DX News Bits: Nicki Minaj, San Quinn, Vandalyzm

Nicki Minaj plans to tour for two years, San Quinn want KMEL 106.1 to play "Black and Orange," and Vandalyzm pleads with Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica to release new music.

Although her highly anticipated debut album Pink Friday has yet to even drop, Nicki Minaj told San Francisco's KMEL 106.1 that she plans to tour for two years following its release. The Queens-born Young Money star said that she wants to tour throughout the entire United States so that she can give back to all of her fans, whether they're in major cities and smaller areas.

"I'm probably not even going to get off the road for like two years once I hit the road," she said. "I feel like I've really deprived a lot of cities and states. A lot of people always hit me [up] like, 'When are you going to come here?' and I feel bad. I really want to do an entire run of the United States and then just start making my way to other countries...I have a big fan base in certain places where I'm requested to go to, but there are also little tiny places that I've never gone to like Minnesota, so I want to hit everywhere."

The full interview can be seen below.

In related news, Bay Area rapper San Quinn recently berated KMEL 106.1 for not playing fellow Bay Area rapper Bailey's recent San Francisco Giants-inspired rendition of Wiz Khalifa's hit "Black and Yellow," titled "Black and Orange." San Quinn says that in light of the baseball team's first-ever World Series win over the Texas Rangers, the station should be playing Bailey's song as opposed to Wiz Khalifa's original version. 

"Tell Solid G this is San Francisco, we just won the motherfucking World Series, y'all are supposed to be playing 'Black and Orange,' period, point blank," he said. "I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just telling you the truth. Ain't no motherfucking Pittsburgh Pirates won, none of that shit. This is San Francisco, we won the motherfucking World Series, play 'Black and Orange'."

A full clip of San Quinn's call into the station can be found here, while Bailey's "Black and Orange" can be heard here

Finally, the St. Louis emcee Vandalyzm recently penned an open letter to both Jay Electronica and Andre 3000 pleading them to release new music. The up-and-coming rapper feels that these two artists have been silent for too long, and says that their respective projects - a solo LP from 3 Stacks and Jay's debut Act II: Patents of Nobility  - could very well "...change the entire climate of the music industry," opening up new artistic avenues for younger artists like himself.

"You owe it to this game man," he said. "Us [artists] on the front line need some help... [your music could] change the entire climate of the music industry." (AboveGroundMagazine.com)

Vandalyzm also addressed a portion specifically to Jay Electronica, whose album has reportedly been finished for some time. He implored Jay to finally release the project, saying that he has faith the project will garner the same caliber of critical acclaim as his previous releases.

"If by listening to the lyrics of your songs, this is what you fought and struggled for," he said. "Am I right? This right here is what it was all about, and you are just sitting on it all. Then I see a set of tweets where you are saying you [don't] want to let us down. Bruh, you dropped the joint for Erykah on the net and folks went stupid over it. And [that's] not even going to be on the project. You got this bro, just put it out." (AboveGroundMagazine.com)


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  • MPistol

    so here is the apparent "road to success" for female rapper - be black (cuz apparently that "helps" - why it helps hasn't ever been understood) but your greatest asset would be to act like a white toy, that originated in Germany, articulate your words in a manner that is similar to...... oh I dunno..........the most ANNOYING girl in your elementary school, do a couple songs with major artists, don't drop an album, spin off on the rumor mill that your bi-sexual, assert your femininity by stating that you distance yourself from men - when the major artists that you have performed with were..... you guessed it..... MEN, um where A LOT of pink, because well, how else will we know that your a strong woman if you don't? um........someone else continue this..... I just got really bored.....

  • noneofyobitness

    San Quinn I feel you homie and it would be a good look for you to get some attention as an artist outside Cali and to give props to the Giants but you shouldn't have ripped dudes song and feel like yours deserves precedent over the original version when he just dropped that single recently...good job KMEL...taylor gang or die!...LOL

  • D-Money

    This is great news for hip-hop! An artist supporting other artists because of their art! Not once does this man say I want a feature or shout me out in an interview. He is merely supporting and taking initiative for a project he wants to see come out. Good for him! Good for Hip-Hop!

  • PastorMaster

    Volcano Gang i don't even gotta say anything Pay Me in Childhood album coming out august 2048 Fall of a Republic coming soon Police State coming soon too Martial Law coming soon too Blackbox Santiago already out Liars can lie in dirt niggah Pillar Gang

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