Lawsuit Against 50 Cent Dismissed Over "Before I Self Destruct" Film & Album

UPDATE: Fif is off the hook in a lawsuit that claimed he stole ideas and lines from an autobiography for his own album and film.

Shadrach Winstead, an author based out of New Jersey, is in the process of suing rapper 50 Cent over his movie and album Before I Self Destruct.

According to Winstead, 50 Cent stole the idea for Before I Self Destruct from his book entitled “The Preacher’s Son-But The Streets Turned Me Into A Gangster.” The lawsuit against 50 Cent was filed in a United States District Court of New Jersey and it is unclear how much Winstead is seeking from the rapper.

On top of an undisclosed amount for damages Winstead is also suing for any profits from both the Before I Self Destruct album and movie.

"The defendant infringed the copyright by publishing and selling an audio visual work (a movie released in DVD format), coupled with an audio recording (“recordings”)," said Winstead in his complaint, according to "In many cases, the content and word choice used by Defendants in their work is identical to that used in Plaintiff’s book."

Neither 50 Cent nor a rep for the rapper has responded publicly to Winstead’s lawsuit.

[November 10, 2010]

UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, the copyright infringement lawsuit against 50 Cent and his record companies was dismissed in Federal Court in Newark, New Jersey.

According to a press release, plaintiff Shadrach Winstead claimed Fif stole the concept for the Before I Self Destruct film and album from his autobiography titled “The Preacher’s Son.” He also claimed that lines were taken verbatim from the book.

50’s lawyer Reed Smith moved to dismiss the allegations based on absence of substantial similarity between the book and film. Judge Chesler agreed and dismissed the complaint.



  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    when you have money people get crazy

  • fcvs

    cause my money make my lawyers make the shit go away

  • Hatershater

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  • killo

    Who Cares! "before I self Destruct" is a very known quote (or w/e you wanna call it) and his book isn't even called BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT!!! LOL stupid broke nikkas wanna sue for no reason these days... sighs

  • joepeanuts

    you can tell this dude is an idiot by the name of his book, “The Preacher’s Son-But The Streets Turned Me Into A Gangster.”

  • Sam

    There is no way this is true at all. I do not believe 50 Cent can read.

  • THE 'son

    This guy is just trying to do us all a favor and trying to stop 50 from putting out records. God bless his noble soul and selfless heart!

  • Anonymous

    Clown ass cheat!!! he still flopped after cheating and your label is at EMI. Epic Fail in music 50 Your successful in selling juice!!! Keep selling juice 50.

  • Heat-357

    Reminds me of the kobe rape case, and the Jay-z lawsuits, and the Eminem lawsuits, and the 2-pac rap case.... People can't make their own money so they try to legally steal it from a hard worker!

  • Jesse Andersen

    "Don't believe everything you read." ~2Pac Gotta realize most shit out there is false. Hiphopdx posts a LOT of false shit on their own, not because they create gossip, it's because if there is a hot rumor out there they feed into it. All about the media.

  • Anonymous

    this guy has no basis for his lawsuit. its not that original of an idea. 50 didnt steal the name of the book, I dont see why this guy thinks he has any backing in this lawsuit. just going after someone with money because this author is obviouslly a failure.

    • Anonymous

      There is a famous proverb that says, one who response to a matter before he hears it, make himself look stupid. Based on your comments, it is apparent that you have not read the authors's book and compared it to 50 cents movie. If you had, you would have found that it is almost word for word to the author's book. Check it out for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    1st-off, just b/c somebody sues someone doesn't mean that they have "Won" or going to "Win" anything! Understand that before yall painties get moist haters! Nobody on this site even heard of this guy who is suing 50 or his work, dude just pops-up looking for a come-up but everything has to be proven in the court of law! 1 thing we all give 50 credit for is his business-savvy n having a great support-system referring to his Lawyers. If 50 was to use someone's work don't ya think everything would be run by his Lawyers 1st before he would do it??? Think about it 50 ain't dumb, he got his own Top-Selling Books "Pieces to Weight", "50th Law", etc. you would think he would know if he is in the right or the wrong to get sued. Whats $2-3Mil to a man who is worth $500Mil? thats 50's tennis-shoe money! More ammunition for you haters n 50 got yall working overtime but it is the holiday-season so yall need it...LMAO!!!

    • diverting

      First of all you haters 50 cents lawyers did try to Handle the Situation with 500,000 dollars,thats what the Rumor is so why pay off Somebody if your not guilty,of stealing,50 cent made 100 million off somebody elses hard work, then you offer them 500,000 thats Crums I'd sue his cheep Ass to Maybe he's been window shopping to much Stealing other people shit,Now its time for 50 to Start walking to the Bank on his Magic stick,and pay up! People Do steal from unknowned Authors,that you'll hear about later ,just like this Case is ,Face it Fucked up 50Cents Fans hes Busted once and For all Stealing Red handed!

  • Anonymous

    Yehh go get the 50 money, so he can die trying

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  • unterschleif

    wow, took him a whole year to find out that 50cent has an album an a movie similar to his book...Almost looks like he only waited until this shit has sold enough. But that would mean he dont give a fuck about 50cent stealing his ideas and only cares about money. Dude cant sell his shit so he let other people do it and then sues them to get money off of it. Sad...

    • unterschleif

      There is no hate in my words, just my opinion. Having the knowledge that you have I probably wouldnt write it.

    • Anonymous

      Um NO! That HATE that you just described comes from within YOURSELF! U must be a dumb nigga. Since when can u sue ASAP in America? Anytime you TRY to sue (even civil suits) the judge has to allow the plaintiff time to rectify/settle. U can NOT sue someone if you didn't attempt to rectify the situation. That means you have to try and contact 50 and his camp. Let me see YOU do that and see how long it takes. If that is unsuccessful, you have to find a lawyer. Then you have to put together your case. Next you have to submit your case and it has to be reviewed. IF accepted, the plaintiff has to be served. ANd NONE of that takes into account whether 50's ppl gave him the runaround. It should be THAT hard to comprehend, fam.

  • Anonymous

    that 2million 50 was showing off on worldstarhiphop the other day in his lambo, yea!! He gone have to come off dat

  • Anonymous

    Album was dope. But if this is true then we know that 50 is done.

  • Toppdogg908

    its funny how they talk about Ross stealing ideas for Teflon Don but but 50 is the one that just got exposed for it EPIC FAIL

  • frank

    this is sad 50 lost music creativety 5 yrs ago n now its in the open but that last album wasnt even nothing to brag about if i was that guy i wouldn't even admit to that music idea for an album cause that album was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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