Young Money's Debit Card Applications Go Public

UPDATE: After Mack Maine talked about them last month, the Young Money debit card is now available to you, the public.

After providing a glimpse of a black Young Money credit card in the most recent Source magazine, Mack Maine has provided even more information on the card, where it came from and what it will provide. During a recent interview with Karen Civil, Maine spoke on all of this.

"As far as the Young Money credit cards go, it is true. I don’t have a definite date yet, but I should have one soon before the end of the week. But it is true, so make sure the fans and the people that are interested sign up. It’s a pre-paid card. We’re not starting it out with each member having their own card just yet. It’s just pretty much a Young Money card and then we’ll branch out to like Nicki Minaj pink cards, maybe having Wayne and Drake cards being like the black cards. You know, just different levels of it. Maybe have Twist and Chuckee for the younger crowd. We’ll make sure each member has it as we learn the ropes," he said.

Maine also added that their business manager, Horace Madison, came up with the original idea before others added more details. 

"It’s a lot of perks that’s going to come along with the card. You’ll get discounts to go online and shop at our website. So, you’ll get things like that. We’ve got different companies like Target and some others companies where you’ll be able to discounts as well when you use the card there." (October 6)

UPDATE: After last month's announcement, the Young Money Debit Card has been made available to the public. The website,, does not use likenesses or endorsements from any of the Young Money artists.


  • Sindisa

    Guys I'm in South Africa and I want the Young money discover debit is it possible for me to get it here in South Africa?

  • helen powers

    YMCMB hope this card make me rich foreve!

  • Tee Streets

    hw can i get da Y.M.C.M.B card??

  • charles stephens

    i was very intersted in lil wayne 15 talk on life i love his music it so real and what he speaks about u do run shit this bigc from waterbury ct ur a good man you open my eyes and that ment a lot i listen to every word u said i wish i could of did shit betterbut i falt so much of what u said do because u want to nigga and be good at it one luv big c

  • Anonymous

    Where Can i Get This? its HOT

  • Anonymous

    where can iget one?

  • R3dBis3xual

    - I think its a good ides and just cause they dnt have a master card or vista card doesnt mean its a scheme but hey we all have opinions but me personally i would love to have a young money card hope they come in red -

  • Jason

    I love this but then I love it when Weezy uses a complicated apparatus to fuck me in the ass and slowly drain me of my liquid assets!

  • Joe Medical Billing

    I think this is just-trendy-enough to be huge. Brilliant idea. I really support the idea and I think more celebrities should be ambitious like this.

  • Medical Billing

    I think this is just-trendy-enough to be huge. Brilliant idea.

  • aileen p.

    The 2009 financial reform CARD Act was meant in helping safeguard consumers. One provision of bill requires something simple. That credit can't be issued unless the person getting the credit can prove that they can repay the obligation. One unintended consequence of these new rules is that stay-at-home parents may lose some financial freedom. Here is the proof: CARD Act could strip say-at-home partners of financial identity.

  • Atl2Trill

    I wonder how long this shit will last? There's no Visa or MasterCard logos on there. I smell a scheme. Mack Maine might fuck around and go Fed over fraud. Also why you need a YM card to shop on their website???

  • Slimturk

    It’s a pre-paid card. lol....still this is interesting....make money from the activation cards etc....And if ur stupid you put ur real name on a prepaid card lol...

  • Slimturk


  • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

    Y'all some gullible ass muthafuckas out there!! Anyway... If the card don't have a Visa or MasterCard logo then NOBODY should fuck with VOLUNTARILY sending all your info out for these cards to put your hard earned on. That would be just plain stupid. But since many of you are avid die hard fans of today's simplistic dumb ass mindless music, I can clearly understand why you would have no problem being so caught up in the bullshit Young Money hype that you would get one of these fraudulent "debit cards". #ThatIsAll

  • look man

    They keep finding ways to rope kids into capitalism.

  • thewhat

    YPED (Young pussys eat dicks) Suck why the fuck would u get a youngmoney card for discounts to the youngmoney site not even young heads with money shop at.?? mack maine is trippin

  • Anonymous

    dopee dope Check out the illest web show on the net featuring ass off the week and crazy jackass stunts and big blunts

  • Malcolm

    This is a pre-paid debit card, kids. The same type you can get from any CVS, Walgreens, Currency Exchange or what have you. You can only spend funds which you load on to the card. I'm not sure why individuals on this site are making comments in regard to debt, credit unions, loan applications, and such. That has nothing to do with this card, what so ever. My main concern of this pre-paid debit card is the fact it does not have a Mastercard or Visa logo. Without either of those two logos, the card is pretty much useless.

    • So_Effin_True

      I agree with you there, you have to have some type of major CC label on a pre-paid for it to work...unless it's like the Stein-mart cards. I don't recall seeing a logo on those and that's pretty much how the employees get paid and and they're able to use them anywhere. To everyone else with a pre paid card there's no way you can over spend even if there is a fee(monthly, whatever) it will be taken out of the money you have put on the card(so make sure you know that fee and include it when you load or reload your card). So if you have $30 left on your card and they charge you a $5 go to get some thing for $28 it won't go through....There Is No Overdraft Protection on pre paid cards.

    • Yeah-Yeah

      Malcolm: This is a pre-paid debit card, kids. The same type you can get from any CVS, Walgreens, Currency Exchange or what have you. You can only spend funds which you load on to the card. I'm not sure why individuals on this site are making comments in regard to debt, credit unions, loan applications, and such. That has nothing to do with this card, what so ever. ======================================= cosign but yeah, I don't know about "useless." You definately won't be able to use it EVERYWHERE. But maybe the symbol is on the back, I don't know.

  • young money card

    the card actually looks dope. the design is way better than your typical credit card look so im definitely gonna get one when it comes out.

    • anonymous

      haha gullible idiot, you'll be one outta the very few suckas that'd buy it fuckin lil wayne dick riding idiot

  • Alex Mendoza

    Lol this'll be ended quicker than that Bronald Oil bullshit

  • RuffDraft

    I went to a credit union the other day to try to open an account. First thing im hit with is a sign reading "Need a Vacation, take out a Loan with (whatever)fixed rate, and take that vacation you deserve" They had another one encourging you to take out a loan for a big screen high def TV. I understand loans for necessities like cars and homes/add-ons but for luxury shit like TV's and as they showed, a vegas vacation. Fuckin predatory as hell and both ad's had smiling black folks feigning success with crippling loans.

  • MF Boom

    Haha, i always felt that way about Russell Simmons "Rush Card". As much as i thought he was for black people rising up i was sickened to see he would endorse something obviously marketed for black people and something that will fuck them up financially. Overdraw once (we all do it) and Your fucked.

  • RuffDraft

    "Young Money Unveils Fuck Your Credit Up and Further Bury People In Debt"

  • dirtysouthernhotshot

    This is exploitative bank-loving piece of shit ploy to get unintelligent and easily led people to drive themselves further into debt. This teaches people nothing but a materialist philosophy of wanting and needing more and more without having the means of sustaining such a lifestyle. What a shockingly transparent attempt by Young Money to squeeze even more money out of people than they already are out of their roster of underpaid and unknown artists. This will be going straight into the pockets of the banks, Universal and greedy anchor artists like the talentless Minaj, waste of time Weezy and mindnumbingly uncharismatic Drake. What a bunch of fuckers.

    • dirtysouthernhotshot

      Wtf is it then? If it's a purely pre paid store card it's NOT a credit card. And the pre paid services run out like on all those cards and then a credit system is put in place. From what I can see from the photo, it is a credit card....based on LOANS, INTEREST, CREDIT and ultimately DEBT.

    • yeayea

      There are still service fees that come out of your pre-paid card

    • TOO

      You'd be correct except it's prepaid my G.

  • Alex aka Cudder521

    Yo this shit is mad smart better than russel simmons bs card thing. Cash Money is billionaire mind set oil company music industry and mad other shit. Haters just stop. Ya'll know u gonna get a Drake or Weezy YM Card.

    • anonymous

      ok go buy it then you'd be the only one losing cos I see you found your idol in lil wayne but while they rising your credit wud be declining so fool pls go buy it so you can lose all your cash, turn to crack n finally do what it is you dreamed of, suck on lil wayne and Drake's dick 4 cash

    • Anonymous

      i hate when you weirdo rap fans say pussy they just suck were not haters we just dont like that trash

  • Anonymous

    Fuck young money. fake ass motherfuckas. Hate that name man 'young money' .,fuck off

    • Datman

      You sound dumb. They are pre-paid yes, but you can still overdraw (charge more to it than u have funds on ur card) and then be hit with heavy ass fee's that accumulate every few days. Fuck around and be several hundred dollars in debt over a 2 dollar overdraft.

  • white milk

    introducing....old money. these n1ggas getn it in... i would neva buy it but someone will

  • Anonymous

    Hey kids, wanna know how you can show everybody how big of douche bag tool you are? But the YM card now and instantly become the biggest asshole in your click.


    get money

  • Anonymous


  • Charles ExSavior

    lol... with all the news about them not paying producers for beats and whatnot, they go on and start this. No fucking thank you.

    • c.webb

      co-sign,they are motherfucking liars ,birdman lied about the nfl team now they wanna take money from people they start a bullshit,this shit won't last long,birdman can't promote a brand well because his is not representative,a whole bunch of tattoos on his face ,respected people won't fucking deal with him,that debit card shit will end next month .lolllllllllllllllllllllllfuck ymcm

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