each other. I SMH when we a quick to give other races a pass for doing shit that we would crucify a black person for doing....

    • outtherebad

      I dont think you know what "cooning" means. He is dictating a stereotype that we didnt create. I never knock a persons hustle, but the problem is that we(Minorities) can only hustle chicken and liquor. Id've rather him sell stuff that people can go thats not gonna degrade the community even further. If he so straight with it, lets see where it opens up at. Bet it won't be in an affluent neighborhood. But "they" know the puppet can string, and the lemmings will follow. SMH facebook.com/outtherebad t.h.e. Misfit Crazy8 http://www.box.net/shared/6yv9d0av7v http://www.box.net/shared/6yv9d0av7v

    • ETL

      He's making money off of stuff we like, but why out of stuff that reinforces stereotypes and f**ks up people's health? If is not coonery definitely is not a moment in black history either. I'm not knocking his hustle, in fact I hope he targets, his product to more than just Blacks if not he'll be pretty much exploiting Blacks just like Arabs, Asians, and Whites do and that's the word that describes what those groups do to Black people.

    • INDEED

      u should put this shit on a t-shirt and sell it on every hiphop/black website possible for $10.99 and make a killin' off of it and educate our people at tha same time. i'd be your 1st customer asap!

  • 905

    I want to try the sweet tea vodka!

  • Real Hip Hop

    Can't wait for Professor Griff's next lecture to talk about this shit...Flav's Fried Chicken! Mmmmmmm!

    • Shone Jones

      Griff is too busy running away from his arsonist baby-mama and David Otunga. He should get his ass kicked for ever mentioning J-Hud's family like that.

  • Indeed

    ...waits 4 somebody 2 call Flavor Flav a Coon becuz he likes bitches and money and I'm also waiting 4 some insecure Black person who has no clue to say something to tha effect of "he just set black back 1000 years" or "why is he killing P.E.'s legacy"... i know it's comin soon, this shit just went up. i'm sure it'll pop up somewhere [4 no reason]

    • Anonymous

      hes the only black man ive ever met who i think deserves no money and respect. fucken clown.

    • Indeed

      whut are u talkin about. he's makin' money (big money at that if it really jumps off like that). but don't answer that, just read it and pretend u didn't see it becuz it'll be pointless 2 go back and forth about some other nigga's money.

    • amplified_sample

      flav really is a clown ass nigga. he can do what he want's but this is stupid, even for him.

    • Anti Coon

      you said it all for me homie lolol at least it's recognized PEACE

  • thecool1

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  • chronwell

    Its not April 1st. Why?

  • T Dot Movement

    In other news, the sky is blue. This is just Flav being Flav.

  • AYO

    this nigga done lost his mind

  • Victor Cruz Perez

    haha SMH somewhere in the world theres a tear drop falling down lupe fiasco's cheek.

  • Miller Lincobey

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