Del The Funky Homosapien & Automator Recording "Deltron 3030" Sequel

The Hieroglyphics O.G. is at play on the sequel to the critically-acclaimed, cult-championed album from last decade with Dan The Automator.

Released in May of 2000, Deltron 3030 was a groundbreaking collaboration between emcee Del The Funky Homosapien and Handsome Boy Modeling School/Dr. Octagon producer Dan The Automator. Believed to be an impetus in the formation of the Gorillaz, the 75Ark release was a thematic release whereby the Deltron character fought an inter-galatic battle against the establishment, perceived to be both a metaphor for the music industry and government at the time.

The work featured the likes of Prince Paul, Mr. Lif, Peanut Butter Wolf and Gorillaz' Damon Albarn.

Over a decade later, Del has long said to be at work on the album's sequel, believed to be called Deltron Event II.

"What happens here is [Deltron] crash-lands on a planet with his crew, the planet of the holograms. Everybody's a hologram, and everybody fake," explained Del before recordings, editing and reviewing the song on a video blog. Del did reveal that Dan The Automator remains involved in the sequel, as he explained he was compressing the files to send them to the producer for mixing.

Del's last distributed retail album was a collaboration with Artifacts co-founder Tame One last year, Parallel Uni-Verses.


  • Hiero

    Sir DZL will come with this shit.. The sequel will GO .. Deltron 3030

  • blao gone

    fuck all yall hatin on del. that nigga is a natural and one of the funkiest niggas in hip hop history. all yall jock lames for being different. well del been different and been dope. nobody sounds like del, and if they do, they biting. detron 3030 still ahead of the curve. listen to the way he layers vocals. dx posting wacka flocka tracks/news, go fuckin hate on that shit. those tracks hes sampling sound fuckin dope. deltron 3030 been bitten to shit. bout time he lays down another blueprint for the followers. stay up del, do your thing son.

  • bios

    Last i heard, Automator had finished the beats 3 years ago. wonder if he is going to make new ones? And Del is not the mc he used to be. His rapping style is lazy as hell now. this could go either way.

    • Kobe's Daddy

      Del might put out some pretty weird beats nowadays but when he on dope production, there's no way you gonna tell me his styles lazy. are you kiddin me? Dudes gotten better and keeps gettin better, unless your stuck on his old shit where he sticks like 20 multis in every line. Have you heard 'Keep it Up'? 'Ooops'? 'I got u'? That shit hardly sounds lazy some of his best work

  • ignite mindz

    awesome, the first one was incredible especially that first song. Automator deserves a medal for that beat

  • delamator

    omg fuck yes!!! finally....3030 is one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, i had pretty much given up on a sequel ever happening this is some of the best hip-hop news i've heard all year!!!!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    yes del! upgrade our grey matter.... cause one day it may matter. for real tho what happened to kid koala piece being done and dans piece being mostly done and you just needed to finish the vocals? i remember you saying that back in like 07-08 before eleventh hour dropped (not all that bad not all that good pretty good, some good cuts). where you really at w/ this ish man? still a die hard fan regardless. ahonetwo ahonetwo i like it.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Deltron 3030 remains one of my 5 favorite underground hip hop albums of all time. The sequel should be great, can't wait for it to drop.

  • Balls

    Hell muthafuckin yea!!!!! It's about time Del come out w a quality project, becuz his last couple of records had pretty poor production, and I know Del is better than that. Shit, "both Sides of the brain" was Insanely good and most of the beats were by himself!! Can't wait to hear this!!

  • DJPalefaceSD

    I loved the last one, one of the best concept albums ever.... Automator is a huge influence on my productions style to this day...

  • Charles ExSavior


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