Boi 1-da And The New Royales Explain Working On Eminem's Recovery

Liz Rodrigues, Erik Alcock and Boi 1-da tell how they ended up on Eminem's double-platinum "Recovery" album.

Eminem’s Recovery has sold an estimated 2.6 million copies and remained on Billboard magazine’s Hot 200 album’s chart for 14 weeks, after peaking at the number one position. With Dr. Dre only co-producing one track, some listeners may not have been familiar with all of the album’s contributors. A recent interview with Lola Plaku of illustrated how a few of the collaborations came to life.

“If you’re writing for some Emo band, you’re gonna have different lyrics,” said Erik Alcock, who also worked with DJ Khalil, Chin Injeti and Liz Rodrugues in The New Royales. Alcock and Rodrigues lent their vocal, instrumental and writing skills to the Recovery tracks “Almost Famous,” and “Won’t Back Down,” both of which were produced by Khalil.

“The whole lyric aspect is just doing us without thinking,” Rodrigues said. “As soon as we start thinking, it screws everything up. We don’t even know them.”

While Boi 1-da had worked with Eminem previously on the single “Forever,” he agreed, and added that most artists don’t end up rhyming over the beats he picked specifically for them.

“I never thought Eminem would pick ‘Not Afraid,’” Boi 1-da said. “I originally made that for Drake, but Eminem ended up taking it. I was happy…I mean, it’s Eminem!”


  • Sensaye252

    Good job guys. You managed to take one of the nicest MCs ever and make a wack ass album. That's hard work. Just look at these fools man...LOOK AT ALL THESE NIGGAS!! Hip-Hop has gotten sooooo gay! How could this have happened?

  • Anonymous

    ems the shit. that album was dope fuck you if you dont like it. YOOOO CRAZY CRACKED OUT GUY GOT CAUGHT TAKING A SHIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET IN FRONT OF A BABY AND FAMILY!!!!!

  • DJJJ

    I wish Eminem would do an album with the greats of producing...Like Pete Rock, Premier, Alchemist, and the real hip-hop producers.

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      He did do a track with Premo while he was still on sleeping pills, it was called "Keys to the City" but it remains unreleased.

    • Anonymous

      Hes already done shit with abunch of the so called great producers in the past. Timbaland, Alchemist, Kanye, Dre...etc...

  • The Real Boi1-Da

    Check out some of the new shit I've been working on.

  • SutterKane

    That wasnt very informative,lol I liked those songs tho

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