Birdman Talks Lil Wayne, Drake Collaboration Album

Birdman says a Weezy and Drizzy collabo album is still very possible.

During Lil Wayne's year-long incarceration, Drake was one of the artists that held the Young Money camp down with his wildly successful Thank Me Later.

Among the tracks on the album were "Miss Me," a collaboration with Lil Wayne. But what about an entire album with Drake and Weezy?

"That’s very possible," said Cash Money CEO Brian "Birdman" Williams in an interview with "Because Wayne works a lot and Drake is out there with us too. They're gonna do a lot of recording together so I don’t see why not."

Birdman also detailed his own future plans. "And I have a solo album coming out at the top of the year called Bigger Than Life. Then we have a Father Like Son album that we'll drop around Father’s Day. But I’m more into them. I want to see our artists be as successful as possible. They're young. The bigger they are, the bigger we are. That’s my whole motivation now."

Birdman added that Drake's next album would hit stores around March or April.



  • Brinks

    5 point star is a sign for bloods, its nothing demonic u idiots...

    • Will C

      An idiot for not knowing a gang sign? When it's inverted like that it's a satanic symbol. Not implying that he's a satanist, just that a person would be less of an idiot for knowing that than for not knowing the gang meaning. Shit looks whack as hell on his head anyway. F*uck is he doin. Aint he like 40something?



  • Controverse

    the bigger they are the more he can steal from them...


    yep im will buy this fool album when it drops

  • Fazer

    "Drake was one of the artists that held the Young Money camp down with his wildly successful Thank Me Later." LOLOLOL last time I checked, that album flopped... I mean, don't get me wrong, I luv Drake and Thank Me Later, but there's no question abt the flop, in fact, Drake hasn't buzzed in ever since...

    • KurtisC

      @Fazer Check your fax before u go runnin ya mouth....Drake did go plat! And is still a big buz!!! yousacuntawuh?!?!

    • The MG

      @ lolwut: TML actually sort of did flop man. How long did it take for it to go platinum? Drake was supposed to be the next big thing in hip hop so his album should've went platinum in like two or three weeks instead of two and a half months. Eminem's Recovery was released a week after TML, but that shouldn't have stopped all of Drake's cheerleaders from buying the album.

    • LOLWUT?

      Wait, Drake's album flopped? It went number 1 and already is labeled platnium. I'm no Drake fan but you can't say that's a flop. The real flop was Nas's album. Despite a big name and two of his previous efforts went number 1, he only managed to hit number 5 and it even had a Lil Wayne collaboration and it still flopped. Sadly, it was one of the best albums along with Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns (Possible flop but did manage to hit number 1) and Eminem's Recovery (highest selling record of 2010).

  • Ol Man Favre

    Trying to figure out why anybody in their right mind would tattoo a giant star on the top of their head. Baby you look like an idiot.

  • NY

    Wow two artists who are horrible I don't care talk. Why can't these websites talk about real hip hop artists.

  • Bill Gates

    I have to say that all off yah are gay... except me because I am perfect.

  • Anonymous

    oh birdman please spare us another weak album of you endlessly talking shit, just stick to executive producing or better yet fucking retire

  • tman

    *Stufees, I guess your that hater when u think hard about it with that comment u just left dude lol

    • nah

      He wasnt hating chief...He made a good point though. Not one comment with somebody hating and frank is saying stop hating? I dont understand it either.

  • frank

    fuckin hot both drake 2nd LP and drake n wayne collabo will be classics!!!stop hating!!!!!!!!!!

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