Ice-T, Too Short, KRS-One Appear In The New "GhettoPhysics" Documentary

Three Rap pioneers and ambassadors to street culture appear in "GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps & Ho's Please Stand Up!"

Three Hip Hop icons will appear in the new documentary, GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps & Ho's Please Stand Up!, which is presently screening. West coast Rap pioneer Ice-T and Oakland, California's Too Short and legendary Bronx, New York emcee KRS-One appear in the film produced by Captured Light Films, which analyzes the correlation between the relationship of pimps and prostitutes, and the system of capitalism.

Along with Ice and Short, Dr. Cornel West, Fillmore Slim, Cynthia McKinney, Norman Lear and the film's director, E. Raymond Brown also appear in the documentary.

Screenings for GhettoPhysics will appear at the theaters in select cities:

Theater Openings:


Valley Art 1 Theatre Tempe, AZ 10.15.2010


San Leandro Century 16 Bayfair Mall 10.08.2010

Richmond Hilltop 16 10.08.2010


Denver Pavillions Denver, CO 10.15.2010

Morrow Southlake Pavilion 24 Theatres 10.08.2010

Dearborn Fairlane 21 10.08.2010
Southfield Southfield 20 10.08.2010

Cherry Hill Cherry Hill 24 10.08.2010

New York City Empire 25 Theaters 10.22.2010
New York City Magic Johnson Harlem USA 9 10.22.2010

Largo, MD. Magic Johnson Capital Centre 12 10.08.10


  • electrolytes02

    The Hip Hop… Ghetto Physics... No matter how much times I keep repeating my post it keep getting better because, you know Ice-T, you know KRS-One, and of course you know Too Short, is there more to say when all Rap Icons get together to incorporate one of the year’s most enticing films. This is a break thru for the Hip Hop genre, in general. For all those Hip Hop fans out there. You know who you are… Always into the Hip Hop music twenty-four hours a day, seven days a, week. This is your chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Especially since the appearances of well known Hip Hop Moguls like oh… did I mention, Hip Hop Mogul Ice –T, Hip Hop Mogul KRS-One, and Hip Hop Mogul Too Short. Just to mention a few names… As if you don’t know them already… I mean come on, how many of you have a vinyl record in you crib… How many of you all, when no one is looking stare at you self in the mirror with a brush in your hands and start free styling, well peeps you got the symptoms of Hip Hop in you… and what are you going to do about it… nothing… So go ahead and check out one of the dopes movie that brings to you once again, Hip Hop Mogul Ice-T, Hip Hop Mogul KRS-One, And Hip Hop Mogul Too Short… As if you don’t know already… Well now you know… The Ghetto Physics movie is wow… I seen it, and I am going to see it again. All I got to say is go to the theaters and see it. Need more info... Go ahead and check the web site out at Hey… Would you like a radio interview site, one of largest stations in the country; ATL’s V103, to also find out some info about the one who wrote the book and made the movie… Check him out at the audio site cache below and listen to what he’s got to say, and his name is E. Raymond Brown. Want the trailer… Check iTunes… Here this will help you.

  • Mimi

    I saw this movie tonight with my boyfriend. I wasn't expecting to like it but I really enjoyed it. Place was going crazy for it. Tell all your friends - It's a diamond in the rough.

  • Dani

    Just saw this movie with my friends and it was dope! A message we need right now about being aware of the "the game" and being present and choosing our role in it.

  • kelly

    dude r u serious???? did u??? awww i cant wait 4 it to come out in my city i seen some clips and read about it but now i really want to see it if you said its good it gots to be tanya... im a movie freek and i have a feeling this is goona be the movie of the year!!!

  • tanya

    omg i jut seen this movie... didnt want to but after i came out i just had to thank my bf for taking me! ghettophysics! whos the ho and whos the pimp... check it out i recomend it. this film has some great actors and a good message.

  • jason9829

    Cynthia Mckinney said in the Ghetto Physics Trailer "WE CAN ALL BE VICTIMS OF OTHER PEOPLES GAMES OR MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY"....We all need to do something substantial to change this world, To move people in such a way that it becomes bigger than our own selves.......

  • lori lane

    GhettoPhysics is arriving on the scent at the right time and is going to challenge society's hierarchy of upper management into seeing that they are treating the working class people like prostitutes. Those workers are putting in their time to make a a small salary v. their bosses, who are able to bring in a huge income, and thrive, while the workers barely survive. Something has to change. Too short and Ice-T keep the people feeling what is real.

  • GAB

    When does it play in LA? Saw some clips on the website, www.ghettophysics,com This is the kind of stuff that matters, even relates to Wall Street vs Main Street. If we want to to have a say in what is going on this matters!

  • friscogirl118

    I Love that this film can relate to my everyday life. We all need to stop being the hoe and become the pimp we can all start pumping each other up....and yes become masters of our own destiny I cant wait...friscogirl118....

  • Knile

    Eh my peoples I lost everything my home,house, place I was born at, all because "game dont change only the players do" man FUCK EVERYTHING JUST FUCK EVERYTHING ALL CAUSE OF FUCKING MONEY!!!!!

  • Anastasia Beav

    @dan1998 go to click on thetre listings you will see "request this movie near you"

  • Anonymous

    yooooo check out Brain Pollution!!! this show is fuckin HILARIOUS!!!

  • BilliedaKid

    Movie Looks Sick.. Heard they Were Looking to Add more Dates, any Ideas where ??

  • dan1998

    Krs One is smart...Too short is the shit...howd they get them in this movie and how come i have not heard about it...i went to the website it is dope...ghettophysics...hope it come to Philly..

  • Anastasia Beav

    Girl you need to go to and check out theatre listings you can request the movie near you..

  • lawanda

    That is ghettofabulous!!! When will this play in my city

  • Lola gavin

    Im excited cant wait to watch this, my friend is entering the contest they are currently having

  • Anonymous

    Im with you kacy! Pimps and hos.....intresting meataphor.

  • Kacy Hill

    Ima have to watch this

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