Redman Says That "Muddy Waters 2" Is Happening, Summer 2011

Redman has a new-sounding album hitting shelves next month, but he's backing it up with a sequel to his 1996 classic, and bringing Erick Sermon with him.

On December 7, Newark, New Jersey veteran emcee Redman will release his seventh solo album, Reggie. The 18-year tenured Def Jam Records artist confirms features with Method Man, Bun B and Faith Evans for the album, but promises it is not a typical Redman project (listen to "Defjammable" or "Party" ). For those seeking a more conventional Redman sound, the Funkdoctor spoke to Def Jam's Young Sav about a long-rumored project in the works.

"I'ma do a Muddy Waters 2 and take it back, [which I'll release] next year," Redman confirmed while backstage at a recent video shoot. "[If] y'all want that '90s feel back again, check for Muddy Waters 2 next year, I'll bring that to you."

Released in 1996, the original Muddy Waters was significant in establishing Redman's unique vocal styles and subject matters. The gold-certified release featured a lot of self-production, as well as key involvement from Red's mentor, Erick Sermon, as well as participation from Rockwilder and K-Solo. Asked when and how he'll do this sequel, Red answered, "Next summer... [by] next September, 'cause I want to put in work with [Erick] Sermon. Yeah!"

Despite the new sound on the upcoming Reggie, Redman still encourages fans to hear his new material and show their support. "I need everybody at the fuckin' store...It's a movement, it's not just about record sales anymore. Fuck that."

Redman's Reggie is planned for December 7 release.


  • NightTrain357

    Reggie is a different album. If you're an artist and you want to switch it up, with a career like Redman's, then why not. That album is still better than half the crap in the mainstream even if it's no the strongest Funk Doc project. Bring on Muddy Waters 2. Do what you do and keep making music from the heart. I have a funny feeling Def Jam has little to do with this project because they don't care about artists anymore and they figure Redman's already got an established fan base, so why should they? It's just nice to see Redman still going. He's the same age as Jay-Z and the rest of the Wu Tang Clan and only a few years behind Rakim. As long as this group keeps making music. Hip Hop won't have an age cutoff!

  • Anonymous

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  • deckthought

    i think the 2 songs off Reggie are something new and different i like it PARTY = NICE PARTY SONG BOOGIE DOWN TOO DEFJAMMABLE = GOOD CUT its not very lyrical like we want Redman though . good stuff Redman Muddy waters 2 sounds like a good idea

  • shone jones

    I'm glad Red finally stopped leaning on them same-ass sounding beats all the time on his upcoming album. I mean got-damn, how many times can he rap to the same shit? Erick Sermon's still cool every now and then, but he's had his best days. And anybody who's a Redman fan knows he's willing to take a risk, so why not let him take that risk?

  • Nico 3

    Everybody saw how bad the Red & Meth follow up was, so I can't imagine either of these new albums being much better. Redman should just stick to acting. That's where the money's at. Ask Meth.

  • Furnace McVay

    You gotta give reggie a try. I'm sure red has had a lot of songs over the years that he held from albums cause it wasn't the redman brand. let the man experiment, he's earned it. I'll cop reggie and I can't fucking wait for MW2.

  • SutterKane

    "Its not about record sales no more, fuck that, its a movement" "I need everybody to get to the store" lol, I love Redman but he has smoked himself stupid, I wonder if he even realises that he contradicted himself with that Oh, and *Yawn* at YET ANOTHER hip hop sequal, sequals are gonna do to hip hop what they did to horror flicks, and cheapen the playing field" Having trouble coming up with a new idea??..... its all good, your a rapper, just copy what you already did before

  • Anonymous

    again a sequel. boring!

  • Charles ExSavior

    O hell yes for Muddy Waters 2.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i got twenty bucks donnie G is better. same date same label

  • Greg

    Love Redman...but 40 something right? Why are you doing this autotune bs rap ish son? We know who you are. Brng that crazy boom bap all the time son. These cats that love autotune are not checkin' for lyrics. That's why they buy Gucci and Wacka Flacka. Real heads are who you spit for son. Def Jam tryna turn Reggie into a pop star after 18 ain't gonna work. All its gonna do is kill your brand. I've heard alot of "Reggie"....So I will be looking for Muddie Waters 2...cuz Reggie the Album gets a pass over here.

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