Kanye West Reacts To President Obama's Remark, EP With Jay-Z May Be With Def Jam

'Ye speaks on being called a "jackass" by President Obama and rumors fly about the West/Jay-Z collaborative EP.

Before starting the promotional work for his latest album, Kanye West attempted to keep a low profile. So, when President Obama called West a "jackass," following his infamous 2009 Video Music Awards interruption of Taylor Swift, the Chicagoan emcee didn't really speak on the subject. Now, he has decided to share some of his thoughts on the matter.

During a recent XXL interview, West said he didn't mind being called a "jackass" by the leader of the United States. 

"When Obama called me 'jackass,' after the Taylor incident, I thought that the person who taped that wasn’t supposed to tape it. Obama was supposed to be speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception. He was trying to pass the healthcare bill. And if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I’d be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in the some way helps his overall mission. I’m a soldier of culture. I’m resilient. I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball," he noted. 

In other related news, it is being reported by Fake Shore Drive and others that Kanye West and Jay-Z will be releasing their collaborative EP, Watch the Throne, soon. The rumor is that the release will come through Def Jam with "Monster " being their first single. 


  • Big Truth

    Kanye could have handled it better months ago by not making a damn fool/jackass of himself in the first place. Beyonce's video was good, that's it. Kanye, you moron, you were NEVER going to get any gratitude ass from Beyonce for trying to steal her a VMA. As far as some of the later comments go, race is ALWAYS there... ALWAYS!!! What's February? What's June? Arts Festival? Entertainment Television? You're either completely stupid or in clinical denial if you think that what Kanye did wasn't racially motivated to a large extent - picking Beyonce over Taylor Swift... PS - sorry I screwed up and forgot to misspell some stuff - hope I didn't make anybody too uncomfortable!

  • simplylovely

    I love the majority of Kanye's music. His ego is not more bigger than any other rap star. That is just what hip hop stars do. You don't like it, don't buy his album or listen to his music. But I garauntee you somebody else will. Stop bitching so much people, its not that serious. Kanye was right about Obama, there are FAR bigger issues in the world that people desparately need to pay attention to.

  • lilworm

    kanye dat nigga! only dude with the balls to say BULSHIT!! all you guys saying his career over, are u dumb?...his career spiked from that incident idiots! and taylor swift sucks...only those white trash trailer park people like what she do. im keepin it real for hiphop, i will always defend hiphop because thats who we are!

    • Big Liss

      Thanks for posting the most ignorant comment of the week. "and taylor swift sucks...only those white trash trailer park people like what she do"....seriously? I'm ashamed that people out there think like this and then have the gall to verbalize it. If you don't like her music, fine, but you basically just made a racist, biases statement based on perception rather than fact...and NO Im not a Taylor Swift fan....I just hate dumb asses.

  • Ronnie Guess?

    god this man is such a waste of time.. get over yourself kanye!! damn the worst thing ever in the world was making this self loved fag famous!! obama called you a jack ass cause thats how he really feels!! fuck i cant stand Kanye!! haha

  • toby

    having obama saying anything about you means that you are important http://www.cee-logoodiemob.blogspot.com/

  • anthony owens

    fuck kanye west first of all after wat he did to taylor swift last year,his career is over

    • not going to buy?

      Yo, you're post is so fuckin stupid. How about 319 million people in this country not gonna buy that shitty album. Stop with the bullshit telemarketing.

    • huffrockone

      anthony owens is dumb..kanye's career over? plz man.. he's going to be on every magazine cover when his album drops..he's going to sell millions of records..the only ppl that are not going to buy kanye's record are the same ppl who didn't give a shit about his music anyway..

  • T

    i fucking hate tayler swift. only little preppy white girls like her.kanye west shouldve slap the bitch on stage, that wouldve been funny.maybe he was right about obama. and "waste of time"...you're fucking retarded.

  • Anonymous

    This is a DELUSIONAL response. The way I took it, Obama spoke of his true opinion of Kanye...as if the incident VERIFIED what he already thought based on the stuff Kanye does. If Kanye didnt previously have an identity, I believe Obama would have said something like, "that was just not cool" or "he shouldnt have done that". So Kanye, Obama wasn't joking about you, thats how you are viewed by MANY people based on SEVERAL events...not just one.

  • bmizz

    This guy is unbelievable. Still to this day he can't just admit that he acted like a jack ass. He's still making excuses. Talking about "the guy wasen't supposed to be taping that comment". On the record or off the record is really irrelavent. Just own up to your mistakes. He obviously hasen't grown up at all.

  • waste of time

    ye's media life and what he does through the media is a waste of time. he's successful in his own personal life that is fine, but what he does through media is total garabe. he wants money, that's it. makes songs for money, that's it. no message in his songs, just money and that's it. wants to trick teenagers, and that's it. accepts payments from people 15-20 years younger than him and that's it. will say anything to get it, and that's it. will go on tv, for money and that's it. will go into the studio for money and that's it. no other purpose and no other motive. just pay the dude and that's it. he doesn't care how he gets it he just wants the money. if he doesn't get the money he will consider you wack. if they don't get the money marketing teams will respond. money, money, money that is all dudes like this care about, they have no other motive and no other purpose. They could care less about anything else, just pay them and shut the fuck up. Its total bullshit.

    • @J

      dude is a joke. you can tell. only wants money. nothing else. no message. doesn't care about anybody but himself. its obvious.

    • J

      Oh and btw his songs all have a meaning to them...do you ever really listen to lyrics or do you just listen to the beat and dance?

    • J

      um, so do you know kanye personaly? Cause it really sounds like you know him....how the fuck do you know that he doesnt go in the studio and make music because he loves it and puts a lot of time and effort into it...yea sometimes he makes an ass out of him self but who gives a shit....and btw i think obama is a jackass to (worst president ever)

  • punta cana

    HAHA, kanye's like, if i helped create the healthcare bill by sacrificing myself in the form of a joke, than I can live with that....Me and Obama created this bill together. I made healthcare.

  • Alex Mendoza

    I'm glad he didnt get all pissed or mopey about it

  • Doc

    Of course he doesn't care it was a set up. Ask yourself when was the last time a presidents private conversation was leaked it jus doesn't happen not unless it's supposed to. Fact is Taylor Swifts region/demographic has the least support for Obama and by Obama standing up for Taylor against Kanye he hoped to garner more supporters from that portion of America. It's pretty much a rookie move I saw through the second the recording "leaked" ha leaked and it didn't jus leak the thing leaked within hours of the event perfect timing to capitalize on all of those emotional people if it'd leaked a week or so later most would of calmed down and it would of been pointless.

  • JWS

    WOW!! what a fag. If bush would have said that, then bush would have been racist and all hell would have let loose. treat everyone the same fag haha

  • Mad Madman

    Damn, Kanye's a classy MF. That's the ideal reaction, this way he remains the bigger man of the two.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    obama forgot to quote ye being a faggot

  • Monsoong

    Aw I saw the video and it wasn't even that bad. Obama said it, but it wasn't even like he was pissed or nothin. He really was just laughing about the situation an' I'm glad Kanye didn't overreact to it.

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    Obama calling him a jackass wasn't, and won't ever be a big deal....BEACUSE IT'S 100% TRUE...

    • Charles ExSavior

      Right, there is no argument against the truth. I admit 'Ye worded it nicely, but he could've came up with this the next day not several months later.

  • David Drago Blue Gordon

    Obama !!!

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