Ghostface Killah Announces New Album, "The Apollo Kids," Due December 14

Tony Starks a/k/a Ghostface Killah is fourth quarterin' 'em like Jordan, with his fourth consecutive fall release.

For the last two years, Staten Island, New York legendary emcee Ghostface Killah has released three consecutive albums with Def Jam Records in the fourth quarter (More Fish, Big Doe Rehab and Ghostdeini). According to Wu-Tang Clan co-founder, 2010 will prove to be no exception. This afternoon, the emcee, who earlier this year dropped Wu Massacre with Raekwon and Method Man, announced The Apollo Kids, planned for December 14 release.

New Album "The Apollo Kids" Dropping December 14th!less than a minute ago via web

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  • Edi Kajmolli

    i want ghost to put out the best album of the yearrr fuck drake, fuck jeezy, fuck the industry rappers wu is for the children

  • Anonymous


  • SAVAGE55

    i hope ghostface goes back to the basics and makes some true hip hop again .

  • jdakid

    yo, the kid can't wait to cop it, word

  • stAND alONE

    This is definitely good news. All of Ghost's joints have a crazy unique flavor to them. IMO, Big Doe Rehab was dope...start to finish. Haven't heard the last one yet.

  • Bvbvbvbv

    Aw yeah, the G.O.A.T dropping a new album ! Can't wait for. I'm reading on wikipedia "Supreme Clientele Part II (TBA)", anyone has more info ?

  • FourTrackFiasco

    It wouldn't be the first time a label has drop artists on the same day. Besides, Jezzy's fan base, in large part, varies from Nas and Ghost. And you can argue that Ghost's fans are going to support him regardless and would copp Lost Tapes out of love for good music. Although I doubt Lost Tapes will be marketed as a full scale project. It would get the same attention as a "best of" album and the money they get from it will be straight profit.

  • AnDyOuSaYcHiCiTy

    Can't wait for this. So if this holds true Def Jam will potentially have 3 albums dropping on the same day, Jeezy's TM103, Nas' Lost Tapes Vol. 2, and Apollo Kids. I doubt all 3 will drop on scheduled dates.


    Ghost is still at it. Respect

  • seqal1

    i think ghost should do the one producer one mc thing like on iron man and supreme, which are by far his best works!

  • felipesiny

    real mc are @ staten island never disappointed with ghost get better with every album

    • Powerphi

      TruthTiceratops - ease up potna'. I agree with Felipesiny - recent album aside, I feel Ghost is getting better as a lyricist with each release; and, I also agree with you that Ironman and Supreme Clientele remain his best work. That being said, few rappers hold the privilege of a 17-year career. Although his last few albums didn't sell much, their content is arguably high-scale, particularly in comparison to the pack. With Ghost, you always know you're going to get quality. In my opinion, setting the bar high with his two classics, he has yet to drop anything short of a four-star album.

    • Bauce

      I kinda agree with what you are saying but dont diss the man. Ghost has very good albums from top to bottom. People debate which is his best either Fishscale, Ironman, or Supreme Clintele. More Fish, Pretty Toney, Big Doe Rehab, & Bulletproof wallets are all 4 star albums in my opinion

    • TruthTriceratops

      How does Ghost get better with every album, when his best two were his first two - Ironman & Supreme Clientele? His next best album is obviously Fishscale, which was his 5th solo. "More Fish," "Big Doe Rehab" and "Ghost Dieni Wizard Of Poetry" were alright, but hardly his best work. You just write whatever pops into your head, don't you?

  • verbs

    yeah but who's on the boards. I would like to hear ghost on some dr dre, madlib, fucking new energy like ill mind or black milk Is LA Ried actually going to do something with this..anyway you can guarenteed my support!!!

  • Tony Starks

    Fucking yes! Ghostface is always on point. Hoping for some dark, rugged, Ironman-ish beats for this album. Album of the year! I said it.

  • Bauce

    Ghost never disappoints

  • ptone814

    GHOST IS THE GOAT........

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