Chelsea Handler Denies Dating 50 Cent

Chelsea Handler says the meeting between her and 50 Cent was all business.

The Internet was buzzing earlier this week when a photo of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler together fueled dating rumors.

Now, the talk show host has denied via her Twitter account (@chelseahandler) any romantic involvement with the rapper.

"Everyone, calm down. I met with [sic] mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, ill let you know if there is.," she Tweeted on Wednesday (October 6).

When paparazzi asked 50 about his relationship with Handler earlier in the week, all he offered was a smile, furthering speculation of the celebrities' involvement.


  • Anonymous

    anywayyyyyyyy.. back on topic... 50 has def smashed chelsea from all angles

  • Anonymous

    50 just wants to be a media whore so he can regain his relevance... sad

  • The Real Ronnie Guess?

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  • Anonymous

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  • Doubl Negative

    Mr Guess?, I didn't find your comments sagacious or helpful and the only point you made clear was that you have a chip on your shoulder. The race-card argument will never be won, because both sides view the the world through their own subjective prism, and have valid points. There's no mediator in this "Game", so bein' black and a die-hard rap fanatic trumps your bigoted ass here. As for refferin' to you as a cracker, I was merely being sarcastic, not ignorant. I still think it's debatable whether you've done more for the black community than me or Yo, but I stand by my earlier comments; Get off this site and find something else more appropiate to blog about - like Glee, or wheather Eminem spits or swallows.

  • Ronnie Guess?

    HAHAHA @YO AND DOUBL NEGATIVE!! Nah im not mad at all.. that wasnt the point.. i was making a point and a very good point.. and calling me a cracker just proved my point!! you both just proved to everyone how ignorant you both are! did you even read the comment i was making a comment on?? me mad?? haha thats funny. i have done more for the black community then you will ever in your life! you have no idea!!

    • Swordz

      I read your comment in full..... and I think you should no way be on a hihhop site. You probably were looking for Eminem pictures to buss over. I'll give you special treatment you racist cunt!

  • Ronnie Guess?

    God get off that whole black and white shit!!! get over yourself! she doesnt need to mock yall.. your doing a fine job doing it for her!! how long are ''U'' gonna hold on to this whole black and white shit?? yall get all this ''special treatment'' and it still isnt enough to keep yall from crying!!! you get B.E.T, UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND, NAACP, STARZ IN BLACK, BLACK PLANET, AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM IN PHILLY, OH AND..... ''THE WHITE HOUSE''!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Lsn22s

    man...these two would never date PUBLICLY anyways...i think this whole thing really is some corny publicity stunt but I wouldnt be surprised if 50 smashed on the low least once...

  • 22

    funny how every1 hating on 50 for pretty much no reason.. u guys look for things to hate on.. hating on 50 was so 3 years ago ANYWAY LLOYD BANKS HFM2 NOV 23 thatll shut the haters up

  • Anonymous

    chelsea lately seems to mock black people more than she embraces them.

  • Used to like yo music

    Bullshit story...lame ass Mr. Cent.

  • itsthetruth

    lol @ "mr cent"...haha

  • Anonymous

    50 is such an attention whore. he could hav killed any potential rumors then and there but then the cameras wouldnt have followed him.

    • Anonymous

      touche, worthy adversary

    • Manny

      he may be an attention whore but you can't put this on him. even if he had outright denied it, people and the papz are gonna believe what they want and keep trying to make something out of it. The real whores are TMZ

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