Dr. Dre Says "Under Pressure" & Other Leaked "Detox" Tracks Won't Make Album

The legendary producer says his long-awaited album will consist of 100% unheard material, scrapping "Under Pressure" and others.

For the better part last decade, tracks that were supposedly intended for Dr. Dre's long-awaited release, Detox, have been leaked via the Internet.

In a recent interview (watch below), Dr. Dre revealed that none of the tracks from his Detox will be among those which have already leaked.

"It's no leaks that came out that are going on the record," assured Dre. "I got hard new shit. I had a little bit of a leak in my security and what have you, but I got new shit coming and trust me, it will not be [a disappointment], you know what I mean? Y'all niggas gonna love this shit!"

This will undoubtedly give rise to speculation that this announcement comes as a result of the very lukewarm reception given to Detox's purported first single, "Under Pressure," which features Jay-Z.

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