Kanye West Talks Kid Cudi's Cocaine Problem & Artistry

Kanye speaks on G.O.O.D. artist Kid Cudi, his cocaine problem and who is favorite artist is right now

After months of rumors, Kid Cudi opened up about his problems with cocaine earlier this fall. Kanye spoke to Devvi Dev at 97.9 The Box and was asking if Cudi has kicked his habit.

"Yeah he has, actually I [was] just on email with him earlier," Kanye said of his G.O.O.D. Music artist. West went on to shower the Cleveland, Ohio native with the highest praise. "Kid Cudi is my personal favorite artist in the world right now. His music, whenever you see his performances, just his whole take on the game is just proper; unfiltered, uncensored artistry. And that's something that me and [Jay-Z] both look up to, even when you get the commercial success you like to take everything down to an unfiltered space and that's what he's delivering. Like everyone has to go, his album comes out next week, everyone has to go and just listen to that. If you want to hear raw, uncut, unapologetic, ill ass melodies, everything, that's what Kid Cudi's thing is."

West also believes his recent drug problems has helped his music. "You know, the dark moments that we've had, you know if it's someone dealing with a drug addiction or a loss, or bad relationship, whatever it is it helps add a fuel to music. Those life experiences, like real people deal with these types of things and the fact that we as celebrities and musicians can deal with those things and reflect them, it just makes them relate more."

Cudi's The Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager drops next week on November 9 via G.O.O.D. Music/Universal Motown.



  • 2intelligent

    Is it me or is Kanye ridin' jay-z's dick too hard!?

  • Bryant Carter

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  • sunshine

    "split an 8th of shrooms so i can see the universe"

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    We all have a drug we're addicted to, whether it's sleep, laziness, time-wasting, insecurity, material possessions, fame, adoration, love etc. It's not only the white stuff that can kill you, except that of course it has a more immediate and higher consequential outcome. Judgement should be reserved to those among you that are without flaws, mistakes, problems or indeed addictions (not just drugs)

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    He's not condoning drug use, but saying that all of the events in life including drug addiction are what fuel and inspire an artist's music. That is how some of the greatest music we enjoy today was written like it or not. Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Charlie Parker...the list goes on of talented musicians who were junkies and gave the world timeless classic music.

  • Nort Candy

    Child Cuddles likes to do nose candy with whores in vegas while high on crack.. he shoots up heroin up his ass and bleeds white girl on tracks.. just saying

  • Anonymous

    did kanye just try to advocate drug use?

  • beatrixkid

    I wondered why Ye's performances have been more abstract and and artistic as of late. Cudi Rocks! Was on Jimmy Fallon last night creeping around like a little dancing gnome. he definately represents the hip hop/alternative crossover using guests like st. vincent,mgmt,etc. . .

  • Atl2Trill

    I had a feeling that Kid Cudi was on some other shit besides weed. Cuz this nigga makes abstract music. Also what kinda drugs Ye was on??? The drug of fame??? lol!!!

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